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MIX 98.5 Boston, MA Freeloader

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12/28/12 4:30 PM
gronkowski1fan said:   

If this means Mix Mall is going away there is no point in continuing. Isn't in nice how they word this as if they are doing us a big favor. It is next to impossible to win a national prize. I dumped ods and zlx several months ago and between my account and my son's entered close to 50 mil point on a $250 Amazon gift card. Not a chance. We have over 32 mil Freeloader points that I guess are now going to be flushed as well.

I agree. The only winnable prizes are local. It's lousy. I have won so many great prizes lately through the mix mall. Very sad to see it end.
12/28/12 6:04 PM
3:20pm IW - Step back
12/28/12 6:25 PM
7:20pm IW - Party On
12/28/12 11:04 PM
Video Trivia Time!: Red
Videos NDN Style!: Stroller
String: RedStr
12/29/12 2:10 AM
Before They Were Famous = Pitfall
First Lines = Julian Marsh
Get Your Game On = Mr. Do!
Show Me The Money = Abraham Lincoln
12/29/12 9:25 AM
Video Trivia Anyone? - Kristina Behr
12/29/12 9:37 AM
Hot Music Trivia - False
Video Trivia - Trending Videos, Entertainment - 10pm
12/29/12 9:48 AM
The new Mix rules really bite it. I have several large points totals that seem wasted now.
Mix 104 - 51M
WODS - 31M
WXLX - 39M
WAAF - 79M

Oh Well. I guess I can forget that new TV. I've been bidding 6m a month and haven't won yet.
12/29/12 11:09 PM
Video Trivia Time!: Car junkie
Videos NDN Style!:Beyonce
12/30/12 2:08 AM
Before They Were Famous = Adrian Brody
First Lines = Hello, Reverend.
Get Your Game On = Crystal Castles
Show Me The Money = Benjamin Franklin
1760 of 2069
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