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106.7 - 8 am song - Bing works
2 pm song - Mariah. (Guess they didn't change them from yesterday!)

Does anyone know what happened to PLJ contests? I cant even sign in! They changed everything!

Causes Trivia 14 = vitamin C
Problems Trivia 14 = holes
Disc M-F:
Discovery - What Group Is Your Dog In? = Toy
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz = a reduction gear
Games = 50
morning show bonus code = Make

STRING = ElvWhaDiaLocLitGriDanGenBriClaRobMakVitHolToyA r50

Top Video = Yes
Q/Day = Dirty Dancing
#1 @ noon = Diamonds
4:30 = Locked Out of Heaven
#1 @ 9 = Little Things
string = DiaLocLit

Newsletter Bonus Code = GRINCH
Q/Day = Britney Spears
8:30 = Danza Kuduro
War of the Roses = The British invasion
string = GriDanGenBri

Music Skills = Compton, Calif.
Newsletter Bonus Code = CLAUSE
Q/Day = Jay-Z
Donkey of the Day = Rob Parker of ESPN
string = ClaRob

Classic Rock Challenge = Keith
Classic Video on Demand = His bass guitar
8am = Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
8:50 = Hotel California
Workforce Blocks = Rolling Stones

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = MAC

Q/Day = One Way Or Another
8am = Elvis Presley (Silver Bells)
2pm = Wham (Last Christmas)
string = ElvWha

No Repeat Work Day = Little Drummer Boy - Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet
Lunch Break = Over My Head - The Fray
Drive at Five = Step Into Christmas - Elton John

budrose: I can get into PLJ contests...MOST are the click to win but they're there. U just cant do them for 34 hrs AFTER u've clicked 4 the day...

Can I tell you how TOTALLY upset I am about the shooting at the elementary school in CT?!?! I haven't stopped crying since I heard about it...
And my poor kids didn't understand why I hugged them so tightly when they came home....

Before They Were Famous = Dennis Miller
First Lines = I got the horse right here, the name is Paul Revere
Get Your Game On = Sue
Show Me The Money = aluminum
What Did They Say = All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names

Flashback-genie in a bottle


Q-Roger Waters
12-Rolling Stones

Mammoth Lakes signiture skyline: minarets
Daily video trivia: Paris Hilton
Santa's egg nog:2 CUps
Video Trivia For You!: Miley Cyrus
ToyA RVitHolMinPar2 Cu

Dental Trivia 15: controlled diabetes
Oral Trivia 15: three pairs
JCPenny - Time To Shop!: 5
Daily Video Trivia!: Cranberry
String: ConThr5Cra

Before They Were Famous = Jennifer Aniston
First Lines = 84 days
Get Your Game On = 30 lives
Show Me The Money = U.S. dollar coin

Games = Clubs
Video Trivia For You! = Miley Cyrus

updated string = ToyA RVitHolMinPar2 CuConThr5CraClu

Music Trivia = Rihanna
Classic Rock Challenge = Every Picture Tells a Story
Music Skillz = The Weeknd
Hot Music Trivia = Rihanna

Cavity Trivia 16: your risk for disease
Years Trivia 16: heart murmur

Before They Were Famous = Hooters
First lines = Jean Louise Finch
Get Your Game On = Doom
Show Me The Money = 1909

Classic rock-Winterland San Francisco

Games = 60
Video Trivia Anyone? = Jay Leno
Golden Globes Riskiest Fashion (Slide #2) = Julia Roberts

updated string = YouHea60LenJul

100.7: Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1986 & 1973

Music Trivia = Phillip Phillips

Music Skills = Jay-Z

Hot Music Trivia = Phillip Phillips

Toys R Us - Holiday Wish List: 28
Tooth Trivia 17: Gums receeding
*Kerio Workspace: 10GB

morning show bonus code = AUTO
games = 28
Video Trivia = Motorcycle Diaries
New Health Trivia 17 = Dependents
Discovery - Dog StereoTyping! = Herding
Discovery - Are You A Helicopter Parent? = You're probably at an appropriate level of attentiveness.
Discovery - Tupperware Quiz = Tupper Tree Doctors
Discovery - Sock Hop Quiz = 1960
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz 17 = equalization charge
Discovery - Are You A Helicopter Parent?... = You sound suspiciously like a helicopter parent.

updated string = LocOneSweBlaGerWhiCheBinAut28gum10GMotDepHerYouTup196Equ

Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj
Variety Video = False

Q/Day = 'Locked Out of Heaven'
8:30 = One More Night
FBT...thanks mrs817!
War of the Roses = Blackmail-Room
string = OneSweBla

Q/Day = John Mayer
Classic Rock Challenge = Led Zeppelin
Classic Video on Demand = a police officer
8am = In The Evening
8:50 = Somebody to Love
Workforce Blocks = Billy Joel
Live @ 5 = Billy Joel

Q/Day = Adele's
Top Video on Demand = Boy London
#1 @ noon = Locked Out of Heaven..not working
4:30 = I Cry..not working
#1 @ 9 = little things...can't ck as no comp available...
string =

Q/Day = L.A. Reid
8am = Whitney Houston
2pm = Kenny Loggins (just b4 2pm) & Luther Vandross (at 2:01)..neither works. Kept trying & Bing works!
string = WhiCheBin

Q/Day = Dr. Dre
Music Skills = Stay
Donkey of the Day = German Scientists that conducted a study saying that watching porn on the internet causes memory loss
string = Ger

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj

No Repeat Work Day = We Need a Little Christmas - Percy Faith
Lunch Break = Little St. Nick - Beach Boys
Drive at Five = Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

Before They Were Famous = Debra Messing
First Lines = P.S., I Love You
Get Your Game On = Rosebud
Show Me The Money = Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin
What Did They Say = He's making a list, checking it twice

106.7 morning show bonus word - cheer (weekly)

Flashback-one of these words worked quit, sweet or lets

i missed the live at 5 today.... do you know who it was?

cherylsats said:   i missed the live at 5 today.... do you know who it was?

See sams1997's post above for the answer.

Discovery - Wine Region Quiz 18: Phylloxera
Discovery - Slide Puzzle Quiz 18: 25 seconds
Discovery - Phone Jammer Quiz 18: You don't
Discovery - Sliding Puzzles: Warehouse manager
Discovery - Wine Region: The Champagne region of France is one of the most heavily praised wine regions on Earth.
DentalTrivia 18 : Store
Enrollment Trivia 18: personal savings account
Home Remedy Trivia 18: swish and gargle
Definition Trivia 18: FSA
*uNu: Eco pac

Before They Were Famous = Coldstone Creamery
First Lines = St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata
Get Your Game On = Up, Down, Left, Right, hold A, and press Start
What Did They Say? = Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul
Video Trivia Anyone? = Cameron Diaz


Classic Rock Challenge = Blue

Question of the Day = Pete Wentz

Classic Video on demand = No

games = pink
morning show bonus code = Lucky
Credit Card Trivia = Star

AoL - Gift Guide For The Holidays 18 = His and Hers Watches
AoL - Coast To Coast Fashion 18 = Mango
AoL - Gifts Under Twenty 18 = Ultimate Dessert Truffles Gift Box
AoL - Hot Holiday Manicures 18 = Velvet Manicure
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 18 = Use Disposable Dishware
AoL - Slow Cooker Recipes 18 = Slow Cooker Lentil Stew with Cornbread Dumplings
AoL - Charitable Giving 18 = the tax write-off
AoL - HomeMade Edible Gifts 18 = Strawberry Fruit Dip
AoL - Cold Weather Workouts 18 = resistance
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 18 = Cannellini

string = TurLadWhaCasBinRodLucPhy25YouWarWinStoPerSwiFSAEcoCamPinStaHisManUltVelUseSloTheStrResCanThrStoSun

Music Trivia = Try
Variety Video = Letters

Q/Day = Mike Posner
8:30 = Turn Me On
Flashback Track = Lady
War of the Roses = What Goes Around Stays Aro...
string = TurLAdWha

Q/Day = Kelly Clarkson
8am = Bing Crosby
string = BinRod

8am = South Bound Saurez
8:50 = only the good die young
live @ 5 = rolling stones

Music Skills = When the Smoke Clears
Q/Day = Trey Songz
Donkey of the Day = Cassidy - Condom Style
string = Cas

Top Video = In graffiti on a rock
Q/Day = Twitter
Music Pop Quiz = Adele
#1 @ noon = Ho Hey ...not working
4:30 = I Cry..not working
#1 @ 9 = Little Things..not working

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Try

No Repeat Work Day = Rockiní Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Lunch Break = Sleigh Ride - the Ronettes
Drive at Five = Home for the Holidays - Perry Como
Thursday's Song of the Day = Santa Baby - Madonna

beignetsformoi: welcome!!!! and thanks for the post!!!

njfw: thank u SOOOO much 4 the Jingle Balls All Access Lounge care package that I received in the mail this morning!!! U shouldn't have (but we're glad u did!!) Can't wait til the boys get home 2c them in the orange Dunkin Donuts winter hats! This way we'll be able 2c which kids are mine when they're in a crowd! (We used to love that about brighly colored sweat shirts: able 2c the boys from a distance bec they stood out! LOL)

FYI: listening but not posting until LATER!!!! running errands...

Computer Trivia - three

Whitening Trivia 18 = store shelves

Ne Yo-sunglasses

1067 lite fm
2pm-Rod Stewart

4:30-I cry

q104.3 workforce block - styx

Discovery - Sliding Puzzle 19: There is no key
Discovery - Phone Jammer 19: The FCC
Discovery - Darth Vader 19: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Tips for Traveling with Kids - Video Tri...: Shoes
String: TheObiGleNerSho

4/30-home-not working

War-Forever, ever..

Morning Show Bonus Code = Gravity (Gra)

Before They Were Famous = Gerard Butler
First Lines = The Abyss
Get Your Game On = A, B, A, C, B, B
Show Me The Money = (money) box
What Did They Say = It's Christmas time in the city

Games = Red
Video Trivia Anyone? = Glenn Whipp
Computer Trivia = batterynerds.com
Tips for Traveling with Kids - Video Tri... = shoes
Credit Card Trivia = star
Celebrity Weight Loss Video Trivia = Paula Deen
Software Video Trivia = WordPress
Adam Levine Video Trivia = Frankie
More Adam Levine Video Trivia - I mean h... = Stevie Wonder
Video Trivia Time 3rd celebrity weight loss = Jessica Simpson
Videos NDN Style! = bey
Discovery - Phone Jammer 19: The FCC...STRING CHANGED FROM the TO fcc

string #2 = OneGonTonMarPeaChaCreGraTheFCCObiRedGleNerShoStaDeeWorFraSteJesBey

Music Trivia = Fifth Harmony
Variety Video = Yes

Q/Day = Wiz Khalifa
8:30 = One More Night
Flashback Track = Gonna Make You Sweat
War of the Roses = Forever, Ever, Forever..Önot working
string = OneGon

Q/Day = Kelly Clarkson
8am = Tony Bennett
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = PEACE
string = TonMarPea

Top Video in Demand = HORSE
Music Pop Quiz = ONEREPUBLIC
Q/Day = Alicia Keys
#1 @ noon = Diamonds...not working
4:30 = HOME...not working
#1 @ 9 = Little Things...not working

Music Skills = Jet Life
Donkey of the Day = Charlamagne the God
Q/Day = Odd Future
Newsletter Bonus Code = CREAM
string = ChaCre

Classic Rock Challenge = 1906
Q/Day = The Seasons Upon Us
8am = Rockin' At Midnight
8:50 = Strawberry Fields
Workforce Blocks = John Mellencamp
Live @ 5 = Roger Waters

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Alicia Keys

No Repeat Work Day = 2000 Miles - Pretenders
Lunch Break = Itís Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Bing
Drive at Five = White Christmas - Bing Crosby

FYI: starting next week, my boys will be off from school 4 the week so don't know if/when I'll be able to listen and post. If anyone that can listen & post, that's be GREAT! Thanks

Video Trivia Time!: Stroller
Videos NDN Style!: Kristina Behr
String: StrKri

Morning Show Bonus Code = Release (Rel)

Video-marching band

Before They Were Famous = Freshman year
First Lines = 84 days
Get Your Game On = Berzerk
Show Me The Money = Philadelphia Mint
What Did They Say = Sleigh bells ring, are you listening

Foodie Fun Trivia = No question at this time!

Games = 8
Video Trivia Anyone = Green
Travel Trivia = The Varsity
Computer Trivia = ROHS
Updated String = 12.WilItsDepAmyMarRelStrKri8GreROH

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = Boy London
Workforce Blocks = Metallica
Newsletter Bonus Code = SANTA

Q/Day = Channing Tatum
8:30 = Wild Ones
Flashback Track = It's Not Right But It's Okay
war of the roses = Department Sto-Ho
string = WilItsDep

Q/Day = 12 Million
8am = Amy Grant ...NOT fair: I heard Lou Monte's Italian Christmas Donkey play 1st (LOVE that song!) but AMY gives the points
2pm = MARTINA worked....she was the 3pm artist!
String = AmyMar

Music Skills = Rick Ross
Hip Hop Video On Demand = 2
Q/Day = 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'...but no choices listed yet
Donkey of the Day = all you idiots that really think the end of the world is tomorrow (apocalypse/armageddon)...NOT working: will have 2c the official title later. Official title 12.21.12 believers ...working as of 9pm
string = 12.

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Pink

Q/Day = Slash
Classic Rock Challenge = U2
8am = Over The Hills And Far Away
8:50 = Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Workforce Blocks = Metallica
Live @ 5 = Bon Jovi

Music Pop Quiz = Nicki Minaj
Q/Day = Cassadee Pope
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = HOLIDAY (hol)
#1 @ noon = Locked Out Of Heaven ...not working
4:30 = Locked out of heaven...not working
#1 @ 9 = Little Things

No Repeat Work Day = Itís the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Wi
Lunch Break = A New York Christmas - Rob Thomas
Drive at Five = Merry Christmas Darling - Carpenters

Foodie Fun Trivia = FUJI

106.7 - 2 pm song - Mariah
Foodie Fun Trivia - rosemary

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