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games = 40

Music Trivia = Miley Cyrus

Classic Rock = Ringo Starr

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY VETERAN'S LONG WEEKEND<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

coutry trivia= Lady Antebellum

weekly bonus code for HOT= GOBBLE

weekly bonus code for KOST= YAY Disney

Health Care Matters! = stress
Jaw Pain! = clicking

games = 6
string = StrCli6

Music Trivia = Enrique Iglesias

Classic Rock Challenge = Marines

Music Skillz = Take a Bow

Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga

Before They Were Famous = Hair stylist
First Lines = She was dancing the White Swan
Get Your Game On = 1974
Show Me The Money = Ft. Worth, Texas

All About Tooth Decay! = visible
All About Service Claims! = yes

Discovery - 10 Tips for Running with You... = Obey the Rules
Discovery - Summer Songs Quiz = Sandy and Danny
Discovery - 10 RV Travel Tips = Be Prepared for Repairs
Discovery - 10 Green Cleaning Tips = Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
AoL - Management Trivia = CareerBuilder.com

Updated String = ObeSanBeRecVisYes7EduCar

Music Trivia = Live While We're Young
Variety Video = Cuts it short

Classic Rock Challenge = Glastonbury
Classic Video = Yes

Music Skillz = White

Hot Music Trivia = Christina Aguilera

Top Video = Yes

Alverno College - The best job of educating undergrads - edu

Updated String: ObeSanBeRecCarVisYesEdu

Country Music – 10
Country Video - Pink (1:02)
Hot music video - false
Magic Music - true
Music - The Calling
Music - True

Before They Were Famous ... Will Farrell
First lines ... All children, except one, grow up
Get Your Game On ... Hunt the Wumpus
Presidential ... John Adams
Show Me The Money ... 6.4 cents
What Did They Say? ... Can't you see I'm at your feet?
Hot Music ... Christina Aguilera
Games ... 7

AoL - All About Portions! = a deck of cards
AoL - Healthified What Should I Eat? = Keep moving
All About Cranberry Juice! = lemon
AoL - Cold Weather Dress Trivia = chic
All About The Group! = long-term disability
Discovery - Internet Myths Quiz = an Internet Protocol (IP) address
Discovery - Putting Tip! = Debrief Yourself
Discovery - Retiree Adventures = 80
Discovery - Cutting Edge Green Home Tips = high-tech residential
AoL - Customer Service Trivia = Cover Letter Tips

string #1 (incl games below) = AmaCarKeeLemChiLonAnDeb80HigCovBlu

Top Video on Demand = Water bottles

Classic Rock Challenge = Led Zeppelin

Music Trivia = Unorthodox Jukebox
Variety Video = The girl is happy and has a family

Before They Were Famous ... Chris Farley in a Sally Jessy Raphael satire.
First Lines ... Do you find me sadistic?
Get Your Game On ... Pepper
Presidential Pop Quiz ...Zachary Taylor
Show Me The Money ... 4,000
What Did They Say ... Love to hear percussion
Hot Music ... To paradise
Games ... Blue

Flavors of AOL:
Healthfied - Baseball - bas
Healthfied 5 - beta gluten - bet
Heidi Klum Dos & Don't - Pashmina - pas
Heidi Klum Trend To Try - Flight - fli

$1500 Apple Card - Activities - act
Toys-R-uS - Musical Instruments - mus
Carbonite - Subscribe - sub

Updated String: AmaCarKeeLemChiLonAnDeb80HigCovBluBasBetPasFliActMusSub

11/12/12 website bonus code for KOST= mashed potatoes

Before They Were Famous ... Architectural drafting
First Lines ... People trust me with their secret
Get Your Game On ... Missile Command
Show Me The Money ... 7.5 years
What Did They Say ... I don't need too much
Hot Music ... Unorthodox Jukebox
Games ... 10

.....5k Training Tips - Rest and Hydrate - res
.....Cryptogram Q- meduiz - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - mas
.....Golf Tips! - Closing the Deal - clo
.....Bonding Tips - Show Him Who You Are - sho
All About Chewing Lips! - Yellow - yel
All About Senior Time! - Medicare - med

String: 10ResMasCloShoYelMed

Country - Smartphone Case
Country Video - Red
Hot Music – jukebox
Magic Music - Yes
Music - Dublin
Music – Underwear
Music - Yes
Vintage Video - Motel

AoL - Finance Trivia = Job Alerts
Shop Amazon.com this Holiday Season! = Duracell
Enter to Win a Black Friday Shopping Spr... = win

Updated String = 10ResMasCloShoYelMedJobDurWin

....(Keep your eyeballs open for some really terrific BLACK FRIDAY sales especially on Laptops ($159 @ WalMart).....WAHOOOOOOOOOOO)....

weekly bonus code for MYfm= SETTLEDOWN

Before They Were Famous = Harvard
First Lines = The Godfather
Get Your Game On = Highway Crossing Frog
Show Me The Money = 12 districts
What Did They Say = I don't wanna wash my hands clean

Games = Clubs
All About Preventing Tartar! = 18 inches
AoL - Clerical Trivia = 13
Diamond Candy Jewelry! = No,Thanks

string = Clu1813No,

Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson
Variety Video = Yes

Hot Music Trivia = Dublin

Classic Rock Challenge = Dusty Springfield
Classic Video = Standing in fog

Cincysavers – $12
Country - Darius Rucker
Country Video - Bride
Hot music - Dublin
Hot music video - A wizard
Magic Music - Walking in the Rain (should be Tell Him)
Music - It's taking "walking in the rain" right now
Vintage Video - DP

KOST weekly newsletter bonus code= CABANA

Before They Were Famous = house painter
First Lines = David Spritz
Get Your Game On = Link
Show Me The Money = The eagle coin
What Did They Say = Left you outcast, bullied or teased

AoL - Trend To Try Coats Style = Puffa Mia Parka
AoL - Danielle Coulanges = teacher
AoL - Restaurant Edition = share one with the table

games = four
All About T & A! = chewing muscles
All About The HMO = integration
Toys R Us 2 Day = two
Bathroom Glass Vanities - Remodel for less = BRAND

Flavors of AOL
AoL - Living Forward With Danielle Coula... = 56
AoL - Healthified Restaurant Edition = Call Ahead
AoL - The Do's & Dont's Of Shoes = Driving Heels
AoL - Trend To Try Coats = Urban Outfitters

string = PufTeaShaFouCheInt56CalDriUrbTwoBra

Top Video = See’s the girl w/another man

Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
Variety Video = Water bottles

Classic Rock Challenge = Bassist Tom Hamilton
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE

Hot Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson

Music Skillz = French Montana

Country Music - Life
Country Music Video On Demand - es
Hot music video - White
Magic Music - 2010
Vintage Video – Drums

.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Don't forget 6 days away from great sales on TURKEY DAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

KOST song of the day= WHITE CHRISTMAS

Before They Were Famous = Elvis Presley
First Lines = Hello. My name's Forrest Gump. You want a chocolate?
Get Your Game On = Super Joe
Show Me The Money = 1969

Games n eCards Trivia = Diamonds

How To Get Cavities! = Eruption
Bad Habits! = Yeast
String = EruYeaDia

Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
Music Trivia = Barack Obama
Classic Rock Challenge = the real me

Bathroom Glass Vanities - Brand - bra
Toys-R-Us - Two

Updated String: EruYeaDiaBraTwo

Ayla please post the bonus code to Zone-Free please that is worth the 10,000 points...really could use those points. Thank you.

Bad Breath Morning = calcified structures
Whiter Teeth = dental abrasion
Games = 120
updated string = CalDen120

and Ayla: if u could post or PM the link 4 the 10,000 points...I would appreciate it bec don't know what MIGHTYMACHONE is refering to. Thanks!!

Hot Music Trivia = Barack Obama

Music Trivia = Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton

Classic Rock = The Rascals

Music Skillz = Navy

Before They Were Famous = Columbus Clippers
First Lines = Turkish
Get Your Game On = Miami Dolphins
Show Me The Money = Yosemite National Park

Discovery - Take the '60s music quiz! = Folk
Discovery - Scary Silk Spinners: Spider ... = grass spiders
Discovery - Celebrity Challenge = Beatles:Mia Farrow's
Discovery - Wine Region Quiz = Phylloxera
Discovery - Phone Jammer Quiz = Walk away from the immediate area
Discovery - Parent Overhaul = Maybe, but it'll be tricky.
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz = equalization charge
All About Gum Recession!: Japanese
All About The Facts = fetus
Toys R Us! Shop for Christmas! = favorite
Starwood - CyberMonday = 25%
Tech Gift Guide = Dell

Flavors of Aol 11/19
AoL - Living Forward Neil Gusman = 59
AoL - Healthified Survival 19 = Healthier Words
AoL - Do's & Don'ts 19 = Mind-Bending Booties
AoL - Trend To Try 19 = Mango

string (w/ games below) = FolGraMiaPhyWalMayEquJapFetFav25%RedDel59HeaMinMan

Music Trivia = We Found Love
Variety Video = A wizard

Q/Day = Afro Jacks
8:30 = One More Night
string = One

Q/Day = Buddy The Elf
8am = Rod Stewart/Michael Buble...not working (Winter Wonderland)


Classic Rock Challenge = Celebration Day
Classic Video = Fire shoots out of her eyes

Music Skillz = Fists

Hot Music = Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton

Before They Were Famous ... Fredericktown High School Freddie
First Lines ... Who am I? You sure you want to know?
Get Your Game On ... Vega
Show Me The Money ... Mississippi
What Did They Say ... Fun, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock
Games ... Red
Hot Music ... Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton

AOL Professional - Looking for a job at AOL - loo
AOL Do's and don'ts - Chandelier - cha
AOL Healthified - Water - wat
AOL Neil Gusman - Pennsylvania - pen

Updated String: FolGraMiaPhyWalMayEquJapFetFav25%RedDel59HeaMinManLooChaWatPen

Country - Rascal Flatts for ‘Changed’
Country Video - Dress Turns Black
Disney – 25
Magic Music - True
Music - We Found Love
Music – Instrumental
Video - A wizard
Vintage Video - Thirteen
Watch and win – ABCD

Grinding Trivia = desensitizing
Stress Trivia = pulp
Discovery - NASA Curiosity Quiz = Curiosity
Discovery - Titanic Pics! = lifeboats
Discovery - Sliding Puzzle Quiz = 25 seconds
Discovery - Are you a helicopter parent? = You're probably at an appropriate level of attentiveness.
Discovery - Retirement and RVs = Fiction
Discovery - Extreme Weather = There's a great chance your tweens will thank you for this one! (Though it's unlikely they'll say it out loud, of course.)
Discovery - Tupperware Quiz = Tupper Tree Doctors

Deals on Top Brand Attire! = Tan
Jewelry You Want = The Uncommon Drugstore
Shop Cameras for Christmas! = eBay

string = DesPulCurLif25YouFicTheTupPayThuRelTanTheEba

classic rock = Lennon/McCartney
classic video = dancing behind the band

hot music trivia = We Found Love

music trivia = Justin Bieber
variety video = white

top video = red

music skillz = DJ Khaled

Before They Were Famous ... Tennis
First lines ... It's about five o'clock in the morning.
Games ... 7
Get Your Game On ... FOXHOUND
Hot Music ... We Found Love
Show Me The Money ... 1791
What Did They Say? ... We found love in a hopeless place

AOL Automotive Trivia 20 - Pay Raises
Insurance Trivia - Thumb
Supplemental Trivia - Relax

Updated String: DesPulCurLif25YouFicTheTupPayThuRelTanTheEba

Country - El Dorado
Country Video - A Coffin
Hot Music Video - Carly Rae Jepsen
Magic Music - Paul Simon
Music Challange – Go Go’s
Music Quiz – Paul Simon
Vintage Video - Saxophone player

Discovery - Darth Vader = Darth Vader
Dental Trivia = level
Cavities Trivia = Two
Topical Trivia = Prevention
AoL - Flawless On The Fly Trivia = Clarisonic Brush
Relief Trivia = home
AoL - Camping Guide Trivia = stay hydrated
AoL - Living Forward Trivia = 20
AoL - Banking Trivia 21 = Career Advice

Discovery - Extreme Weather = Lily Allen...NOTE: answer changed to 150,000
Discovery - Sock Hop Quiz = About 50,000
Discovery - Are You Embarrasing Your Twe... = Call the parent police! Your behavior has the potential to seriously embarrass your tweens
Discovery - Vacation With The In-Laws = personal space
Discovery - What Happened To MySpace? = Lily Allen

AoL - Living Foward With Steve = Massachusetts
AoL - Healthified Camping Guide = Try car camping
AoL - Flawless On The Fly = Botched
AoL - Music Award Outfits = blue

string = DarLevTwoPreClaHomSta20LilAboCalPerCarMasCarBotBlu150Pin2,0HeaGemEdi

Music Trivia = 3
Variety Video = Sees the girl with another man

Classic Rock Challenge = Toronto
Classic Video = Sheryl Crow

Music Skillz = Usher

Hot Music Trivia = Justin Bieber

Before They Were Famous ... Regis Philbin
First lines ... Constantinople
Games ... 10
Get Your Game On ... SPARTAN project
Hot Music ... Justin Bieber
Show Me The Money ... 118
What Did They Say? ... We knew it was through

Amazon Deals - Pink - pin
Cameras For Christmas - Cybershot Battery - 2,000 - 2,0
Computer Deals - Heart - hea
Jewelry Deals - Gemify Yourself With Real Gems. - gem
Top Card Match - Editor's Choice - edi

Updated String: DarLevTwoPreClaHomSta20LilAboCalPerCarMasCarBotBluPin2,0HeaGemEdi

Country Music - Blake Shelton
Country Video - Oldham
Hot music video - Red
Magic Music - The Anita Kerr Singers (Should be the Beatles)
Music Trivia - Anita Kerr Singers
Vintage Video - White
WWW - holiday

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!...Don't get too stuffed!

Gums - Diabetes - dia
Recession - 30s & 40s - 30s
Mouth - Genetically Inherited - gen
Levels - Dental Hygenists - den

String: Dia30sGenDen

Before They Were Famous = David Hyde Pierce
First lines = 400%
Get Your Game On = Green
Show Me The Money = Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
What Did They Say? = My my Baby Blue

Games n eCards Trivia ... UNDo

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