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KSON Christmas Match Game

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12/9/13 10:07 PM

Register; providing a daytime phone number and select any or all of the times ( six times a day ) that you want to be eligible to receive a call. If they call you and you answer you get to pick 2 from the 60 squares. If the prizes under the 2 numbers match you win that prize.

Contest started today. I was able to listen in during all 6 events and a total of 8  ( one person had not been tracking the revealed prizes/numbers so chose 2 that had already been revealed; the other person had been tracking and picked the two matching prizes that had previously been revealed under #'s 10 & 52 - a $500 gas card)  were picked. KSON is not revealing on the grid which numbers/prizes have been revealed except when there has been a match/winner so it would be helpful if people would help track and post the revealed prizes.

Here is the current status (items in bold are revealed matches that have not been won; Have added GONE as placeholder where prizes have been won ):

1= GONE; 2= GONE 3= GONE; 4= GONE; 5 =  GONE; 7= GONE; 8= Rodney Carrington Super Fan Package; 9= GONE 10= GONE; 11= GONE; 12= GONE; 13= GONE; 14= GONE;15= GONE ; 16= 4 Two Day Disney Hoppers w Hotel Stay;17= GONE; 18= GONE; 19= GONE; 21= GONE;  22= GONE; 23=Disney 4 Pack of tix ; 24= GONE 25= GONE;; 26= GONE;  27= GONE; 28= GONE; 29= GONE; 30= Driveaway Trip to Vegas; 31= GONE;32= Jason Aldean Guitar; 33= GONE; 34= GONE;  35= GONE; 36= GONE; 37= GONE; 38= GONE; 39= GONE; 42= GONE; 43= Rodney Carrington Super Fan Package; 44= IPAD; 45= GONE ;46= GONE; 47= GONE;48=Driveaway Trip to Vegas;  50= GONE52= GONE; 53=IPAD; 54= GONE;  55= GONE; 57= Digiplex Movies for a Year; 58= GONE;  59= GONE; 60= Guitar from Stagecoach

Join in and good luck!
12/9/13 10:07 PM
12/10/13 1:49 PM
I missed the 2 times today. Did anyone hear them and have the numbers that were called?
12/10/13 7:04 PM
THANK YOU! Please keep posting these it's very helpful. I have school and work so it makes it hard to keep up! I did hear one today but they were numbers already listed above.(7 & 17) if anyone else has any, plz post
12/11/13 3:59 PM
# 18 and 48 Disney Aulani - Gone
# 7 and 29 Digiplex Movies for a year - Gone
12/11/13 4:50 PM
New Match: #22 and 42 Brad Paisley Guitar

#59 is the Brantley Gilbert Flyaway
12/11/13 5:34 PM
I have listened to every segment and never heard 42 picked so how could that be a Brad Paisley Guitar, matching 22?
12/11/13 5:53 PM
I heard the Brad Paisley one
12/12/13 10:36 AM
I have 9 and 42 for the brad paisley guitar. It was the girl yesterday afternoon driving on the 52 west and she chose her age (42) and her sons number.
12/12/13 11:43 AM
#9 and 42 for Brad Paisley Guitar - GONE
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