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Marlboro Biggest Night of the Year Contest 9/16 - 11/11

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9/17/12 1:02 AM
New contest started today. Looks like it is somewhat along the lines of the Outwit the West contest they had last summer. It seems you have to answer a question.


Grand prize is a trip to Vegas and the usual suspects for lesser prizes....zippo lighters, portable speakers etc.

Having trouble getting in right now. Not sure if site is slammed or bad internet connection.

Edit: The questions are "opinion" questions...not of the trivia type
9/17/12 1:02 AM
9/19/12 5:28 PM
just got on and entered for the first time, good luck. I won the portable speaker and the zippo in the last run, hope for something better this time.
9/20/12 2:36 PM
Excited about this one!
9/21/12 3:59 PM
Congrats on your win. I am wondering how that speaker is working out for you? Is that the wireless speaker?
9/27/12 1:03 AM
The speaker is just this tiny little thing , you can plug it into you mp3 or Ipod . you charge it on your computer . you won't throw a banging party with it but it's okay and the fact that it was free is even better . Good luck to everyone on this new one .
9/28/12 3:55 PM
Hubby won the Ace bottle opener for week 1. they are emailing winners today! nothing for me.
9/29/12 1:54 PM
got the chalk board glass. wooohooo
9/29/12 2:07 PM
congrats on your chalk board glass .
9/30/12 11:10 PM
Been trying to get on the Marlboro site since 11;45, it says down for maintanance still at 12;10.
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