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Kyxy Points Program San Diego

1993 of 2301
2/17/13 10:20 PM
Bringing Agency Expertise To A Professio...: KPMG
Gums Trivia 18: Research
Mouth Trivia 18: Inconclusive
Sonoma: The Russian
2/18/13 12:02 AM
Video Trivia Anyone? ... DALE
Video Trivia Time ... TASTE
Video Trivia 6 ... OCTOBER
Video Trivia 7 ... 1977
Video Trivia 8 ... ELEPHANT
Video Trivia 9 ... ANNE CUTLER
Video Trivia 10 ... BREAKS DOWN
Bartender, I'll Have... HOUSTON
Videos NDN Style ...
2/18/13 2:19 AM
Before They Were Famous ... Alan Rickman
First Lines .. Are you watching closely?
Fun Video trivia ... Light
Get Your Game On ... Q*bert
Music trivia ... FALSE
Show Me The Money ... James Madison
String w/PWoD (PRESIDENT) & Artist (KELLY) ... ResIncTheDalTasOct197EleAnnBrePreKel
2/18/13 5:12 AM
Foodie Video Trivia : Avocado
Travel Video Trivia: Omaha Public Library
2/18/13 10:13 AM
apb code= LAUGH
2/18/13 10:25 AM
Videos NDN Style ... a PLUnge

String ... ResIncTheDalTasOct197EleAnnBrePreKelLauPlu
2/18/13 11:02 PM
*Sonoma County Tourism Bureau: Birds
Video Trivia Time: Talk
Videos NDN Style: Mint
Video Trivia Anyone?: Virginia
String: BirTalMinVir
2/19/13 2:09 AM
Before They Were Famous ... Julia Roberts
First Lines .. Do you find me sadistic?
Fun Video Trivia ... the beholder
Get Your Game On ... Do the Donkey Kong
Music Trivia ... Justin Bieber
Show Me The Money ... $20,000
Foodie Fun Trivia ... Rolled oats
Travel Trivia ... Cabbage Key
String ... BirTalMinVir
2/19/13 7:28 AM
AOL - Beauty Treatments 19: Banana
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 19: Perfectly stylish
AOL - Vogue Waves 19: Side
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 19: Asos
AOL - Joyce Obrien 19:Cards
AOL - Re-Enlisting 19: Ride
AOL - Heart Health Recipes 19: Spinach
AOL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 19: Thai
AOL - Heart Health Tips 19: Go first
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 19: Black

How Jada Pinkett Smith Keeps Her Kids Gr: Red
Inside Forbes: Retire Well Issue: 28
Prince William Speaks Out Over Kate Midd..: Mystique
Facebook pays no taxes, gets $500K refun..: $1.1 billion
Changing kids TV habits may improve beha...: Journal of Pediatrics
The Black Keys' Patrick Carney Impersona...: Twitter

Aol: BanPerSidCarAsoRidSpiThaGoBla
String: BirTalMinVirRedMysTwi
2/19/13 8:53 AM
thank you for the codes
1993 of 2301
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