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Pop Culture Trivia - 3 years
TV Fix Video Trivia - 4
Animals & Nature Trivia - A school worker took the deer outside
World News Trivia - 12 weeks
Food And Recipes Trivia - Strawberries
Travel The World Trivia - 5

No Repeat Work Day:  In Your Eyes/Peter Gabriel  
Lunch Break:  Maniac/Michael Sembello 
Drive @ Five:  Wide Awake/Katy Perry 

Country Music Trivia:  One Sunset Or One Regret 
Country Livin':  8 months 

5-Year-Old Hero Gets Meda..:  She fell asleep at the wheel 
Abandoned Sick Baby Rhino:  2 hours 
Competitive Eater Takes o..:  25 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  $2,000 
House Of Shame: Contracto..:  $1,800 
How to Eat Your Breakfast..:  $339 
How To Get Compensated Fo..:  After an hour 
Just Dropped: New Albums:  4 
Must See Athletes!:  18,000 
Pop Culture Trivia:  Vancouver 
Pregnant Woman At Paris C..:  2 minutes 
Starbucks Secret Menu: Me..9 out of 10 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Sunday 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  Naples 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  cayenne  
World News Trivia:  Houston 
Travel The World Trivia:  Bowling 

Country Livin':  Betty 
Country Music Trivia:  Heaven  

No Repeat Work Day:  Perfect/Pink 
Lunch Break:  Hello/Adele 
Drive @ Five:  Down Under/Men At Work 

Big Game Trivia: Kansas City Chiefs
Blockbusters: Randy Newman
Book Worm Trivia: John Galsworthy
Buzzworthy Trivia: Meek Mill
Fun Fall Trivia: Killington Hay Festival
Get Your Game On: Xerneas
Healthy Knowledge Trivia: Your Entire Body
Music Pop Quiz: Songwriter
Pop Clips Trivia: 70's
Sports Trivia: Rally
Super Heroes: Arthur Curry
The Dish Trivia: Bacon
Turkey Day Trivia: Felix The Cat
TV Trivia: Metalocalypse

Big Game Trivia: 20 TDs
Blockbusters: Matthew McConaughey
Book Worm Trivia: Montague
Buzzworthy Trivia: Jennifer Aniston
Fun Fall Trivia: Sonoma County Harvest Fair
Get Your Game On: Kalos
Healthy Knowledge: Up
Music Pop Quiz: Man Man
Music Quiz: Aftermath
Pop Clips: $235
Sports Trivia: Rink
Super Heroes: Ghost Rider
The Dish Trivia: 50%
Turkey Day Trivia: 3300
TV Trivia: Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law

Boy Experiences Senior Night Early: 6
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: Blue
Dad Thinks It's 'Too Soon for Christmastmas': One Republic
Inspiring kid's lawnmower accident:2008
Khloe K. Talks About Caitlyn Jenner's Tr...: Ellen
Lady Gaga Takes a Dig at Ronda Rousey: Rihanna
Most Extensive Face Transplant In History:26
Oprah Winfrey Shares Her Wisdom: 35 years
Pastafarian allowed to wear colander: Massachusetts
Tightest Reverse Parallel Parking: Alastair Moffatt
Veteran Gets Apartment Makeover: The Home Depot

Pop Culture Trivia - 40
TV Fix Video Trivia - The Today Show
Animals & Nature Trivia - Max
World News Trivia - Los Angeles
Food And Recipes Trivia - oak
Travel The World Trivia - Todd and Amanda

No Repeat Work Day:  Someone New/Hozier, BUT it's not one of the choices.   Roll to Me/Del Amitri WORKS! 
Lunch Break :  Empire State of Mind/Alicia Keys 
Drive at five, Free Fallin'/Tom Petty 

Country Livin': Kip Moore 
Country Music Trivia: A Little Farm 

30 Years of Sexiest Man Alive: 27
​Ben Carson's Step-Sister Not Voting For ...:Because shes a democrat
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: $200
Hero dog still inspires and helps others: 3 years ago
Janice Dickinson's Fiance Gets Plastic S...: Aurolyft
Kenan Harkin Brings In A Large Python: 17 feet
Man Sees Color For the First Time: 31
Man Tears Were Shed: Fallout: 4
Rescued Two-Legged Puppy Gets Wheelchair: Ohio
Toddler With Rare Disease Given Ray of H...: 53
Severely Neglected Puppy Makes Recovery: Maggie

Pop Culture Trivia:  19 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Lizzy 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  Her migrane and seizure attacks 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  a day or two 
World News Trivia:  25 minutes 
Travel The World Trivia:  1500 

No Repeat Work Day:  It's Time/Imagine Dragons 
Lunch Break:  Don't Dream It's Over/Crowded House 
Thursday Song of the Day....none this week, use 3 dashes --- at http://viprewards.whud.com/m/mobilesubmitcode.aspx for 5000 points 
Drive @ Five:  Big Girls Don't Cry/Fergie 

Big Game Trivia:   Oakland Raiders
Blockbusters:   Wedding Crashers
Book Worm Trivia:   Alex Haley
Fun Fall Trivia:   High Country Hops Festival
Get Your Game On:   Hotwire 
Healthy Knowledge:   The Hypothalamus
Sports Trivia:   Battledore And Shuttlecock
Super Heroes:   Made Stronger
Music Pop Quiz:   Jimmy Messner
The Dish Trivia:   Pecans
Turkey Day Trivia:   Beaujolais Noveau
TV Trivia:   Frisky Dingo 
Buzzworthy Trivia:  Amber Heard
Pop Clips:   #JusticeForBrokeBeliebers 
Music Quiz:  Lennon/McCartney

Country Livin': Justin Timberlake
Country Music Trivia: That She Fights Like Him

15-Month-Old Survives Alone In Crib For ...: $710
Adopted Boy with One Hand: 4
Cheap Fish That Can Make You Sick: 68%
Crazy Video Trivia - 61%
Jamie Foxx Daughter Miss Golden Globe: University of Southern California
Janice Dickinson's Fiancé After Plastic ...: 7 hours
Man Surprises Girlfriend By Proposing on... : The View
Miniature Service Horse Helps Kid: 250 pounds
Navy SEAL Proves Why Jennifer Lawrence S...: Saturday
Patti LaBelle's Pies Are Sold Out: $3.48
Special Ed Teacher Gives Compliments To ...: 20,000

BIG GAME TRIVIA: Leslie Frazie
Blockbusters: Steve Carell
BOOK WORM TRIVIA: William Styron
FUN FALL TRIVIA: High Country Hops Festival
GET YOUR GAME ON: Call to duty: Black Ops ll
Buzzworthy Trivia: Benedict Cumberbatch
Healthy Knowledge: Greater Muscle Strength
Music Pop Quiz: Rise Against
Pop Clips: Who should die next on The Walking Dead?
Sports Trivia:  The House Where It Was Popularized
Super Heroes:  Peter Parker
The Dish Trivia:  cheddar
Turkey Day Trivia:  Atlantic
TV Trivia:  Freaknik The Musical 

Animals & Nature Trivia:  $80 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  3-5 cups 
Pop Culture Trivia:  Chicago 
Travel The World Trivia:  10 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Tamron Hall 
World News Trivia:  Ohio 

COUNTRY LIVIN': Kellie Pickler
Country Music Trivia: A Man, Plays In A Band

No Repeat Work Day. ..st elmos fire/John Parr ....no choices listed again today 
Lunch Break  Teenage Dream/Katy Perry ....no choices listed again today 
Drive @ Five:  In Your Eyes/Peter Gabriel 

FYI:  I'm so excited bec the boys are coming home from college!!! They'll be around for a whole week, that is if they're not too busy with their friends! LOL  

Big game trivia:Cleveland Browns
Blockbusters: The 40 year old virgin
Book worm trivia: Irving Stone
Fun fall trivia: Lithuania
Get your game on: 1,000,000
Healthy knowledge: Moderate
Music Pop Quiz: Chevelle
Sports trivia: Skier
Super heroes: Bart Hamilton
Turkey day trivia: Plymouth
TV trivia: Assy McGee

Crazy Daily Video Trivia: Foam Dart Gun

Pop Culture Trivia:  Kim Kardashian 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  All judges will be back 
World News Trivia:  $1000 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  meows 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  Her youtube channel 
Travel The World Trivia:  95 

Country Music Trivia: Not To Smoke Cigarettes 

Crazy Daily Video Trivia: 700 pounds

Big Game Trivia: Stanford
Blockbusters: War Of The Worlds
BOOK WORM TRIVIA: Lauren Weisberger  
Country Music Trivia: The Slipper
Fun Fall Trivia: New Zealand
Get Your Game On: PlayStation Vita
Healthy Knowledge: One
Music Pop Quiz: Chevelle
Sports Trivia: skier
Super Heroes: J'onn J'onzz
Turkey Day Trivia: 1621
TV Trivia: The Starks....945pm, now accepting The Iron Throne 

Pop Culture Trivia:  Jennifer Lopez 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Jeffery 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  5 
World News Trivia:  11% 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  Peanut Butter 
Travel The World Trivia:  South Africa 

Bride Trashes Dress with Paint: 5 days before
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: 745
Dad Pranks Sons and Gives Them Vegetable...: red
Donald Trump's Kids On 20/20: Barron
GMA's 40th Anniversary: Who had a wardrobe malfunction on air?
Homeless Veteran Given Food By Kind Man: 4pm
Linda Gray Lied About Relationship: Phoenix
Mountain Lion Freed From Illegal Traveli...: Mufasa
Paralyzed Puppy Can Run Again: from the neck down
Ring-Tailed Possum Twins: Austraila
Watch Harrison Ford Surprise 'Star Wars'...: 2

Pop Culture Trivia:  Black 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Take a cold shower 
World News Trivia:  3 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  November 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  4 
Travel The World Trivia:  The British 

No Repeat Work Day:  It's Still Rock and Roll To Me/Billy Joel 
Lunch Break:  Sweet Dreams/Eurythmics 
Drive @ Five:  Empire State of Mind/Alicia Keys 
Monday New Music Preview:  Used To Love You/Gwen Stefani 

Country Livin':  Kelsea Ballerini 
Country Music Trivia: Melissa Etheridge 

BIG Game Trivia:   Cleveland Browns
Blockbusters:    get married
Book Worm:    Death
Buzzworthy:    Cara Delavingne
Fun Fall:    Ontario
Get Your Game On:     Kyogre
Healthy Knowledge:    The Lungs
Music Pop Quiz:    Time Person Of The Year
Pop Clips:    Pepsi
Sports Trivia:    1840
Super Heroes:    Ms. Marvel
The Dish:    Walnuts
Turkey Day:   3
TV Trivia:   Cersei Lannister

Pop Culture Trivia:  Musician 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  2 
World News Trivia:  Atlanta 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  knocked on the glass 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  Frying it 
Travel The World Trivia:  Used to Love You 

No Repeat Work Day:  Somebody That I Used to Know/Gotye with Kimbra 
Lunch Break:  Vogue/Madonna 
Drive @ Five:  La Isla Bonita/Madonna 

Country Livin':  Luke Bryan 
Country Music Trivia:  Chris Ledoux 

Big Game Trivia: Jason Verrett
Blockbusters: Blockbusters: A Dentist's Office
Book Worm Trivia: Guinevere
Buzzworthy Trivia: Teresa Giudice
Fun Fall Trivia: Guy Fawkes Night
Get Your Game On: Pandora
Healthy Knowledge: Fish
Music Pop Quiz: Waxahatchee
Pop Clips: The Breakup Shop
Sports Trivia: 9 Strikes
Super Heroes: 1963
The Dish Trivia: Caraway seeds
Turkey Day Trivia: 15
TV Trivia: King's Landing

A pig and two dogs are best friends: eat
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: roll his eyes
Easy tips to keep your place clean throu...: have your party catered
Meditation can help combat racism accord...: loving kindness
Parents share their kids hair disasters ...: Bunchems
Red panda returned after escaping zoo fo...: Sequoia Park Zoo
Smiling can trick your brain into feelin...: chopstick
Sneak peek of 'The Walking Dead' zombie ride: Orlando
Why you shouldn't sleep in on the weekends: 447
Woman charged with not telling police she was hiding: Florida

Ways to express thankfulness at Thanksgi... - make name place cards

6 Delicious cheesecakes f..:  cherry 
Antarctica is gaining mor..:  NASA 
Chocolate pecan pie bites:  5 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Quarterback 
Darth Vader impersonator ..:  Florida 
Firefighters save rescue ..:  Mister 
Pop Culture Trivia:  10 
The Best things to bring ..::  Amazon 
The snot sleeve for sniff..:  Sneeve 
Turkey and stuffing roula..:  flour 
What your favorite holida..:  New Year's Eve 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Waynes World 
Animals & Nature Trivia:  Used a blanket 
World News Trivia:  70 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  27 pounds 
Travel The World Trivia:  Kohl's 

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