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M&M/Mars $6 Virtual Pre Paid MasterCard Instant Win Game (Text)

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6/19/14 1:57 PM
To enter daily for a chance to win a FREE $6 Virtual Pre Paid MasterCard text message MOVIE to 78787 on your cell phone. They are giving away 500,000 gift cards!! If you are an instant winner, you’ll receive a text with your unique code. Go to this link HERE to enter it if you win. Ends August 10, 2014. 

ETA: It takes about 30 minutes for you to get a reply text with a winning code. Many reported winning on their first try. You can either use your code as a credit towards your cable bill, or a gift card that you can use for a movie or whatever you want.

Addition ETA: They will text you back asking for your birthdate and your email before sending your code. After entering code, you will be asked to confirm your birthdate and email. Be sure to pick the button on the right to get the gift card, click the right button again to get it emailed to you. I won on my second try. Easy $6.
Mars Movie said:

You will receive an email confirmation from tpgcustomer@tpgny.com with a link to print your virtual pre-loaded debit card. You must print the virtual pre-loaded debit card from this screen or from the link in the email within 7 days. Your virtual pre-loaded debit card is valid at retailers (online or in-store) that accept MasterCard, now through the expiration date printed on your virtual preloaded card.

Many used it to purchase Amazon gift codes.

Important note: You must  print or save your virtual card within seven (7) days. You then have until  the date  on the virtual card (Mine have been August 2014 dates) to use the card. 

Seeking4Bargains posted a way to use PayPal below.
Pre Paid MasterCard [ image/png - 74.35kB ]
6/19/14 1:57 PM
Pre Paid MasterCard [ image/png - 74.35kB ]
6/20/14 4:05 PM
Play By Mail: Hand-print your full name, full address (street address, city, state and zip code (no P.O. Boxes)), email address and date of birth on a piece of paper (“Mail-In Play”) and send it to: Movie Moments Game, Dept. F, P.O. Box 5705, Blair, NE 68009-5705. LIMIT: one (1) Mail-In Play request per outer envelope. Mail-In Plays must be received by August 15, 2014. Each Mail-In Play winner will receive a Prize Code sent to the email address listed on the Mail-In Play. Sponsor will not accept illegible, incomplete, forged, altered, postage-due or mechanically-reproduced Mail-In Plays.
6/20/14 4:17 PM
I won on my first try, within seconds. Thanks!

Received the email with my mastercard code and info. Looks like it could be used anywhere that takes Mastercard.

From official rules:
Send “MOVIE” via text message to 78787 and follow the instructions contained in the reply text messages. Each time you play the Game by text message (“Text Message Play”), you are required to send three (3) text messages. MESSAGE AND DATA RATES MAY APPLY.  If you are the first person to submit a Text Message Play on or after the predetermined time and date for the most recent winning Game message made available, you will receive a text message that includes the phrase “CONGRATS” and a fourteen-digit code that you must redeem as described in Rule 4 (“Prize Code”). (If your reply text message does not contain “CONGRATS” and a Prize Code or if  it contains any other information, then you are not a winner.)  LIMIT: One Text Message Play per Calendar Day. 
6/21/14 2:16 AM
thank you. I won on the first try. my replies took under a minute.
6/22/14 2:29 AM
Weeeeee! Just won another $6! And congrats to all who won.

ETA: Another win! I've won $18 so far, every day but the first. How are the rest of you doing?
6/22/14 8:05 AM
There is a way to get it to your PayPal: 

Do not choose the On Demand. Choose the Other option and you will download the Virtual Mastercard with a 16 digit number I believe and Exp and Security code. Go To your Paypal and click send request for money. Choose another email address that you can check that is not in your Paypal file and request the 6.00 from it. Then go to the email and click on pay now don't let it login to your account if so logout and choose pay with Debit Card. Then just fill in the card info and you can use your name and info but just use the alternate email address you sent the request payment to. Hope that helps! 

It will deduct .47 from it.  
6/24/14 1:30 PM
Anyone get this to work today?  I haven't had any replies after several hours following my return text with my email, but I'm happy with the $12 I've won so far.  Thanks SweetClover.
6/24/14 2:39 PM
FullTimeDad said:   

Anyone get this to work today?  I haven't had any replies after several hours following my return text with my email, but I'm happy with the $12 I've won so far.  Thanks SweetClover.

Well, either the message didn't go through, or you're going to get the "sorry, you are not a winner' message I got the first day. I would send another reply with your email, if you win it generally goes through within 30 minutes or less. Sometimes I've received the "Congrats" message within seconds. But if it's been hours, it's very possible your return text with email was never received by them. I just played right before replying to this (I usually do it in the early hours of the morning, less competition), and my replies came within seconds, just won my 4th $6.  
6/24/14 3:16 PM
It was working for me earlier, though I still only got the "Sorry..." message.  I'm one for 4 so far, but $6 is better than nothing.  Thanks for this topic, SC!
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