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New York Radio Codes

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11/22/12 6:13 AM
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mouth Trivia = genetically inherited
Levels Trivia = Dental Hygenists

morning show bonus code = Thanksgiving
updated string = ThaDia30sUndGenDen

Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Variety Video = Carly Rae Jepsen

Q/Day = Bad
8:30am = Danza Kuduro/Don Omar...not working

8am = Mariah Carey...not working

Classic Rock Challenge = Candle in the Wind
Classic Video = Black
8am - Get The Led Out...fill in: not working
Living After Midnight/Judas Priest...fill in: not working

8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row
Starship Trooper/Yes...not working

Top Video = False

Donkey of the Day = Elmo and the Sesame St staff, label, and crew

Everyone here at 100.7 WHUD wants to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holidays WHUD also wants to give you some extra VIP Rewards! Just type the word TURKEY into the answer section below to receive your 15,000 extra VIP Rewards! Because of special holiday programming there won't be a "Thursday Song of the Day" or a 9am, Noon, or 5pm song on Thursday of Friday! We hope you enjoy the extra Rewards!
but 9am song announced & played: Black Horse & A Cherry Tree

not posting any more today....
11/22/12 7:18 PM
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving-
FYI my daughter won Bieler tickets a while ago on a call in-anyone going on the 29?

Video-jet ski

11/22/12 11:30 PM
Doctor Trivia: Overall
Oral Trivia: Bitewing
Exercise Trivia: Captain
Program Trivia: Walking
String: OveBitCapWal
11/23/12 2:10 AM
Before They Were Famous = Kellogg's Cornflakes
First lines = I'll give you a five minute window.
Get Your Game On = Liberty City
Show Me The Money = 4:10
What Did They Say? = You look so deep, you know it humbles me
11/23/12 2:45 AM
Games n eCards ... 11
11/23/12 8:11 AM
can't believe I overslept....ugh....will have 2c what I can find out played thru playlist research

Morning Show Bonus Code = Rise
updated string = RisOveBitCapWal11

Classic Rock Challenge = Robert Plant
Classic Video = Ink
8am = Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me (Live) ...fill in and not working
8:50 = GUESS WHO - American Woman...fill in and not working

Music Trivia = Maroon 5
Variety Video = Red

Q/Day = Moonshine
8:30 = Pink - BLOW ME (ONE LAST KISS) ... not working

8am = Tony Bennett - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...not working
2pm = It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/Peabo Bryson...not working

Top Video = Jet ski race on the lake
11/22's Will Call Window name is: Joseph Mistretta (Astoria, NY)
Today's Will Call Window name is: Ariella Danziger (Huntington, NY)
Ryan Seacrest didn't announce a #1 @ noon, but the 5th song that played was Girl On Fire which is NOT working as the answer...
4:30 = Some Nights...not working
#1 @ 9...some nights...can't ck it bec boys doing h.w. so no comp 4 me.

Music Skillz = Frank Ocean
Donkey of the Day = Wyclef Sean...no Q up yet...

NEVER MIND because...Because of special holiday programming there won't be a "Thursday Song of the Day" or a 9am, Noon, or 5pm song on Thursday of Friday!

aweimantonio: Bet you didn't know that the Q & A's that you posted were from the 21st! Do u know that you can do a seach on these pages 2c if what u need/find has been posted or not? U go to the top of the page and there's a search bar to enter the name of your question. It searches this whole forum for a match(es) that come up for you to scroll thru until u find the exact match for it! PLEASE use this feature (as well refreshing the page b4 posting) so you don't end up duplicating info OR causing people to say "hey, how come I don't have that Q&A? Thanks!
11/23/12 8:15 AM
Classic Rock Challange = Robert Plant
11/23/12 4:19 PM
okay thank you sams for letting me know! appreciate it
11/23/12 11:18 PM
Smoking Trivia: Two mins.
Diabetes Trivia: Poison Control Center
Supplements Trivia: Fish oil
Heart Attack Trivia: Fish oil
String: TwoPoiFis
11/24/12 2:17 AM
Games n eCards Trivia ... WHITE
Before They Were Famous ... Crayola Crayons
First Lines ... Daniel Day Lewis
Get Your Game On ... 2003
Show Me The Money ... U.S. Capital
844 of 1328
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