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Entertainment Video Trivia: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Pop Clips!: Kit Kats
The Dish Trivia: Football

Friendly Baby Sea Lion Wanders Into Gift Shop:  145 steps
Redneck Island: Cowboy:  $100,000
Viola Davis' Secret Talent:  She can draw


LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
1-115 Brad Ka-so, Brooklyn at 114
3-315 ??? Joseph, Jamaica NY at 313

Didn't notice the post page changed Oops!

Blockbusters:  1961
Book Worm Trivia:  A Robert Frost Poem
Buzzworthy:  Misty Copeland  
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Channing Tatum
Get Your Game On:  Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS
Healthy Knowledge:  First Western Woman To Teach Yoga
Music Pop Quiz:  Daft Punk 
Pop Clips!:  Nicki Minaj 
Presidential Pop Quiz:  6 Cents
Sports Trivia:  Long Jump
Superheroes Trivia:  Riptide
The Dish Trivia:  Spinach
TV Trivia:  The Affair

Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  7 months 
Must See TV Trivia:  San Diego 
Ultimate Video Trivia:  The Avengers 
Lions, Tigers and More Tr..:  Dutch 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  Cartoons 
Good Eats Trivia:  1 
Sports & Activities Trivi..:  17

Country Livin':  5 
Country Music Trivia:  Texas 

Music Challenge: Whitney Houston 
No Repeat Work Day:  Raise Your Glass/Pink 
Lunch Break, you may be right. Billy Joel
Thursday Song of the Day, Under Pressure. Queen & David Bowie
Drive at 5, cruise, Florida Georgia Line

9:16am name:  Chelsie Caravella, Hoboken
11:11am name: Gina Vitale, Paramus NJ
1:12pm name, Kelsey Hervitt, Clark nj
Was listening for the 315 name but the iHeart app died as he announced it. SO FRUSTRATING!
5:13pm name is Christine Bork, Manhattan

LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
1-115 Kelsey Herb-bee, Clark NJ at 114

'Making A Murderer' Sheriff's Office Rec...:  3 hours 
5-Year-Old Boy Battling Cancer Proposes ...:  Tall Sarah 
Armed 92-Year-Old WWII Vet Scares Off Bu...:  His axe 
Celine Dion Fights Back Tears:  Caesar's Palace 
Good Samaritan Rescues 8 Puppies:  4-6 weeks 
Guys Decide to 'Pick Up Chicks' Literall...:  Emily 
Jewelry Store Robbed - Swaps Diamond Wit...: 2 times 
The Only Known Jaguar In The U.S.:  Arizona 

Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Blue 
Must See TV Trivia:  They're in their 70's 
Ultimate Video Trivia:  His ex is dating a cop 
Lions, Tigers and More Tr..:  6 months 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  2 
Good Eats Trivia:  30 min 
Sports & Activities Trivi..:  How to dab 

Country Livin':  0 
Country Music Trivia:  Merry Go 'Round

Music Challenge:  Alanis Morissette 
No Repeat Work Day :  When Doves Cry/Prince 
Lunch Break: Stand By You/Rachel Platten 
Drive @ 5 :  Eye of the Tiger/Survivor 

9:10 am name:  Gail Sedano, Bloomfield NJ 
11 name....missed it 
1:17pm name....Gaston Nunez, Union City NJ 
3:12pm name, Marilyn Pontias, Valley Stream 
5:14 pm name:   Rite Giola, Bklyn 

Blockbusyers: Dhoom: 3
Book Worm Trivia: 1976
Buzzworthy: T-Mobile
Entertainment: Sophie Turner
Get your game on: Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS
Healthy Knowledge: Satya Sai Baba
Music Pop Quiz: Carole King
Pop Clips: England
Presidential Pop Quiz: Woodrow Wilson's
Sports: Backstroke
Super Heroes: Miles Warren
The Dish: Fontina
TV Trivia: The Musketeers

1pm-gaston Nunez from i think union city

5-Year-Old Leukemia Patie..:  Tall Sarah 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  $1000 a night 
Father and 1-Year-Old Son..:  Chopping Broccoli 
Hip Hop Hooray! Uber driv..:  Naughty by Nature 
Man Proposes to Instagram..:  One year 
Must See TV Trivia:  for 1 year 
Tattoo artist offering fr..:  Vermont 
Ultimate Video Trivia:  Lady Gaga 
Lions, Tigers and More Tr..:  6:30AM 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  2 years old 
Good Eats Trivia:  6 pounds  
Sports & Activities Trivi..:  23 

Music Challenge: Quincy Jones And Various Artists 

Blockbusrers:   Steven Price
Book Worm Trivia:    Edgar Allan Poe
Buzzworthy Trivia:   Donald Trump
Get Your Game On:    The Traveler
Healthy Knowledge:    Argentina
Music Pop Quiz:     Paul McCartney
Sports Trivia:     A Turkey
Super Heroes:   X-Factor
TV Trivia:     Chicago PD
Country Music Trivia:   Drums

Clerk Fights Off Gunman W..:  Marathon 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Sorry 
Dog Sneaks Out of Kennel ..:  Barkers 
Man Tries To Stop Bandit ..:  300 
Must See TV Trivia:  57 
Ultimate Video Trivia:  Kendall 
Utah officer babysits 2-y..:  Cartoons 
Watch This Friendly Baby ..:  145 
You've haven't heard wash..:  Matmos 
Lions, Tigers and More Tr..:  China 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  23 
Good Eats Trivia:  White Bean Dip 
Sports & Activities Trivi..:  Levis 

Music Challenge: Whitney Houston 

SPORTS TRIVIA:  10:16 am Water Hazard is currently working. Only one try!!! MAY CHANGE!!!!! 

Blockbusters: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Book Worm Trivia: Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
Buzzworthy Trivia: Anonymous
Country Music Trivia: Something to do with my hands
Get Your Game On: Anti-gravity Racing
Healthy Knowledge: Deep Rhythmic Breathing
Music Pop Quiz: Van Halen
Sports Trivia: Water Hazard
Super Heroes: Logan Wayne
TV Trivia: Extant


Not taking water hazard anymore as of 9:19 pm

Cavemen ate better than y..:  turtles 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Ran a Marathon 
Doggie depression is real..:  United Kingdom 
Experiment could mean big..:  housing
Man creates butt print Va..:  Australia 
Must See TV Trivia:  Call her mother to tell her that she has a beautiful daughter 
People are using pets as ..:  TV 
Pizza Hut giving out gold..:  50 
Puppy love caught on came..:  Canada 
Recreational oxygen is th..:  $280
Sparkling water isn't as ..:  carbonic 
Ultimate Video Trivia:  Chopping Broccoli 
Why some people can't han..:  Ohio State 
Lions, Tigers and More Tr..:  Kylo 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  Florida 
Good Eats Trivia:  4 
Sports & Activities Trivi..:  17 

Country Music Trivia:  4 
Country Livin':  Cold in Miami 

Music Challenge:  Sidewinder And Piper 
No Repeat Work Day:   Everything She Wants/Wham 
Lunch Break:  Faithfully/Journey 
Drive @ Five:  Empire State of Mind (Part 2)/Alicia Keys 
Monday Night New Music Preview:  You Belong to Me 

11:13am name:  Lambros Skiadersis, Towaco NJ 
1:12pm name:  David Alvarenga, Nyack NY ....near me but not me....
3:11pm name: Ayesha Muhammed, Bklyn.
5:11 pm name:  Christian Eduardo, Hempstead NY 

Blockbusters: The Past
Book Worm Trivia: Isaac Asimov
Entertainment: A Grandfather
Get your game on: Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS
Healthy Knowledge: Yoga For Americans
Music Pop Quiz: Linkin Park
Pop Clips: Zooey Deschanel
Presidential Pop Quiz: Herbert Hoover
Sports: Holly Holm
Super Heroes: His Healing Factor Increased
The Dish: Chocolate chip
TV Trivia: Constantine
Venice for Valentine's day: Arthur Symons

LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
9-915 Nana Anna-per-rel-la, Newark at 911

Blockbusters:  Duke Ellington
Book Worm Trivia:  Jules Verne
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Nine Lives
Get your game on:  Xbox one
Healthy Knowledge:  Yoga with Pets
Music Pop Quiz:  It's Time 
Pop Clips:  Super 8 
Presidential Pop Quiz:  Nancy Reagan
Sports Trivia:  Korea
Super Heroes:  Grizzly
The Dish Trivia:  5 pounds
TV Trivia:  Stalker 

Ben Carson Explains His A..:  Donald Trump 
Beyonce Almost Falls Duri..:  Jay Z 
Children With Disabilitie..:  10 
College Student Opts For .:  145 sq ft 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  4 years 
Eli Manning Caught Lookin..:  Budweiser 
Man Drops Winning Lottery..: 2 
Must See TV Trivia:  1933 
Name a Cockroach After Yo..:  Bronx Zoo  
O.J. Simpson's Infamous W..:  California 
Prankster Autotunes Band ..:  Linkin' Bridge 
See Lady Gaga's Stunning Performance :  What an amazing crowd! 
Ultimate Video Trivia :  the closet 
Lions, Tigers and More Trivia :  8 months 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  2 
Good Eats Trivia :  28 
Sports & Activities Trivia :  2

Country Music Trivia: The SteelDrivers
Country Livin’: Oak Ridge Boys 

Music Challenge:  Soul II Soul  
No Repeat Work Day:  Blow Me (One Last Kiss)/Pink  
Lunch Break:  Stand By You/Rachel Platten  
Drive @ Five:  Need You Tonight/NXS  

WHUD NAME GAME: 15 minutes to call and qualify for vacation in the Bahamas at 9, 1, and 5 
9am name:  Stacey Magerno, Suffern NY 
missed the rest of these....

9:16am name:  Judy Ferris, Stamford CT
11:14 am name, Christopher North, Dunellen nj
5:15pm name:  Linda DeFazio, Jersey City NJ ....sorry, slow computer....

HELP NEEDED: I cannot listen to the name games on 106.7 Lite FM or 100.7 WHUD in the 11am and 1pm hours. Please listen and post if you can!!! TY 

LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
11-1115. Christopher North, Don-ale-la NJ at 1113
1-115. Pat Dixon, Waterbury NY at 111
3-315. Raj Patel, Jersey City at 311

@SAMs will try to listen 11 & 1 drugs may make me Zzzz

whud was John Hogan of Suffern

Music Pop Quiz: s/b "Let ME go" 

Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  $475,000 
Must See TV Trivia:  Let it Go 
Ultimate Video Trivia :  Ben 
Lions, Tigers and More Trivia :  Kevin Hart 
Breaking News Video Trivia :  38 
Good Eats Trivia :  35% 
Sports & Activities Trivi..:  Colonial Williamsburg 

bummer:  no real "extra" trivia Q's after midnight....that's bec I need to do them all early tomorrow as I have meetings in the afternoon and at night! figures!   

Penguin Hatches From Its Egg Shell: Dallas Zoo 
See 300 Manatees Congregate Together: 1 
Baby Born Missing Part Of Brain Continues To Defy The Odds: Sucked On A Pacifier 
Peyton Explains His Brothers Super Bowl Reaction: Because He Was Analyzing The Game 
See Inside Beyonce's $10,000 Per Night Super Bowl AirBnB:  5 
Man Arrested For Tossing Alligator Through Wendy's Drive Thru:  23 
UCLA Gymnast Stuns Crowd With Routine: 9.925 
Man Can't Explain Why He Was Pulled Over In Clown Costume: $2,500
Baby About To Be Cremated Suddenly: China
Mom Looks Identical to Twin Daughters: 35  
Teen Mom: Tyler Reads Wed..:  13

Country Livin': Chris Stapleton 
Country Music Trivia: Middle Tennessee State University 

Music Challenge: Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply 
No Repeat Workday:  Always Be My Baby/Mariah Carey 
Lunch Break :  Everything You Want/Vertical Horizon

WHUD name game, 15 minutes to call and qualify: 
9:02 name game: Lynn Hughes, New Windsor  
1pm name game:  Theresa, Dibello, Mahopac 

9:16am name:  Sharon ???, my app died just when they were announcing the name. Did anyone catch it?? 
11:13am name:  Amina Nickovik Bklyn  
1pm:  missed it!!!!! UGH.....
3:13pm name:  Janet Taybar, Flushing  

Can anyone listen and post the 3 and 5pm names??? Have to be somewhere from 4-9pm so I'll miss it. Thanks!!! 

Blockbusters: Doug Jones
Book Worm Trivia: The Misfits
Entertainment Video Trivia: Rolling Stone
Get Your Game On: World
Healthy Knowledge: Third
Music Pop Quiz: Let it go
Pop Clips: Tina Frey
Presidential pop quiz: 12 years 39 days
Sports: The Next One
Super Heroes: Marvel Boy
The Dish: 375
TV Trivia: Transparent
Venice for Valentine's day: Grand Canal

Peyton Explains His Brother Super Bowl Reaction: Because he wasn't going to relax until the game was over (NEW ANSWER)

LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
3-315. Janet Ta-bar, Flushing at 312
5-515. Frank Weber, West Hampstead at 512

Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn - Bam

WHUD Diane Worden of Yorktown; did not call in  so gave to Joanne Mann

WHUD 100.7:
Drive @ Five = Walking in Memphis/Marc Cohn

Sloth Got A First Class Ticket: Florida 
Boy Loves to Ride Wheelchair at Skate Park for Therapy:  8 
Dad Writes Funny School Tardy Note:  3 1/2 Hours 
One of America's Scariest Bridges:  4
Baby Get Confused By Dad and His Twin: The One In Gray  

Blockbusters:  Ashley Greene
Book Worm Trivia:  Tyke 
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Aubrey Plaza 
Get Your Game On:  Nintendo 3DS
Healthy Knowledge:  Yoga King
Music Pop Quiz:  James Blunt
Pop Clips:  England
Presidential Pop Quiz:  Ferdinand Magellan
Sports Trivia:  London 
Super Heroes:  Scarecrow
The Dish Trivia:  Chicken
TV Trivia:  Jay Baruchel

5 Cat Hacks That Will Cha..:  Wearing latex gloves to scoop up fur 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Dr. Sam Chachou 
Invisible Gym For Working..:  Venice Beach 
Million-Dollar Mansion Destroyed in Fire:  2 
Must See TV Trivia:  4 
One Minute Movie Review: 'Deadpool':  Kid Friendly   
Ultimate Video Trivia:  :  Case Photography, LLC 
WW II Vet Reunites with Wartime Girlfriend after 70 years:  88 
Lions, Tigers and More Tr..:  5 months 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  $75 
Good Eats Trivia:  4 
Sports & Activities Trivi..:  sandwich 

Country Livin’: Iron Man
Country Music Trivia: Chris Lane 

Music Challenge: Mike Reno Of Loverboy  
No Repeat Work Day :  Story of My Life/One Direction 
Lunch Break:  When We Were Young/Adele 
Thursday Song of the Day:  Soak Up The Sun/Sheryl Crow 
Drive @ 5 :  Happy/Pharell Williams

WHUD nname game: 
9am name game:  Jim Powers, Buchanan 
5pm name:  Michelle  Mayberry Lopilato 

9:13 AM NAME:  Keysha Lee Knight, Queens Village NY 
11:12  am name:  Mary Hamilton, Bronx NY 
5:12 pm name:  Onega Seppo, Bklyn NY

LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
1-115 A-laine Per-vera, Westville LI at 114
3-315 Luis Law, Rockville Centre at 311
5-515 Oh-necka Sep-po, Brooklyn at 511

Z100 starting Elvis Pays Your Bills next Tuesday. I believe we did that last year and no one won.

[Watch Reporter Go Undercover as Elderly Granny to Investigate Plumber:  3 Times 
Seagulls Trapped in Pipe: 3 
Doctor Performed Surgery on Newborn By Mistake: Clipped His Tongue 
Cruise Passengers Return After Ship Was Battered by Storm: 116 kts 
Dog Crying for Help Gets Rescued: India 
Woman Reunited with Preschool Sweetheart: 13 
Stray Dog Gets Adopted: In 1 Week 
Teresa Giudice Says Prison Had Blood-Stained Mattresses: 3 Years 
4 Ways You Can Investigate Your Valentine before a Date: Their photo seems too good to be true 
Why Seven People Volunteered to Attend Prison for 60 Days:  March 10

Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  20 miles 
Must See TV Trivia:  11
Ultimate Video Trivia :  answer s/b DEMI LOVATO but only --- listed as choices, so choose --- from the mobile site for credit....NOTE that this may change 
Lions, Tigers and More Trivia:  Easter 
Breaking News Video Trivia:  kik 
Good Eats Trivia: soy sauce 
Sports & Activities Trivia: Nina Agdal 

Country Livin': Johnny Cash 
Country Music Trivia: Chris Stapleton 

Music Challenge: Shine  
No Repeat Work Day:  If You Leave/OMD 
Lunch Break:  How to Save a Life/The Fray 
Drive @ Five:  So Emotional/Whitney Houston 

WHUD Name Game:   Listen at 9, 1, 5 and call in 15 minutes to qualify for trip 
9am name game:  Ron Ails of Pompton Plains NJ 
1pm name game:  Francis Cardone, Monroe NY 
5pm name game:  Cornelius Beak of Beacon 

106.7 Name Game
9:13 am name:  Jim McCulky, Greenwich CT
11:15 am name: connie Tang, Staten Island
1:11pm name:  Vanessa Queves, Bronx 
3:12 pm name:  Lucky Shia Hamm, Paterson NJ 
5:15 pm name:  Lamberto Garcia, Staten Island 

Blockbusters: Rich Little
Book Worm Trivia: San Francisco
Entertainment: Matt DeBlanc
Get your game on: Fairy
Healthy Knowledge: Knower of yoga
Music Pop Quiz: Rick Rubin
Pop Clips: Arena Flowers
Presidential pop quiz: U.S. Senate
Sports trivia: Denver Broncos
Super heroes: Kyle Rayner
The Dish Trivia: Coffee
TV trivia: Man seeking woman

Lam-berto Garcia, Staten Island at 515

Blockbusters: Ordinary Love
Book Worm Trivia: Cleopatra
Get your game on: Nintendo 3DS
Healthy Knowledge: High Cholesterol ... as of 1:55pm 
Music Challenge: Turn To You 
Music Pop Quiz: Poisoning
Country Music Trivia: Eric Church
Sports: San Diego Chargers
Super Heroes: Batgirl
TV Trivia: Battle Creek

8-Year-Old Girl, Cop Hail..:  Calling 911 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: 5 minutes  
Must See TV Trivia:  $50,000 
Rescue dog rescues owner:  A fire 
Scientists await word on gravitational w...:  100 
Video Captures Priceless Moment When Man...: Pizza Delivery Driver 
Wisconsin Police Officer Shovels 74-Year...: Investigating an area breakin 
Ultimate Video Trivia:  3 
Lions, Tigers and More Trivia:  1 
Breaking News Video Trivia:  In October 
Good Eats Trivia:  4 hours 
Sports & Activities Trivia:   Michigan Technological University 

Depp Does Trump In Spoof Biopic:  Funny or Die
Pig escapes from NH farm, shows up at the polls:  3
Rare albino turtle hatches in Australia:  1 in hundreds of thousands
Shelter Dog's Sad Picture Goes Viral, Helps Him Find A New Home:  Christmas
UCLA Gymnast Stuns Crowd With Incredible Dance Move:  9.925

Breaking News Video Trivia:  Arizona
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  March
Good Eats Trivia:  3
Lions, Tigers and More Trivia:   1
Must See TV Trivia:  Australia
Sports & Activities Trivia:  Australia
Ultimate Video Trivia:  No

Healthy knowledge: only one chance! accepted asthma at 2:40 am. This might change, though!

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