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8:30-summertime-now working, also wotr works
Flashback-one " two or three works-don't ask me why-very random

Have a great night & happy for all your winnings as well as my own-that's what it's all about-having fun!

Do I see a cat fight coming on between ComeOnNow2014 and sams???

Seriously, ComeOnNow2014, STOP! I told you everything you needed to know on how to win, you succeeded and won, now move on! Don't brag about winning that cheap copy of No No (which ever came first because I'm unfamiliar with home hair removal stuff other than a good ol' shaver) because you prevented yourself from winning any cooler prizes from Lite FM (then again, what's left? Keith Urban? Lion King tickets?).  
( See picture on what I think!  You're not going to be so lucky after this and will be like the rest of us. )

I've noticed a few new names (and some really old ones that haven't won for a long time) win some of yesterday's contests!  I guess they're trying to be diverse in their winners (ComeOnNow2014 essentially being a new person, I assume, at that other radio station).

I have a question for those who won Jingle Ball 2013 whether online or phone-ins, did everyone get seated BEHIND the stage? One of my friends who won one of the online was sitting very close one of my friends who won via phone-in and they won a few weeks apart! 

Yeah I spent  ALL of my points for the silk n go for my daughter for Christmas!!Guess what? Kenny won and Im guessing "Kenny" was you!!THIS SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@come on now
@samms.......I just dont get it??R all these contests fixed?????

thanks for everyone who posts I really appreciate it = I don't win as much as you guys but you put a lot more effort. I'm really trying to win the key to the car from q1043. I only enter the ones I really want to win. congrats all

Fun Fall Video Trivia: Platinum card
Video Trivia Time: Bobby Cox
Entertainment Zone!: Makeover
Videos Gone Wild!: White
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: TV
Watch: Who's getting hired and what does it pay?: 28,000

String: PlaBobMakWhiTV28,

Your Daily Video Trivia - STRaw
String  -  PlaBobMakWhiTV28Str

Blockbuster -  Adrian Lyne
In The News - NEIL
Pop Clips! Trivia - Anne Hathaway
Pop Culture Trivia -  80 to 100 hours of community service
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia =  'Vince Vaughn' 
Music Pop Quiz =  Best Pop Solo Performance 

Video: 2013 in Review: Food Trends = watermelon
Video: Today in History for December 17t... = The Tonight Show
Video: 8 Santas Fighting: SantaCon Brawl... =  New York City
Video: Highliners cross 60-meter Alpine ... = move a little
Video: Glow-in-the-dark ear tags help Bo...=  500
Available Products =  calcium levels
Essential Health Benefits =  vision 
updated string = MicGetMorHitPorFeaPlaBobMakWhiTV28StrWatTonNewMov500CalVis

Classic Rock Challenge = Model Railway
Q/Day = Tyson Ritter
8AM -  Immigrant Song 
8:50 = Break On Through
LIVE @ 5 =  Bad Company

Music Skills =  Meek Mill
Donkey of the Day =  Portia Stewart from Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta 
Q/Day = T.I.

8am - Amy Grant ...not working   
Q/Day = Lorde
2pm = Michael Bublé  

Q/Day = Justin Timberlake
8:30 = Get Lucky  
Flashback Track =  More And More  
War of the Roses =  Hit It & Quit It

Q/day = Lindsay Lohan
12pm -  Counting Stars ...not working 
4:30pm = Counting Stars ....not working
9pm =  Neon Lights ... not working

Essential Health Benefits = VISION

Fun Fall Video Trivia: Sweets not working
Video Trivia Time: Dubque not working
Entertainment Zone!: Lace not working
Videos Gone Wild!: Balloon not working
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Not yet
Watch: Inside Hammond's candy-cane factory?: Denver

String: SweDubLacBalNotDen

Your Daily Video Trivia  -  SEA
String  -  SweDubLacBalNotDenSea 

Blockbusters - March 19,1955
In The News -  Bay Psalm Book
Music Pop Quiz -  ARTPOP' by Lady Gaga
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = A bear 
Pop Clips! Trivia - Sympathize button
Pop Culture Trivia - 2001 


Today in History for December 18 = 12
My Oral Hygiene - right technique
Out of Pocket Expense - January
Video: 24-Karat Gold Xbox Has Over $9,00... - Harrods
Video: Brian from 'Family Guy' Named Mos... - Stella
Video: Hands-On Training to Help Aging A... - Karen
Video: 'Superbikes' the Bicycle of the F... - 20

Updated string = MonSumBetTorBreJohMarColSweDubLacBalNotDenSea12RigJanHarSteKar20

QUESTION OF THE DAY = To get around copywright laws
8AM -  Fool In The Rain 
WFB = Squeeze
Live @ 5 = The Rolling Stones

Q/Day = Let him come on stage to sing
8:30 = Summertime Sadness
Flashback Track = Better Off Alone
War of the Roses =  Tora! Tora! Tora!

Q/Day = Good Morning America
12pm = The Monster   ... working as of 9:30pm
4:30pm - The Monster ... working  as of 9:30pm
9pm = The Monster ...and it works !

Q/Day = EDM
8am =  Brenda Lee ... working 8:12am
2pm = Johnny Mathis

Q/Day = Ayva 
Music Skills = Lil Wayne 
Donkey of the Day =  Mark Wahlberg

Tuesday's z100 songs now working-hurry
Also q1043
8:50-come as you are

Wacky Winter Video Trivia = SWEets (same as Fun Fall Video Trivia so answer is already in string)

Happy Holidays!

Z100 at nine is also the monster

Fun Fall Video Trivia: Sweets not working
Entertainment Zone!: Lace not working
Video Trivia Time: Dubuque not working
Videos Gone Wild!: Balloon not working
Watch: "It's awesome" bouncing from space ships to zombies to the rapture: Damon not working
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Not yet not working

String: SweLacDubBalDamNot

Your Daily Video Trivia  -  DRIzzle  
String -  SweLacDubBalDamNotDri

Blockbusters - Long Tall Sally by Little Richard 
In The News -  Pacific Ring of Fire  .....QUESTION CHANGED, ANSWER IS NOW ~ 50 miles
Music Pop Quiz - Aspergers
Pop Clips! Trivia -  Fantasy 
Pop Culture Trivia - Yvette Preito
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Josh Brolin
Morning Show Bonus Code =  Chestnuts
Wacky Winter Video Trivia = Sweets
Watch: "It's awesome" bouncing from space ships to zombies to the rapture =  Damen
Today in History for December 19th -  Clinton
VIDEO: Aluminum Christmas Trees back In... - 1959
VIDEO: Eating Junk Food Causes Irreversi... - Australia
Video: 2.5 Million-Calorie Chocolate San... - 95,000
VIDEO: 12 Days of Bitcoin: China
updated string = XavCasOnyDoXOStaOneByeTimPinElvCarGreCheSweLacDubBalNotDriDamChrUndYon36 m35GQBruOraCli959Aus95Chi

Classic Rock Challenge =  The Beatles
Question of the Day =  Paul McCartney 
8am = Rock & Roll
8:50 = Fortunate Son
LIVE @ 5 = Warren Haynes

Question of the Day =  Ryan Seacrest
8:30 = One More Night ...working. Thanks mrs817!
Flashback Track = Bye, Bye, Bye ... not working

Music Skills =  The Bronx
Question of the Day = Columbia
Donkey of the Day = Xavier McClinton ...working 6pm

Question of the Day = Brad Pitt
8am - Elvis
2pm = Carpenters 

Question of the Day =  Justin Bieber
12pm = Do What You Want 
4:30 = Stay the night
9pm = XO

FYI-one more night now working

Home Health Care - CHRonic
Health Promotion - UND

They made changes when they fixed trivia

Wacky Winter Video Trivia = YON  
Entertainment Zone: = 3
Videos Gone Wild!: = 6 Months
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous = 35

Video Trivia Time = GQ
My Dental Exams = BRUxism
Oral Health when Pregnant = ORAl hygiene

Updated string: SweLacDubBalNotDriDamChrUndYon36 m35GQBruOra

Wacky Winter Video Trivia: Columbus Circle
Video Trivia Time: Emily
Entertainment Zone!: Confessions of a broken heart
Videos Gone Wild!: Red
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Tuesday
Watch: 5 Ways to Wear Your Hair for a Party of Wedding: Mix two looks in one
VIDEO: History In North Korea: Pyomgyang
VIDEO: Miley Cyrus & Kellan Lutz: White
VIDEO: Heidi Klum Christmas: 6
VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Returns: 2005
VIDEO: Best Matching Couples: Animal

String: ColEmiConRedTueMixPyoWhi6200Ani 

Delete dup they would not delete

Blockbusters = The motorcycle ride with Rachel Weisz behind him in Manila
In The News = Sistine Chapel ceiling

Music Pop Quiz = Jamie Lynn Spears
Pop Clips! Trivia =  3
Pop Culture Trivia =  Saturday Evening Post
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Madison Banks

Morning Show Bonus Code =  Santa 
Your Daily Video Trivia - 4

updated string = TimTheSumI'mGooSleMicDavSanColEmiConRedTueMixPyoWhi6200Ani4OutTooRedWhi

8am = South Bound Saurez
8:50 = Fat Bottomed Girls
Workforce Blocks =  Billy Joel 

Question of the Day = Keenan Thompson
8:30 = Summertime Sadness
Flashback Track =  I'm Real 
War of the Roses = Goofy Ho 

Question of the Day = Juicy J
8am =  Bob Rivers ... not working. TY mrs817
On Air Bonus Code Word = Sleigh
2pm = Michael Buble

Question of the Day = Snoop Dogg
noon = Timber
4:30 = The Monster
9pm = The Monster

Music Skills =  Born Sinner
Question of the Day = Jay-Z
DONKEY OF THE DAY =  Jen Gerakaris ... not working

FYI:  no radio/comp 11:45 - 2ish. Post what you can


8-David foster works!

Damage Prevention = Outer surface
What's Causing My Headaches = Tooth Grinding
Power of The Toothbrush = Redness
Classic Types = White Spots

updated string = SumSleSanColEmiConRedTueMixPyoWhi6200Ani4OutTooRedWhi

Wacky Winter Video Trivia: We wish you a Merry Christmas
Video Trivia Time: Flammable liquids
Entertainment Zone!: Standing by him
Videos Gone Wild!: Hit the red carpet
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: No matter what
Watch: 5 Ways to Transition Your Makeup From Day to Night: Brighten your eyes
VIDEO: History Of Prince George: Simple
VIDEO: Celebrity Style Transformations: Blake Lively
VIDEO: Fabulous Katie Holmes: New York City
VIDEO: Michelle Obama In Green: Healthcare
VIDEO: Beyonce Album Sales: 48 hours

String: WeFlaStaHitNoBriSimBlaNewHea48

Your Daily Video Trivia = KWTv

String = WeFlaStaHitNoBriSimBlaNewHea48Kwt

Blockbuster - Lost Girl
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia -  Matilda
In The News - 550 units
Music Pop Quiz - Miley Cyrus
Pop Culture Trivia - Memphis, Tennessee
String: WeFlaStaHitNoBriSimBlaNewHea48Kwt

Is anyone else having trouble viewing Q work perks?

Hi all, I sent them an email about it.  I had to go to an old email I sent them, because I couldn't send it from the website!  This is so frustrating!  If anyone comes up with a solution, please post.  Thanks.

Classic rock challenge: = Muddy Waters

jg49:  I had sooo much trouble last night, but haven't tried it today yet....guess they didn't fix it. Not happening on other CC sites....

Music Skills = Fozzie

The Q1043 website isn't loading properly and it cuts off the submit button and the ability to go to page 2 or 3 of the links. I've tried numerous browsers with no luck. Does anyone have a work around???

My Q1043 workaround:

Click the red heading, then hit the Tab key to navigate down the page.
Stop on the desired link, hit Enter key to select (instead of clicking mouse).

For example, click the red Featured Links phrase (the one with the word "Points" to the right of it, not the one above the "slide show") - this will place the browser's focus on that part of the page.

Then continually hit Tab and see the "focus" (a light square) go from link to link. Keep on until you get to the link you want, hit Enter. (it's tedious to keep Tabbing, but it gets the job done)

Here are the "next page links":


- - - - - - -

FYI, I've been navigating this way to get to L&W choices (the buttons) as well as some Trivia fill-ins boxes.

Hope that helps in the meantime.

- - - - - -

Might as well take the time to thank all the posters to this thread.

I joined Z100s site over a year ago. Searched the net for a forum where people were collaborating but couldn't find one. I eventually stopped going to Z's site for a few months as it got a bit frustrating/annoying. Several months later, I wanted to use my points before they expired (I already had joined Q's WP but I didn't do much) - then on a whim, I re-did the search and found this FW thread.

So glad I did! Thank you all. You're efforts are truly appreciated!

Enjoy your holidays and good luck with those contests!

Wacky Winter Video Trivia: Purple
Video Trivia Time: Wisconsin
Entertainment Zone!: Police
Videos Gone Wild!: Bodybuilding
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 13th
0 Under 30: Brandon Stanton, Creator of "Humans of N: World changers list
VIDEO: History Of Mayor Rob Ford: Toronto
VIDEO: Peanut Brittle Gifts: 4 Season's
VIDEO: Top Toy Revealed: Toy's for Joy
VIDEO: Rihanna Breaks Record: Monster
VIDEO: Name The Continents: Red

String: PurWisPolBod13tWorTor4 SToyMonRed

Your Daily Video Trivia ... 7
Classic rock challenge ... Their Satanic Majesties Request
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia ... Gotham Film Awards
In The News ... Three
Music Pop Quiz ... I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Blockbusters: Jack Wilder (Dave Franco)
Pop Culture Trivia ... The Snow Queen
Rock Music Trivia ... Killswitch Engage

String: PurWisPolBod13tWorTor4 SToyMonRed7

Thanks for the info Revray. It just isn't worth it to go through all of that. This takes up enough of my time as it is.

The website is still not working this morning.  I emailed them again, but I am not sure they are even getting these emails!

revray:  WELCOME to the group!!! So glad that you found us! Looking forward to your participation! And thanks for your work around...SO time consuming. Sure hope they fix their error soon!!!!

MrsF:  WELCOME to you too....BUT, we don't have the questions of ...Remember When?..., Country Music, and Rock Music Trivia on the NY sites. Where are you seeing these?? which stations do you listen to/are in the rewards club with? 

105.1 ... Music Skills = Lil Wayne

Wacky Winter Video Trivia: Sugar cookies
Video Trivia Time: 3
Entertainment Zone!: Herself
Videos Gone Wild!: Jennifer Aniston
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Black
Taylor Swifts OMG Face - Over, and Over, and Over: Katie
VIDEO: History Of Target Accounts: U.S. Secret Service
VIDEO: Khloe Kardashian Dating: Outfielder
VIDEO: Celeb Fashion Coats: Leather sleeves
VIDEO: Homemade Headbands: Hat
VIDEO: Cosmo Cover Shoot: Lauren Conrad

String: Sug3HerJenBlaKatSecOutLeaHatLau 

Your Daily Video Trivia  -  5th
String - Sug3HerJenBlaKatSecOutLeaHatLauDay5th 

Blockbusters = six hours 
In The News = Sheyenne River
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Elizabeth Moss
Pop Clips! Trivia - Beyoncé
Pop Culture Trivia - Six years

Morning Show Bonus Code =  Reindeer
Updated String - KeySumDreHorMarSanAndReiSug3HerJenBlaKatSecOutLeaHatLauDay5thSwo26Dif

Question of the Day = Journey
Classic Rock Challenge = David Byrne
8am - Hots On For Nowhere
8:50am - Christmas All Over Again by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Workforce Blocks = KISS
Live @ 5 =  Pearl Jam 

Music Pop Quiz = Who You Love

Question of the Day = To host a toy-drive
8:30 = Summertime Sadness
Flashback Track = Dreamer
War of the Roses = Horny Goat Weed 

Question of the Day = He made Anti-Gay Remarks 
8am = The waitresses ... not working. USE Dean Martin FOR POINTS. Thanks mrs817!
WORD of the WEEK = Santa
2pm = Tony Bennett...not working. use ANDY WILLIAMS for credit ...

Question of the Day = Alex & Sierrra
12pm = Do What You Want ... not working
4:30 = Stay the Night ... not working
9pm = XO ... not working

Question of the Day = Yeezus - Kanye West 
Music Skills = Nicki Minaj 
Donkey of the Day =  Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin of Catfish Now ..

Question:  just found out that a PTA friend's house had a fire and they're living in a hotel for the holidays. Any ideas on what I can do for them (other than organizing a collection for them)? I don't celebrate Christmas so all ideas are welcome. Please send me a PM rather than crowding the forum. Thanks 4 any/all suggestions!

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