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Channel 933 (9-FREE-FREE) Rewards Program - San Diego

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5/1/13 2:02 AM
Facebook BC ... JOKE > Link?
Music Pop Quiz ... CLIO Honorary Award
Top Video on Demand ... Green
Before They Were Famous ... Mick Foley
Celebrity Interview Video ... Olivia Munn
Entertainment Video ... Samsung
First Lines ... Mother
Get Your Game On ... Devil's Crossing Prison
Show Me The Money ... 454
{ JokHeaFol )
5/1/13 11:22 AM
wod: heart

fast points: follow
5/1/13 10:22 PM
have anyone got points on the video? did not work for me today.
5/1/13 11:37 PM
I got points for 9 videos I had it on for at least a dozen. I only got credit for 8 on my other account.
5/2/13 12:19 AM
I got 5,000 for videos on all 3 of my Clear Channel accounts, but it took watching probably 30 videos on each site to get them. My wife was unable to get any points on one of her accounts, no matter how many videos she watched. there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how they credit points for the videos. I agree, the game does not credit you properly and I encourage you to let them know it by clicking on the "Contact Us" button below and letting them know it's cheating you on points.
For those of you who also collect points every Sunday from your referrals, you are also being cheated out of points. You used to get up to 2,500 points, 10% of your referrals points each week. That was changed to up to 10,000 points a couple of weeks ago, but they are still only giving a max of 2,500 points even if you qualify for the full 10,000 points. I've complained to them about it, but these clowns don't even know the rules to their own game. They still think it's only 2,500 points, even though I cut and pasted the up to 10,000 from their own referral page and sent it to them. Go look for yourself and then look at your history this past Sunday. More people need to complain, so they will fix the system.
5/2/13 12:23 AM
5/2/13 2:02 AM
Fast pts ... PROM
Music Pop Quiz ... Rihanna
Top Video on Demand ... California Gurls
Before They Were Famous ... Geoffrey Rush
Celebrity Interview Video ... Leonardo DiCaprio
Entertainment Video Trivia ... Miguel
First Lines ... The white girl
Get Your Game On Trivia ... Dungeons
Show Me The Money Trivia ... Copper
( MirPro )
5/2/13 11:22 AM
wod: mirror
5/2/13 1:54 PM
I think that we are lucky to be able to particiapte in such prorgams. We all need to keep in mind, once these program become too cumbersome/problematic, they will end. I remember a time not long ago clearchannel had 6 freebie programs, now it's 3. Fox's freebie program ended completely. Someimtes you don't know what you've got, until it's gone! Lets just be THANKFUL and on that note.....

A HUGE Thanks to everyone who posts here. This forum and it's participants makes our daily routine possible!!!
5/2/13 2:14 PM
it sounds like interns maybe taking care of the day to day operations or they may even be training someone. Interns make little or no money and I can assure you they aren't trying to impress us. Even if human error is removed from the equation, computers glitch and or only know what is programed into them.

I noticed no facebook word today for 3000 points? Could be for a number of reasons but isn't worth taking up someones time answering my question when they could be using that time to work on what needs attention! Seems asking for missed points is a waste of time if they are changing the program, which is within their right.
721 of 972
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