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Today's Will Call Window name is:
Stella Marco (Pleasantville, NY)

OK - got my internet back today but just had a power surge so who knows how long it will last. Got one call for kids to report back to school tomorrow and another to evacuate tomorrow for the next storm and yes the school is in the evacuation zone too! So much devastation only 3 or 4 blocks away from my house. OMG this is too much!

Have several free codes for One-Night DVD Rentals from Redbox which must be claimed by November 7, 2012.

Also have promotion codes for $10 Off at EA Sports which must be used by December 31, 2012.

Please PM back, ASAP.

Discovery - Brain Fitness Quiz: viper
Discovery - Roller Coasters Quiz: $50 million
All About The Essentials!: cataracts
All About Dry Mouth!: Frequent
String: Vip$50CatFre

Before They Were Famous = Eddie Money
First Lines = War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning
Get Your Game On = Skate or die
Show Me The Money = $100
What Did They Say = I feel the light betray me
Presidential Pop Quiz = Jimmy Carter

Games = 11
Morning show bonus code = Action
AOL Transportation Trivia = 9
Updated String = DonDieLocTitHumFalSurDonActVip$50CatFre119Eng

Music Trivia = Christina Aguilera
Variety Video = She jumps on him

Q/Day = Jay-Z
8:30 = Titanium
Flashback Track = It Feels So Good
string = Tit

Q/Day = Linkin Park
8am = The Human League
2pm = Survivor
sting = HumFalSur

Classic Rock Challenge = Bruce Springsteen
Classic Video = Kirk
Q/Day = Bruce Springsteen
8am = Whole Lotta Love
8:50 = Don't You (Forget About Me)
Workforce Blocks = Doors
Live @ 5 = John Lennon

Music Skillz = Mac Miller
Q/Day = 2
donkey of the day = Donald Trump
string = Don

Q/Day = Will Champion
Top Video = Cuts it short
#1 @ noon = Don't Wake Me Up...and it WORKS!!!! OMG
4:30 = Die Young
string = DonDieLoc
Today's Will Call Window name is: Jordan Pierri (Newburgh, NY)

Hot Music Trivia = Live While We're Young
8am = Glad You Came...not working
11am = Blow Me (One Last Kiss)...not working
2pm = Too Close...not working
5pm = Home...not working

No Repeat Work Day = One - U2
Lunch Break = Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton
Drive at Five = Two Princes - Spin Doctors

Anyone hear CBS song of the day &when it will play?q1043
Q of day-Bruce springsteen

Aol Jobs Trivia for Secret Email 11/6 = engineering

just a heads up, yesterdays PLJ listen and wins are working for today! (check sams post on the previous page)

I think the cbs song is don't stop by fleetwood mac- pretty sure it will play in the 7pm hour. hope this helps.

Z100 - 9pm= Locked Out of Heaven

dancinonmyown said:   just a heads up, yesterdays PLJ listen and wins are working for today! (check sams post on the previous page)

For the record, all PLJ L/W not working as of 2am but "sorry, that answer was incorrect" message pops up. Tried following SAMs code:

from previous page:

mrs817 said:   please vote for us at :https://apps.facebook.com/choosechicago/contests/284726/voteable...
voted....but does anyone know how to go into account without going into facebook?

Before They Were Famous = Dan Aykroyd
First Lines = Tommy Lee Jones
Get Your Game On = Tennis for Two
Show Me The Money = cotton
What Did They Say = But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.
Presidential Pop Quiz = Fitzgerald

Games = Moist
Morning Show Bonus code = Star

string = freWitHeaOneTooRelSomAthLocCelPatGroBlaWomMoiStaAddB12InvBes

Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
Variety Video = The girl's clothes

Q/Day = Hollywood Hamilton
8:30 = Without You (feat. Usher)...working as of 12:45
FBT = HEAVEN ...works...thanks mrs817!!!
string = WitHea

Q/Day = Will Champion
8am = CÚline Dion
2pm = Pat Benetar....LOVE HER...so disappointed didn't get 2c her perfom....oh well...
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = GROUND
string = CelPatGro

Classic Rock Challenge = Sea turtles
Classic Video = Antlers
Q/Day = Dave Grohl
8am = Rock And Roll
8:50 = Any Way You Want It
Workforce Blocks = Pink Floyd
newsletter bonus code = FREEWILL
Live @ 5 = The Outlaws...no choices posted yet

Music Skillz = Future
Q/Day = The Game
Donkey of the Day = Blake Burman (FL reporter who mistook Will-i-Am for Wyclef)
string = BlaWom

Top Video = The girl is happy and has a family
Q/Day = Lady Gaga
#1 @ noon = Some Nights ...LOVE THIS SONG
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = ATHENA
4:30 = Some Nights
string = SomAthLoc

Hot Music Trivia = Enrique Iglesias
8am = One More Night...not working
11am = One More Night
2pm = Too Close
weekly bonus code = RELIEF
5pm = LAST FRIDAY NIGHT...not working
string = OneTooRel

No Repeat Work Day = The First Cut is the Deepest - Sheryl Crow
Lunch Break = Kiss From A Rose - Seal
Drive at Five = Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray

All About Using Flouride!: B12
All About Shopping For Insurance!: Investment

Tip #1-add oats
Shopping insurance- investment
FYI-q1043 l&w now working

Also, missed CBS song of the day again today-please post-thanks(was caller 88 yesterday)

I missed it too mrs 88 so close!

Power 105.1:
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = WOMAN (Wom)

Z100 listen & wins anybody?!

chipmalee said:   For the record, all PLJ L/W not working as of 2am but "sorry, that answer was incorrect" message pops up. Tried following SAMs code:

that's because the answers weren't part of the string for that day since they didn't work to begin with...you have to actually look up what the songs played were that day, which we have thanks to Sams.

for example, today's listen and wins are accepting yesterdays answers again.

8am = glad you came
5pm = Home

11am and 2pm appear to be the same songs (or at least the same 3 letters) which is why they work.

Z100 - 9pm= Locked Out of Heaven (Just like yesterday!)

AOL - Camping > Healthified - Flavor
AOL - Fitpacking - 2005

Morning Show Bonus Code (Daily) = Abraham (Abr)

Before They Were Famous = Jon Bon Jovi
First Lines = The Fellowship of the Ring
Get Your Game On = Noughts and Crosses
Show Me The Money = 1776
What Did They Say = The son is drowning in the flood
Presidential Pop Quiz = Barack Obama

Games = W
All About Cavities! = fairly
All About My Gums! = clear symptoms
AoL - Entry Level Trivia = New Grads

string #1 = BreWeDonBloJacStePolAbrFlaRuf200WFaiCleNew$2251PacMomSta

Classic Rock Challenge = Sweet Emotion
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE
Q/Day = Linkin Park
8am = Communication Breakdown
8:50 = Sunday Bloody Sunday
Workforce Blocks = Kiss

Music Trivia = Britney Spears
Variety Video = False

Q/Day = Lady Gaga
8am = Steve Winwood
2pm = The Police
string = StePol

Q/Day = Wayans Brothers
8:30 = Blow Me (One Last Kiss)..working as of 12:45pm. thanks mrs817
Weekly Newsletter Bonux code = JACK
string = BloJac

Top Video on Demand = FALSE
Q/Day = Miley Cyrus
noon song of WE ARE NEVER....is working as of 4:30pm
4:30 = Don't Wake ME Up
#1 @ 9 = Locked Out Of Heaven...NOT ABLE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ON Z100 tonight. R U??? When opening the Q, wikipedia loads...WTH???? HELP!!!!!!!!
string = WeDon

Music Skillz = President Obama
Q/Day = Ciara
Donkey of the Day = Berjuan Toys w/ a breastfeeing doll...not working. will have 2c what they call it. called "The Breast Milk Baby"
string = Bre

Hot Music Trivia = Miley Cyrus
8am = Pour Some Sugar On Me...didn't work but 3rd song did: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
11am = Payphone or Some Nights...neither are working
2pm = Some Nights...not working
5pm = Home..not working

No Repeat Work Day = Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Lunch Break = Blow Me One Last Kiss - Pink
Drive at Five = In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Q1043 - AOL Trivia = New Grads
Biddy Murphy Trivia = $22.50 (with dollar sign)

Noon= Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

KTU 103.5
FBT- Michael Jackson - Beat It (Not working)

AoL: How old is Steve Silberberg? - 51
AoL: Healthified Camping -Pack the essentials
AoL: Cupcakes Trivia - Mom
AoL: Manicure Trivia - Stamp Me Up

PLJ listen and wins (yesterdays answers thanks to sams)
8am = one more night
5pm = last friday night

unfortunately i can't figure out 11am or 2pm

and UGHHHHHHH @ flavors of aol on all the sites now. beware, it's locking me out.

Locked me out as well.

Before They Were Famous ... Sheryl Crow
First Lines ... Frank Costello
Get Your Game On ... The Sumer Game
Show Me The Money ... Civil War

Hot Music Trivia = Britney Spears
Games n eCards Trivia = 40

103.5/106.7/100.7: Music Trivia = Miley Cyrus

104.3: Classic Rock = Ringo Starr

105.1: Music Skillz = The Re-Up

z100: Today's Will Call Window name is: Jorge Talamantes (Syracuse, NY)

8am = Too Close...not working
11am = Grenade..not working
2pm = We Are Never Ever Getting....not working
5pm = 50 Ways to Say Goodbye...not working...

did anyone see the X-factor on Wednesday night? Do u know who performed well? Who is Simon's favorite and why? (LITE survey)

SAMs, I DVR Fox because of GLEE. On the road now. Hope did not delete.
UPDATE: Damn...deleted on Friday when it was no use...note to self...next time save for 1 week in SLP format.

Also mrs841, I think I read in rules somewhere that CBS song ended sometime early this week. That's probably why you didn't anything.

Also Dancin, I did enter those 2 songs and it did not work. Either it's the treacherous PlanetJerks software or I must be losing it.

Other answe-stress

Before They Were Famous = Hair stylist
First Lines = She was dancing the White Swan
Get Your Game On = 1974
Show Me The Money = Ft. Worth, Texas

games = 6
string = StrCli6

100.7: Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1981 & 1975

103.5/106.7: Music Trivia = Enrique Iglesias

104.3: Classic Rock Challenge = Marines

105.1: Music Skillz = Take a Bow

Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
8am = Home...not working
11am = One More Night...not working
2pm = One More Night...not working
5pm = Too Close...not working

All About Tooth Decay! = visible
All About Service Claims! = yes
AoL - Management Trivia = CareerBuilder.com
morning show bonus code = Duty
toysrus - Have you started your Christma... = Musical Instruments
*Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau = Beauty Ranch

string #2 = BilBeaWeOneDiaBloMorLovDenDutObeSanBeRecVisYesWelcome7Car51MusBea

Q/Day = Kate Moss
Top Video = Yes
#1 @ noon = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
4:30 = One More Night
#1 @ 9 = Dianmonds
string = WeOneDia
will call = Tahrina Ahmed (Jamaica, NY)

Music Trivia = Live While We're Young
Variety Video = Cuts it short

Q/Day = Boy Meets World
8:30 = Blow Me (One Last Kiss)...working as of 9am
FBT ..more and more
War of the Roses = Love You Like A Hurricane
string = BloMorLov

Q/Day = sleeping bags
8am = Billy Joel...working as of 1:45 (thanks mrs817!!!!)
2pm..beat it by michael jackson...no Q...write to them 4 credit...answer it w/ BEAT at http://rewards.1067litefm.com/asp3/CodeDetail.aspx?type=2&CodeID...
string = BilBea

Q/Day = Bill Ward
Classic Rock Challenge = Glastonbury
Classic Video = Yes
8am = Immigrant Song
8:50 = Life's Been Good
workforce block = Kinks
Live @ 5 = Neil Young

Q/Day = Jennifer Lopez
Music Skillz = White
donkey of the day = denise helms of CA who posted on FB calling Pres Obama the N word and that she wouldn't be surprised if he gets assassinated
string = Den

Hot Music Trivia = Christina Aguilera
8am = The Edge of Glory...not working
11am = Blow Me (One Last Kiss)...not working
2pm = Blow Me (One Last Kiss)..not working
5pm = Some Nights...not working

No Repeat Work Day = You Make My Dreams - Hall and Oates
Lunch Break = Always Something There to Remind Me - Naked Eyes
Drive at Five = Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
New Music Preview = Now is the Start - A Fine Frenzy

NOTE: will be on and off the comp most of the day as the boys have LOTS of h.w. and need the computer!

Oldmanvette1975 & jg49: this happened to me last week as well.
1. DON'T WORRY...your points are still there. They will unlock your acct (bec even going in with the PW reset doesn't work) and then you will be able to continue on as you did. I posted a warning about this one day last week...don't remember when though. Last week these were happening on acts other than the major radio stations but now that the Q is available almost everywhere, it's happening more frequently...
2. STAY AWAY from the Flavors of AOL click for the 100 points so as not to get locked out of your account.
3. STAY AWAY from the Flavors of AOL trivia Q's as they bring up a wikipedia page and cause all other Q's 2b the same!!!! temporary SOLUTION: I got this earlier when I was using Google Chrome, so I signed into my account under Internet Explorer and was able 2c the Q's w/o the wikipedia link....go figure!!!!! Hope this helps....

Oldmanvette1975: complete the contact form for the station in question. Tell them you were doing the AOL Trivias and when you clicked to close the 100 point link, you were locked out. That a PW reset isn't even helping and asked them to unlock your acct. Also tell them that since you had clicked on the AOL Trivia Q's, they come up as invalid ID or with a wikipedia page and you would like credit for each until they can fix it. That's what I did

jg49: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't create another post to add info here. I know that you are upset, but sit down and look at how many "points" you lost out on and why (no power from the hurricane or locked out of accts). Then write to the station(s) using the contact form and ask them to credit your acct for the lost opppty. They seem to be very fair that everyone have the same oppty to get points so it just might work. That's what I intended to do but instead I ran around like an idiot looking for places/ways to get my points during those times. How stupid am I? ok...don't answer that!! LOL

Discovery - 10 Tips for Running with You...: Obey the Rules
Discovery - Summer Songs Quiz: Sandy and Danny
Discovery - 10 RV Travel Tips: Be Prepared for Repairs
Discovery - 10 Green Cleaning Tips: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
Carbonite Trivia: Consumer 27: Welcome
String = ObeSanBeRecVisYesWelcome
Answer changed this morning for First Lines: All children, except one, grow up

Before They Were Famous ... Will Farrell
First lines ... All children, except one, grow up
Get Your Game On ... Hunt the Wumpus
Presidential ... John Adams
Show Me The Money ... 6.4 cents
What Did They Say? ... Can't you see I'm at your feet?
Hot Music ... Christina Aguilera
Games ... 7

OK - power back for the second time!!!! School supposed to open tomorrow for the fourth time!!!!

Z noon - We are never

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