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Redbox Movie Matchup Game @ Facebook 3/18 to 4/17

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3/18/13 6:15 PM
Redbox Movie Matchup

The matchup starts on Monday, March 18 and ends on Wednesday, April 17.

Earn Points towards free movie rentals

HOW TO EARN POINTS: During the Program Period, eligible individuals (see next section for eligibility requirements) may participate in the Program by visiting the web site located at www.facebook.com/redbox ("Web Site"), choosing to "Like" the Redbox® page on Facebook (if they have not previously done so), granting the Redbox Movie Matchup application ("Application") access to certain Facebook account information, confirm or correct their basic contact information (including, without limitation, a valid e-mail address) and following the onscreen links and instructions to submit their votes for the matchups made available through the application. The movie matchups will be organized according to four (4) genre categories: Comedy, Horror, Adventure, and Family. You may vote for as many matchups as you want in any given round. The votes for a matchup in a given round must be recorded through the Application between the Start Time and Deadline below to receive the Points indicated:

Round Start Time (all at 12:00:00am CT) Deadline (all at 11:59:59pm CT) A Vote in this Round is Worth:
First March 18, 2013 April 2, 2013 200 Points
Second April 3, 2013 April 10, 2013 400 Points
Third April 11, 2013 April 14, 2013 600 Points
Semis April 15, 2013 April 16, 2013 800 Points
Finals April 17, 2013 April 17, 2012 1000 Points

After the deadline for each round, the votes will be tallied and the movie with the highest number of votes will "win" and move on to the next round until one (1) winning movie is determined. Participants may also earn bonus Points in the following amounts by following the on-screen links and instructions in the Application:

Inviting one or more friends through Facebook = 200 Points (regardless of number of friends invited)

Sharing the Program through a wall post = 200 Points

Signing up to be a part of the Redbox Text Club = 1000 Points

Signing up to receive Redbox emails = 500 Points

Each participant may only earn bonus

Thanks to iowahawkeye
3/18/13 6:16 PM
3/19/13 6:01 PM
Seems on my account invite friends was 300 points

but when my wife did hers it was 200 points for inviting friends.

I wonder why
3/19/13 9:18 PM
nice find. few quick clicks a day and 3 free codes. not bad at all.
3/22/13 6:00 PM
polardude1983 said:   

Seems on my account invite friends was 300 points

but when my wife did hers it was 200 points for inviting friends.

I wonder why

Check your email. They just gave me a free code because there was a glitch that was giving out too many points.
4/5/13 7:52 AM
Got my first code for hitting Silver level yesterday.
4/13/13 2:47 PM
I have not gotten any codes yet
4/13/13 3:16 PM
tinkstoy said:   

I have not gotten any codes yet

Check your spam folder....that's where mine went at first
4/29/13 8:00 PM
Just a reminder, all free movie codes expire this Friday, 5/3... use it or lose it!
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