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Treating 29 = ski
Ortho 29 = che
Skin 29 = lon
Daily Dose Summer Video Trivia! = new
Entertainment Zone! = wat
Emergency 29 = tep
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! = sun
Videos Gone Wild! = lov
Paula Deen Fallout Continues 29 = ret
'Turbo' Jokesters Ryan & Sam Play Name G... = sna
"Glee" Star Gets Engaged 29 = 34
Woods Snapped With Younger GF 29 = whi
Kim K's First Tweet Post Baby 29 = thu


Before They Were Famous = Boy Zone
Celebrity Interview = Kirsten Dunst
Entertainment Video = Sopranos
First Lines = The Stranger
Get Your Game On = Jack Black
Show Me The Money = Star Note

Games n ecards = blue
updated string = GamBeaMagMooGolJadlonewatepskichesunlovrethusnawhi34Blu

Music Trivia = fun
Music Pop Quiz = North

Music Skills = Unapologetic

NEWSLETTER BONUS CODES (All are added to the string above):
104.3 = GAMMA
95.5 = BEACH
103.5 = MAGMA
Z100 = MOON
105.1 = GOLD
106.7 = JADE



Q - Classic Rock - Piano Tuner

Canned 30: Floss every day
Beverages 30: Gums Healthy
Mouth 30: Papillae
Wake 30: Bad Breath
Daily Dose Summer Video Trivia!: Feet
Videos Gone Wild!: Flaunting
Entertainment Zone!: Names
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Liz
Win a Day With Kris Jenner 30: Novel
Meet Adele's Baby Boy 30: Wraps
Miranda Kerr Shares Steamy Pic 30: Instagram
Tears at James Gandolfini's Wake 30: Pink
Kat Van D Dumps Deadmou5 Over Twitter 30: Her heart

String: FloGumPapBadFeeFlaNamLizNovWraInsPinHer

Hot Music ... fun.
Music Pop Quiz ... Pop
Music Trivia ... Bruno Mars
Before They Were Famous ... McDonald's
Celebrity Interview ... The Heat
Entertainment Video ... David Byrne
First Lines ... Joey Starrett
Get Your Game On ... Steelport
Show Me The Money ...Benjamin Franklin
Games n eCards ... 3
String: FloGumPapBadFeeFlaNamLizNovRapInsPinHer3


Music Skills = Chief Keef

Pop Rewind w/ Ed Baer = 1988 & 1971

haven't seen this so sorry if repeated

whud: thursday song of the day: what have you done for me lately: janet jackson

power: q of day: noel
ktu: q of day: 10.6 mil
z100: q of day: $1600
q1043 q of day: cheap trick
litefm: q of day: 7

All About Fat 1: Fries more fat
Muscle Bound 1: Physical activity
Healthy 1 : March 23
Is It Available? 1: 26
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: America's Got Talent
Videos Gone Wild!: Killer body
Entertainment Zone!: Bad lady
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Almost a year
String: FriPhyMar26AmeKilBadAlm

Hot Music ... Bruno Mars
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Lingerie
Music Pop Quiz ... Ray Dalton
Top Video on Demand ... Yes
Music Trivia ... Love Somebody
Before They Were Famous ... Sports Broadcasting
Celebrity Interview ... She is accepting her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
Entertainment Video ... Writing a book
First Lines ... I am death.
Get Your Game On ... Hard Boiled
Show Me The Money ... 1787
Games n eCards ... Z
String: FriPhyMar26AmeKilBadAlmZ

Video Trivia for Summertime! = 65
The Politics of Pot: Marijuana Goes Main... = 18
Today in History July 1st = Princess Diana
Hanson Talks "Mmmhops" Beer & Listening ... = Motown
Jessica Simpson Gives Birth = Ace
Best Tech Products for the Beach = zipper bag
Endless Vacation Sweepstakes July 1 = Entry Received
Endless Vacation Rental July Packages = The Worldgate Resort

Updated string = GetBluBIKClaIt'sBitMicBanPolFriPhyMar26AmeKilBadAlmZ6518PriMotAceZipEntWor

Music Skills = 2 Chainz
Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Donkey of the Day = police in Houston TX for arresting 54 yr old grandmother Pamela Miles for beating up a 13 yr old boy who bullied her grandson ...working, 3:30pm

Classic Rock Challenge = United States
Classic Video on Demand = GMC
8am - Get The Led Out = The Wanton Song
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Sometimes A Fantasy
Live @ 5 = Led Zeppelin

Variety Video on Demand = Orange

8am First Song Played = Michael Jackson...working, 9am
2pm First Song Played = Bangles

8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Clarity
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = It's Not Right But It's Okay
War of the Roses = Bitch From The Heart

No Repeat Work Day = "Summer of '69" - Bryan Adams
Lunch Break = “Take it on the Run”--REO Speedwagon
Drive at Five = “Black Horse & the Cherry Tree”--K.T. Tunstall
Monday's New Music Preview = “Best I Ever Had”--Gavin DeGraw

12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Get Lucky
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Get Lucky
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Blurred Lines

Q Morning Show Code = BIKINI
q Workforce = SANTANA

Z-4:30-Get Lucky

Been a long time since I've posted or gone on these sights but went on to use expiring points. hope you all are well

War of the roses: bitch of the heart

Z100 at 9: blurred lines

Eyes 2: Own money
Medicare 2: 2007
Health 2: Medical exam
Travel 2: Consular officer
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Movie
Videos Gone Wild!: Prim & proper
Entertainment Zone!: Sidewalk
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Blue

String: Own200MedConMovPriSidBlu

LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! = blu
Entertainment Zone! = sid


Hot Music ... Love Somebody
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Yes

Music Trivia ... Jessica Simpson

Music Pop Quiz ... fun.
Top Video on Demand ... FALSE

Before They Were Famous ... Laurence Fishburne
Celebrity Interview ... 2,500
Entertainment Video ... AC/DC
First Lines ... Greetings, my friends!
Get Your Game On ... Metal of Honor
Show Me The Money ... Paul Revere

Games 'n eCards ... 4

String: Own200MedConMovPriSidBlu4

HATE that I cannot sleep again!!!! UGH!!!!!

morning show bonus code = MARTINI
Video Trivia for Summertime! = red
Death of the Landline? = Sandy
Today in History July 2 = Ernest

AOL - Best Jeans For Your Body 2 = STRAIGHT LEG
AOL - Biggest Mistakes In Dieting 2 = They skip breakfast
AOL - How To Be A Great Hostess 2 = Be yourself.
AOL - 7 Items You Should Have In Your Ki... = Balsamic Vinegar
AOL - 5 Ways To Be Happier 2 = Candice Kumai
AOL - Trend To Try Printed Pants 2 = GAP

Nintendo Can Win The Video Game War = Reggie
Country Cash Kings 2013: The Top Five Ea...= Taylor Swift ...working as of 6:30pm
An Inside Look At The Billionaire's Appr... = strip
Be The Next Winner! 2 = 6
What She Has To Say! 2 = $1500
Shopping Spree! 2 = green
All About The Food! 2 = Blue
Fill Up Your Tank! 2 = VISA
Fire Time! 2 = enter your e-mail address
Awaken Your Power! 2 = 13
Hottest New Game In Town! 2 = 4
All About The Gift! 2 = enter your e-mail

String = MigBluStrMorMirFasJacEnrMarOwn200MedConMovPriSidBlu4RedSanErnStrTheBeBalCanGAPRegTayStr6$15GreVisEnt134EntUseLikSub

Classic Rock = Jagger/Richards
Classic Video on Demand = A smiley face
Q/Day = Todd Rundgren
8am - Get The Led Out = Communication Breakdown
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Another Brick In The Wall
12pm - Workforce Blocks = CCR
Newsletter Bonus Code = BLUEBERRY

Variety Videos = Yes

Q/Day = Webbed toes
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Mirrors
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Here Comes The Hotstepper ... not working

Q/Day = The Cathedral Church of St. John
8am First Song Played = Jackson Browne
2pm First Song Played = Enrique Iglesias

Q/Day = Prescription pills
Hip Hop Video On Demand = The Waffle House
Music Skills = The Gifted
Donkey of the Day = Miguel...working as of 6:30pm

Q/Day = Fountainebleau
Newsletter Bonus Code = STRAWBERRY
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Blurred Lines
4:30 ...mirrors

Thursday Song of the Day = "Morning Train," by Sheena Easton
No Repeat Work Day = “Waiting on the World to Change”--John Mayer
Lunch Break = “Heart of the Matter”--Don Henley
Drive at Five = “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”--Pat Benatar

Adventure Time 2: USEr name
Colemen Give Away 2: LIKe
Wardrobe Sweepstakes 2:SUBmit

Updated String: BluStrMorMirJacEnrMarOwn200MedConMovPriSidBlu4RedSanErnRegStr6$15GreVisEnt134EntUseLikSub
AOL String: StrTheBeBalCanGAP
The string got too long and needed to be split into two strings to work


Live@5: HEART (Sam's fav!!!)

Wotr-a fast romance

LifeTime Limits 3: September 23
OneTime Procedure 3: Intervals
Safe For Children 3: Tooth whitening
How Do I Compare? 3: Contribution
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Purple
Videos Gone Wild!: Wraps
Entertainment Zone!: Stick
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Stick
String: SepIntTooConPurWraSti

Hot Music ... Jessica Simpson
Hot Music Video on Demand ... FALSE
Music Trivia ... Lady Gaga
Music Pop Quiz ... Jessica Simpson
Top Video on Demand ... Yes
Before They Were Famous ... aerobics instructor
Celebrity Interview ... Firefly Music Festival
Entertainment Video ... The Music Itself
First Lines ... You never did eat lunch, did you?
Get Your Game On ... Steve Carell
Show Me The Money ... Fugio

morning show bonus code = OCEAN
Video Trivia for Summertime! = Fifth
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Purple....working as of 3:20pm

String = BlaHovNyeGetClaBoySaySouJohFirBluOceSepIntTooConPurRapStiFifPur

Variety Video on Demand = Yes

Classic Rock Challenge = John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin
Classic Video on Demand = A flyer with his happy face on it
Q/Day = Argentina
8am - Get The Led Out = Boogie With Stu
8:50 = Who Are You
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Bruce Springsteen
Live @ 5...none were announced

Q/Day = Pink
weekly bonus word = FIREWORKS
8am First Song Played = John Mellencamp
Newsletter Bonus Code = BLUEBERRY
2pm First Song Played = Black Eyed Peas

Q/Day = Destiny Hope Cyrus
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Clarity ...working as of 8:55am
Newsletter Bonus Code = BOYSENBERRY
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Say You'll Be There
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Soulmates?

Music Skills = Beyonce
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Same girl
Q/Day = St. Louis
Donkey of the Day = Mr. Kanye Kardashian West who walked right into a metal sign bec he was walking with his head down ...working as of 3:20pm
Newsletter Bonus Code = HOVA

Q/Day = Miami
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Get Lucky
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Get Lucky
can you guess who got the #1 song in the 9pm countdown? Yup, GET LUCKY has a trifecta today!!! LOL. Have a happy 4th everyone...

No Repeat Work Day = “I’ll Stand By You”--Pretenders
Lunch Break = “How to Save a Life”--The Fray
Drive at Five = “Hold On”--Wilson Phillips

thanks for all of the answers they are so helpful to many of us. Hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July. Tried for the disney trip on ktu but guess I wasn't the lucky one. BTW, has anyone had any trouble with the ktu and z100 chance to win $1000 by clicking the links for a hidden page? I clicked all of them but didn't find a hidden page. Thanks again.

Hey Sharon3 - the hidden page is behind the "Page 7" link...the secret code = "Music"...once you enter, there are 2 more links worth 1000 points each.

Affecting My Health 4: Systemic diseases
Ortho Time 4: 12
All About My Teeth 4: Six months
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Purple & guess what not working again.
What Do You Know? 4: Vitamin B
Videos Gone Wild!: Sidewalk
Entertainment Zone!: Kohl's
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Madonna
String: Sys12SixPurVitSidKohMad

Before They Were Famous = Midnight Madness
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Snails
Entertainment Video Trivia = Middle Class Rut
First Lines = Harry Brighton
Get Your Game On = Mr. Big
Show Me the Money = WE ARE ONE

Morning Show Bonus Code = Cloudy
Hidden Treasures Secret Word of the Day = GAME

Games n eCards Trivia = 3
Video Trivia for Summertime! = Jesus

Updated String = LadTraCloSys12SixPurVitSidKohMad3Jes

Q/Day = Tip Tackle
Classic Rock Challenge = Geezer Butler
Classic Video on Demand = Under a bellybutton
8am - Get The Led Out = Rockin' The Casbah ...fill in, not working
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Burnin' For You ...fill in, not working
12pm - Workforce Blocks = The Rolling Stones ... fill in, not working
Live @ 5 = (Goin' Mobile) by The Who .. no choices listed

Music Trivia = Moonshine Jungle
Variety Video on Demand = FALSE

Q/Day = Taylor
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Can't Hold Us ...not working
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = This Is Your Night ... not working
5:40pm - War of the Roses...didn't play tonight

Q/Day = Clubbed Thumbs
8am First Song Played = Lady Gaga
2pm First Song Played = Train

Music Skills = Lil Wayne
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Yes
Q/Day = Kanye West
Donkey of the Day...although the question is available, Donkey of the Day didn't play this morning. Instead they premiered the song HOLY GRAIL

Music Pop Quiz = Lady Gaga
Top Video on Demand = Field
Q/Day = July 30th
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Treasure ... not working
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Right Now ...played just before 4:30 OR Ass Back Home ...played at 4:31 w/ no announcement that it was the beginning of the CFH but ...NEITHER WORKS
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = they didn't so the countdown bec had a simulcast w/ the fireworks

No Repeat Work Day = “Bad Romance”--Lady Gaga
Lunch Break = “It Must Have Been Love”--Roxette
Drive at Five = “Africa”--Toto


Q1043 - Classic Rock - Butler
OOPS! sorry about the double post

The Experts Have The Answer! 5 = ena
Better Food Choices 5 = 38
It's Not Cheap! 5 = cob
Protected 5 = 20
Videos Gone Wild! = koh
Entertainment Zone! = mad
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! = sta
Daily Dose Video Trivia! = pur (still not working)


Before They Were Famous = neckties
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Halloween
Entertainment Video Trivia = The Wanted
First Lines = Funny Girl
Get Your Game On = Tia Carrere
Show Me the Money = 11/22/1963

Hot Music ... Moonshine Jungle
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Field

Music Trivia ... Owl

Music Pop Quiz ... Moonshine Jungle
Top Video on Demand ... Orange

Games n eCards Trivia ... 16
String: EnaCob3820PurKohMadSta16

Video trivia for summertime-Vancouver

8:14AM...BOTH OF YESTERDAY'S Z100 L&Ws WORK THIS MORNING. use TREASURE for the noon song and RIGHT NOW for the 4:30 song.

morning show bonus code = FLOAT
AOL - Best Jeans For Your Body 5 = Low Rise
AOL - Biggest Mistakes In Dieting 5 = David Kirsch
AOL - How To Be A Great Hostess 5 = Provide extra toiletries
AOL - 7 Items You Should Have In Your Ki... = Honey
AOL - 5 Ways To Be Happier 5 = Be More Mindful
AOL - Trend To Try Printed Pants 5 = Club Monaco

Justin Timberlake's Video Banned = Black
Stars Who Have Pledged Their Allegiance = the president
Beyonce eats burgers and fries = 31
Kerry Washington's Secret Wedding 5 = 24
Trailer: Stuck In Love 5 = window

updated string = PhiMarOrlFloEnaCob3820PurKohMadSta16VanLowDavProHonBeCluBlaPre3124WinPur

Variety Video = True

8am - Get The Led Out = All My Love
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Freewill
Classic Rock Challenge = Eddie Cochran
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Simon and Garfunkel (or Paul Simon) or Pink Floyd ...fill in, not working

Donkey of the Day = Orlando Shaw of Nashville TN, father of 22 kids from 14 women ... working as of 3:45pm
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Sucked back into the can
Music Skills = Cocaine City

8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Clarity ... not working
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Temperature ... not working
WOTR didn't play tonight, even though the question's available to be answered....

No Repeat Work Day = "Faithfully”--Journey
Lunch Break = “Mirrors”--Justin Timberlake
Drive at Five = “Maniac”--Michael Sembello

8am First Song Played ...Philip Phillips ...that works
2pm First Song Played = Maroon 5 ...works fine

12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Blurred Lines ...not working
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Alive ... not working
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Blurred Lines ...not working

Hey guys!Happy late 4th! IDK whats going on but I had over 1800 entries for the vaccuum cleaner on all the radio stations....Z11- q104.3-106.7 and guess what? Z100 totally took all my entries off and says I have no points....like I was never on the L&W before!!!!What a crock!!!!!

Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Purple working now
Videos Gone Wild!: Madonna
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Lilly
Entertainment Zone!: Brad
James Gandolfini's $70 Million Fortune 6: Will
Simpson's Post-Baby Body Plan 6: Slim down
Heidi Klum Wrestles Howie Mandel 6: Tuesday
Jen Aniston's Big Mac Confession 6: Strict
Johnny Depp Kisses Jimmy Kimmel 6: Arlene
Games: Blue
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Purple working now

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