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LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
9-915 - Audrey Kelley, Brooklyn at 906

Get 6,000 extra points today from every station.....

Copy & Paste........

asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=9257 to each station and get 1,000 points.....

asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=9258 to each station and get 5000 points......

Country Music Trivia: Me
Country Livin Trivia: Jimmy Fallon

Entertainment Video Trivia: Eagle (new answer)


7-Year-Old Celebrates Halloween Early:  Walking Dead
A Heathier Dessert: Blueberry-Ricotta Ta...:   2 hours
Adventures of a Dog Sitter:  Turn off the alarm
Gone Apple Picking? Make Slow-Cooker App...:  half an hour 
Homemade DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte:  ground cinnamon
How to Make an Amazing Pumpkin Punch Bowl:  dry
Moist and Delicious Apple-Sour Cream Coffee Cake:  2
Mom Dances Between Contractions:  9 pounds 6 1/2 ounces
Over the Top Pumpkin Bread Pudding:  brioche
Tim Tebow Surprises 13-Year-Old Boy with cancer:  Played video games

Animals & Nature Trivia: $300
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: In a zigzag pattern
Food And Recipes Trivia: Swanson
Pop Culture Trivia: The Leftovers Premiere
Travel The World Trivia: What A Wonderful World
TV Fix Video Trivia: She wasn't honest with him
World News Trivia: 7 minutes away

Big Game Trivia: The 2008 Season
Blockbusters Trivia: London
Book Worm Trivia: Jasper
Buzzworthy Trivia: Kate Middleton
Entertainment Video Trivia: Chandler
Get Your Game On: CD-E
Healthy Knowledge: Vinyasa
Music Pop Quiz: Plies
Pop Clips Trivia: Cold brew
Super Heroes: Ice
The Dish Trivia: 10 hours
Trick-or-Trivia: Vampire Bats
TV Trivia:Barney

LiteFM 1k plus referral (20 min to call)
9-915 - Kira Green, Deer park NY at 914
2-215 missed but Amy lady called back
4-415 missed

@SAMs yup Z100 is done only tem plate fast post

18-Year-Old Survives Oregon Shooting:  someone fell on top of her after being shot 
Britney Spears And Kate Hudson's Night: Game night 
Emotional 911 Call After Finding Toddler: flies 
Kylie Jenner Gets Another Car:  $320,000  

No Repeat Work Day:  I Will Wait/Mumford and Sons 
Lunch Break:  Renegades/X Ambassadors 
Drive at 5, The Promise /when in Rome

Country Livin': 10 years 
Country Music Trivia: Wasting All These Tears 

@chipmalee1:  I thought the z100 contest was over last week....
210pm Amy Lee, Flushing

Gone Apple Picking? Make Slow-cooker App...5 lbs. (new answer)

TV Trivia: Rose
Pop Clips! Trivia: Gabe
Alaska Airlines loses its own CEO's lugg...: Brad
Baby With Part of Skull Missing Says 'He...: Jaxon
Best game-day snacks for football Sunday: corndogs
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: Google
Harry Potter inspired home décor: Etsy
Man asked to be quiet during movie throw...: Florida
South Carolina Helps With Dream Wedding: double tree
The UK is the best place in the world to...: 80
Therapy Dog Serves As Best Man: Golden Retriever
Watching TV dramas might make you a more...: New York Magazine
What fast food looks like in ads vs. rea...: Arby's

Pop Culture Trivia - go bike riding
Animals & Nature Trivia - 20 pounds
TV Fix Video Trivia - 15 minutes
World News Trivia - Dallas Cowboys
Food And Recipes Trivia - 100
Travel The World Trivia - Miami

Big Game Trivia:  Adam Vinatieri
​Blockbusters Trivia: Taxidermy
Book Worm Trivia:  Much Ado About Nothing
Buzzworthy Trivia: Ryan Gosling 
Country Livin Trivia:  Keith Urban
Country Music Trivia:  Little Bit Of Everything
Entertainment Video Trivia: Dinosaurs
Get Your Game On: Pac-Man Sr.
Healthy Knowledge: Hawthorn-Berry Tonic
Music Pop Quiz:  Taylor
Super Heroes: Tigra
The Dish Trivia:  Chicken
Trick-or-Trivia:  Geist 

Kim Novak Won't Vote For Trump:  2014 

907am:  Yanine ?, Flushing NY 
412pm:  Maritza Fernandez, Rahway NJ 

No Repeat Work Day:  Hold On/Wilson Phillips 
Lunch Break :  Roar/Katy Perry 

no radio/comp 4:30-10pm. Please post Drive @ 5 from WHUD. Thanks

4pm-Marisa Fernandez from Rahway, NJ

WHUD drive at five: can't help falling in love

Hey all! Havent been on here in days because , lets face it, its pointless entering any of the station contest that r still doing them!!! Nobody wins!! Its all bs!!!On a lighter note a big "hey" to all of you FWers!!!

12-Year-Old Girl Sneezes 12,000 Times a ... - 1 month
3-Year-Old DJ - House Music DJ
Alright! A 'Bob's Burgers' pinball game ... - Zen Studios
Brave Homeowner Takes Down Intruder - Bringing his trash in
Cheetah and puppy best friends at the Me... - Combalie
Company will ship you leaves so you can ... - Ship Foliage
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee - 1 gallons
How to Make Mashed Potatoes - dutch
How to use pumpkin guts for everything f... - make a sling shot
Imperfect Moments - Jeffrey (No Video)

Crazy Daily Video Trivia - 350

Pop Culture Trivia - read a book
Animals & Nature Trivia - The hood of the car
TV Fix Video Trivia - Corn Meal with salt
World News Trivia - Sweden
Food And Recipes Trivia - 7
Travel The World Trivia - 1974

Big Game Trivia: DJ Hayden
Blockbusters Trivia: The Best Man Inc.
Book Worm Trivia: Jacob's
Buzzworthy Trivia: Know
Entertainment Video Trivia: Ellen DeGeneres
Get Your Game On: 4
Healthy Knowledge: Licorice
Music Pop Quiz: Let Go
Pop Clips Trivia: London
Super Heroes: Arnarky
The Dish Trivia: Pumpkin
Trick-or-Trivia: When My Eyes Beheld, An Eerie Sight
TV Trivia: An Anonymous Blogger

912....Carrie Dontrop, nyc
the 2pm name was from Rosedale NY
407pm:  Jessie Battini, Carlstadt NJ

Corey Gamble on Dating Kris Jenner: At a party
Transitional clothing: Style Throwdown: Yellow

Country Music Trivia = Downtown
Country Livin Trivia = Clint Black

No Repeat Work Day:  Firework/Katy Perry
Lunch Break:  Glory of Love/Peter Cetera
Thursday Song of the Day:  Fire/Pointer Sisters
Drive @ Five:  Chasing Cars/Snow Patrol

LiteFM 210 pm Stacy Murray, Rosemont NY

Crazy Daily Video Trivia - Think Possible

Guy Proposes Using A Video Game - 100 hours
How to Make Cinnamon Rolls - 15 second increments
Jay Leno Feuding with Jimmy Kimmel - 3rd
Kate Winslet Couldn't Stop Laughing Duri... - 11
Live Like a Boss: Celebrity Riders - Fruity Pebbles
Male Celebrities Aged 1-100 - 17
Mark Zuckerberg: Virtual Reality Might B... - videos 
National Coffee Day Is Full Of Caffeine-... - free donut
Summer Fashion to Fall Fashion -  yellow 
Tom Hanks Finds Lost ID - Her professor

Pop Culture Trivia - 18
Animals & Nature Trivia - Yellow Labrador mix
TV Fix Video Trivia - Wind it up
World News Trivia -  19 
Food And Recipes Trivia - A spoon
Travel The World Trivia - Middle school

Big Game Trivia:  10
Blockbusters Trivia:  Richmond Valentine  
Book Worm Trivia:  Get Married
Buzzworthy Trivia: Tweet
Country Livin':  Miranda Lambert 
Country Music Trivia:  All Alright
Entertainment Video Trivia:  September 3rd
Get Your Game On:  Gerudo
Healthy Knowledge:  Aids In The Absorption Of Calcium
Music Pop Quiz:  Phish
Pop Clips Trivia: Bahamas
Super Heroes:  Lana Lang
The Dish Trivia:  Sriracha
Trick-or-Trivia: Halloween
TV Trivia:  September 15, 2010

908am:  Antoinette Brennan, Dobbs Ferry NY  
210pm:  Kathleen Whalen, Staten Island NY 
409:  Bella Grey, Bklyn NY 

No Repeat Work Day:  In The Air Tonight/Phil Collins 
Lunch Break:  Gavin DeGraw 
Drive at 5....everybody wants to rule the world , tears 4 fears 

How to Make Cinnamon Rolls:  ANSWER CHANGED TO  10 second increments!!! 

Crazy Daily Video Trivia - With paintball guns

Who Is Meek Mill? - Beverly Hills

Pop Culture Trivia - LFO
TV Fix Video Trivia - Uranus
Animals & Nature Trivia - 1 month old
World News Trivia - youtube
Food And Recipes Trivia - Eat Whole Foods
Travel The World Trivia - The liquid kind

Big Game Trivia: Pizza Hut
Blockbusters: District 9
Book Worm Trivia: Jane Austen 
Get Your Game On: M. Bison
Healthy Knowledge: Kudzu
Music Pop Quiz:2
Super Heroes: Phantom Girl
Trick-or-Trivia: The Babysitter Murders
TV Trivia: Detective

Country Music Trivia = Runnin Outta Moonlight

Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  5 
Pop Culture Trivia:  London 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  47 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  Griffin 
World News Trivia:  two men 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  20 seconds on each side 
Travel The World Trivia:  14

Big Game Trivia: 2008
Blockbusters: Afrikaans
Book Worm Trivia: Cliff-Jumping
Get Your Game On: 17 ( currently it's 17 but it changed from 10. Be careful! )
Healthy Knowledge: Inflammation
Music Pop Quiz: 12
Super Heroes: Triplicate Girl
Trick-or-Trivia: At Heaven's Gate
TV Trivia: Days Gone Bye

Country Music Trivia: Born to Be Blue

Get Your Game On: 10 (  changed from 17 )

5 Ways to use cinnamon in..:  add to shampoo...NOT WORKING ....it seems that add to oatmeal gives credit now. May change later! Thanks Puggle! 
6 Tips to keep you warm a..:  wear mittens to bed 
Best Halloween-themed cup..:  zombie 
Boomer's Top 5 QB's For W..:  Derek Carr 
Comedian Sits Down With C..  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  September 
Easy Homemade Yogurt:  plain 
Facebook's new dislike bu..:  6 
LA Hitchhiking Experiment:  NO 
Meet the Corgi Realtors!:  4 
Pop Culture Trivia:  Soccer 
Spooky Halloween Paper Ga..:  8 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Me! 
Vote for which woman you ..: Barbara Bush 
Weird laws from around th..:  France 
Window Prank:  Go home person 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  Daisy 
World News Trivia:  1945 
Travel The World Trivia:  147 
Truck Driver Dies While A..:  25,000 

906am:  Linda Brucell, Oakland Gardens. called in 915am 
210pm: Chin Zeng, Rahway NJ 
413pm: William Simms, LIC NY

No Repeat Work Day:  Human Nature/Michael Jackson  
Lunch Break:   Wildest Dreams/Taylor Swift 
Drive @ Five:  Wake Me Up/Avicii with Aloe Blac 
Monday New Music Preview:  "She Used To Be Mine" by Sara Bareilles. No Q 4 it up yet.

Country Livin': Kacey Musgraves 
Country Music Trivia:  Beer With Jesus

Big Game Trivia: New York Jets
Blockbusters: Tim Burton
Buzzworthy Trivia: jas
Book Worm Trivia: E. L. James
Get Your Game On: 1000
Healthy Knowledge: Thiamine
Music Pop Quiz: Bernadette
Pop Clips: Twitter
Super Heroes: Anthony Edward Stark
The Dish Trivia: Mozzarella
Trick-or-Trivia: For Breaking Specific Social Rules
TV Trivia: Coffee Shop
Entertainment Video Trivia: Tom Cruise

It's what makes Monday's so special..........

Earn 6,000 extra points today from every station!!!!! All you need to do is Copy & Paste the following............

for each station and get 1,000 points.....

for each station and get 5000 points......

Food and recipes trivia - They are rich in glucose

Atlanta radio host suspen..:  Stanford 
Comic Con gives Astros’ C..:  New York 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  110 
Danielle from OITNB Goes ..:  shirt 
How to Make a Classic Fre..:  chocolate 
How to Make Chocolate App..:  granny smith 
How to Replace a Kitchen ..:  stainless steel 
Mark Zuckerberg and Virtu..:  text 
Monkey Jungle:  47 
Nicole Richie and Happine..: glitter 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  KFC 
What's in Your Fridge Wit..:  zucchini 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  4 months 
World News Trivia:  running errands  ...BTW:  I HATE these stories! 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  15 minutes 
Travel The World Trivia:  9 

No Repeat Work Day:  Complicated/Avril Lavigne 
Lunch Break :  Renegades/X Ambassadors 
Drive @ Five:  In Your Eyes/Peter Gabriel 

Country Livin': Blake Shelton
Country Music Trivia: If I Didn't Have You 

207pm. Christine Oliveri Santos, orange nj
404pm. Michelle Dominguez. Belleville nj

Big Game Trivia: Terrell Owens
Blockbusters Trivia: Snail
Book Worm Trivia: Fifty Shades Freed
Buzzworthy Trivia: Jennifer Aniston
Entertainment Video Trivia: San Francisco
Get Your Game On: Prince
Healthy Knowledge: 25
Music Pop Quiz: Rather Be
Pop Clips Trivia: Socks
Super Heroes: War Machine
The Dish Trivia: 4
Trick-or-Trivia: The Delusion That One Is A Wolf (Wolfman)
TV Trivia: Dirty Sexy Money

Pop Culture Trivia - 2013

AYV (30 minutes to call back):
Stephan-lee Nale, Vent-ner at 3 pm

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