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Video Trivia Anyone? = DRIving wildly
Video Trivia Time = MANslaughter
Videos NDN Style = WARmth

String = drimanwar

Before They Were Famous = The Wizard
First Lines = The Third Man
Get Your Game On = Ricky Gervais
Show Me The Money = Strength & Inependence

Morning Show Bonus Code = Leap
Fun Video Trivia! = Kim Curtis
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Hugh Jackman
Entertainment Video Trivia = Bruno Mars
Games n eCards = 13
Video Trivia on Demand = Poland
Videos NDN Style! = warm weather
Today in History for Thursday, February ... = Britain
Tumbleweeds Invade West Texas Home = 60 mph
Harry Styles Hit In The Groin By A Rogue... = Scotland
Yahoo's Work From Work Policy = June
The Latest In Underground Music From Syr... = 2011
BK's Bacon Gouda Breakfast Muffin Taste ... = 7 out of 10

String = HitAstDonTakWanKaiEriGriHalDauSteLeaDriManWar13ScoJun011

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE
Top Video on Demand = The band performing live
Q/Day = Harry
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Don't You Worry Child
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Don't You Worry Child ... not working
#1 @ 9 = STAY...not working

Hot Music Trivia = TRUE
bonus code 2.28 = HITS

Classic Rock Challenge = Billy Joel
Classic Video on Demand = Tom Hanks
Question of the Day = STYX
8am = Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid
8:50 - Jamie's Cryin'
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Marshall Tucker
Newsletter Bonus Code = ASTRO
Live @ 5 = The Rolling Stones

Music Trivia = True
Variety Videos on Demand = Blue

YESTERDAY's 5:40pm - War of the Roses = Stella's Groove
q/Day = Justin Bieber
8:30am - Take Over Control
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = I Wanna Sex You Up
War of the Roses = O Kai

8am = Hall and Oates
Q/Day = P!nk
2pm = Daughtry

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Daft Punk
Music Skills = Rick Ross
Q/Day = Jennifer Lopez
Donkey of the Day = the 2 women who didn't take him up on his offer of a free cab ride in exchange for a sexual act...eric vincent, AZ cab driver
Newsletter Bonus Code = GRIN

No Repeat Work Day = Waiting On the World to Change - John Mayer
Lunch Break = Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
Drive at Five = Bad Romance -Lady GaGa

newsletter: hits

lunch break: cyndi lauper girls just wanna have fun

today in history 3/1: hopewell
shirtless bieber: london
showbiz minutes: june
what's for dinner: ralph
is paula deen considering: 15 pounds

q of the day: harvard university

q of the day: Nick Lachey

q of the day; Scott Weiland

q of the day: No Doubt
newsletter: electric

8am now working check sams for answer

Eye Health Trivia 1: self-employed
Products Trivia 1: overdoses
Video Entertainment Center..: Luke
*Mammoth Lakes: Facebook

Before They Were Famous = Kiefer Sutherland
First Lines = Farley Granger
Get Your Game On = Jack Black
Show Me The Money = Queen Isabella of Spain

Morning Show Bonus Code = none posted yet....
Games = 5
Video Trivia on Demand = Panda
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Jennifer Lawrence
Entertainment Video Trivia = Keep Her On The Low

Flavors of AOL 3/1

AOL - Day To Night 1 = Bowline Belt
AOL - Manicure Monday 1 = Finish with a clear top coat
AOL - Create Ombre Nails 1 = Jaimi
AOL - 50 Fun Manicures 1 = creative
AOL - Danielle Coulanges 1 = secretary
AOL - Lost 100lbs! 1 = candles
AOL - Weight Loss Inspiration 1 = Better than meds
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 1 = Large steamed shrimp
AOL - Which Chocolate Is Best For You 1 = Healthified Fudgy Almond Cookies (Got a PM that the string changed to ALM. didn't verify yet so added ALM to string)
AOL Long Distance 1 = But absolutely make the call

Vacation Packages - Hot Deals! = Ocean Sands Resort
Vacation Of A Lifetime! = noreply@digitalivy.com
Amazing Clothes Trivia = How It Works
Deals Of The Day Trivia! = computer

updated string (w/ HilJac's answers above) = MicKelLocGetThrDayHeaRecEleHitCrySelOveLukFac5BowFinJaiCreSecCanBetLarHeaAlmCalJunHopOceNorHowCom

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Alex Rodriguez

Music Trivia = Alex Rodriguez
Variety Videos on Demand = No

Q/Day = Alicia Keys
8am = michael jackson....working per HilJac
2pm = Kelly Clarkson

8:30 = Locked out of heaven
FBT = Get Busy
Newsletter Bonus Code = CRYSTAL
War of the Roses = H.O.L.O.V. LANE ...1 yr repeat, not working

Classic Rock Challenge = The Troggs
Classic Video on Demand = on a stage outside
8am - Get The Led Out = Friends
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = She's So Cold
WFB = Deep Purple

Music Pop Quiz = Justin Bieber
Top Video on Demand = Blue
#1 @ noon = Thrift Shop
4:30 = Daylight
#1 @ 9pm = Heart Attack

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Running machinery
Music Skills = DJ Khaled
donkey of the day = receptionist in ambridge PA who almost got travis clawson in trouble (eye appt)

No Repeat Work Day = Lucky Star - Madonna
Lunch Break = Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
Drive at Five = Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart

Yesterday's 4:30pm & 9pm Listen & Wins are now working (with sams1997's answers) as of 11:05am

Deals of the day Trivia-computer

Have a good weekend everyone!

Boo Boo Shut Down By Girl Scouts...: Facebook
Indestructible Flask Thrown From Helicop...: Oakley and Macalan
JWoww Rocks a Duct Tape Bra: California
Video Entertainment Center: 4
String: FacCal4

Before They Were Famous = ER
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = She had a dream, and it came true
Entertainment Video Trivia = The Black Keys
First Lines = North By Northwest
Get Your Game On = Steelport
Show Me The Money = Marquis de La Fayette

Video Trivia on Demand = Baltimore Ravens
Games n eCards Trivia = 10

Updated String: FacCal4Bal10

Classic Rock Challenge = Big Star

LiteFM 106.7: Music Trivia = Pitbull

WPLJ 95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Pitbull

Z100: Music Pop Quiz = $25 million

Power 105.1: Music Skills = Snoop Dogg

Video Entertainment Center: Behind bars

Before They Were Famous = Bulman
Celebrity Interview Video = A girl
Entertainment Video = Radioactive
First Lines = 20 million
Get Your Game On = Hard Boiled
Show Me The Money = Calvin Coolidge

Z Music Pop - Adele

Q Classic Rock Challenge - An Indian Guru

Video Trivia on Demand = Connecticut
games = 10
string = Beh10

Hot Music Trivia = Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Music Trivia = Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Music Skillz = A drug

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1981 & 1971

*Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau: Slow Cities
Develop Trivia 4: Small ulcers
Health Insurance Trivia 4: Four
Video Entertainment Center: Luke

Before They Were Famous trivia: BRUCE WILLIS.
Celebrity Interview Video trivia: GEORGE CLOONEY.
Entertainment Video trivia: TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS.
Get Your Game On trivia: METAL OF HONOR.

Classic-you ant seen nothing yet

no morning show bonus code again....I wrote to them. did anyone write to them on Friday?? I didn't and they never fixed it. Just wondering how/if they replied 2u...

games = Dry
Video Trivia on Demand = Cosmopolitan
Gimme Jimmie-trivia = The Rolling Stones
Today in History for March 4th = Roosevelt
Language Barriers Challenge Health Care ... = International
High School Marathon Dancers Raise Almos... = Glens Falls
Iditarod Kicks Off With Festive Ceremoni... = Anchorage
Carpet Countdown: Top 5 Awards Moments = Jennifer Lawrence
World's Largest Light Sculpture on SF Ba... = 1.8 miles
Forbes Billionaires 2013: The Top 10 = Warren Buffett

Updated String = ThrSweStaNoTRYMadMarDaySloSmaFouLukDryIntAncJenBufEmb

Music Pop Quiz = TRUE
Top Video on Demand = No
Q/Day = 21 & Over
#1 @ noon = Thrift Shop
4:30 = Sweet Nothing
#1 @ 9 = Stay

Music Trivia = Thrift Shop
Variety Videos on Demand = TRUE

Q/Day = Harry
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Try
Flashback Track = No Scrubs
war of the roses is a new one....waiting for title but have 6:15 meeting...

Q/Day = Kristin Stewart
8am = Madonna
2pm = Maroon 5

Hip Hop Video On Demand = White
Music Skills = Forrest Gump
Q/Day = Beyonce
Donkey of the Day = 28 yr old Lauren Silberman...no Q yet

Classic Video on Demand = A woman in the rain
Q/Day = Milles Teller
8am - Get The Led Out = Dazed And Confused
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Solsbury Hill
Workforce Blocks = Bruce Springsteen
Live @ 5 = YES ....love the choices listed!!! LOL

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Thrift Shop

No Repeat Work Day = We Belong - Pat Benatar
Lunch Break = Hurts So Good - John Mellencamp
Drive at Five = Photograph - Nickelback
Monday's New Music Preview = Is it Ever - J.J. Weeks Band

sorry I went MIA yesterday got an early phone call from the in-laws. They drove home from FLA early and wanted us to meet them in Blkyn to unload the car....had to re-arrange the whole day yesterday. Thank goodness it was a slow rewards sites question day!!! Still, didn't accomplish what we set aside to do yesterday....oh well. As long as they're home and happy, right????

Dental Danger 5 = embarrassment (emb)

KTU 103.5:
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Stuttering Stupidity (not working as of 7:35pm).

drive at five: Photograph - Nickelback

i wrote to them twice about the morning codes and they responded that they'd send the email along to the 'right dept'/ check into it..... no answer... no codes...... no choices......

Gingivitis Trivia 5: Diabetes
Video Entertainment Center: Luke
Sonoma County Tourism Bureau : Cheese

String: DiaLukChe

Before They Were Famous ... Stud Boy
Celebrity Interview Video ... Jason Sudeikis
Entertainment Video ... Rolling Stone
First Lines ... Verdell
Games n eCards Trivia ... BRUiserbots
Get Your Game On ... Steve Carell
Hot Music Video on Demand ... No
Music Pop Quiz ... Alex Rodriguez
Show Me The Money ... Helen Keller
Top Video on Demand ... TRUE

Video trivia on demand-one
Gimme jimi trivia-Sachs reins


Flashback-lady-not working

no morning show bonus code again today....

Flavors of AOL 3/5
AOL - Day To Night 5 = Piperlime
AOL - Manicure Monday 5 = How to do a half moon manicure
AOL - Create Ombre Nails 5 = 2
AOL - 50 Fun Manicures 5 = Futuristic French
AOL - Danielle Coulanges 5 = at a big-name financial services firm
AOL - Lost 100lbs! 5 = hard work
AOL - Weight Loss Inspiration 5 = Prune the apples
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 5 = white wine
AOL - Which Chocolate Is Best For You 5 = Berries
AOL - Long Distance 5 = Best not call after dark

updated string (w/ njfw's answers below) = TexDonStaJewHalPinLuiDiaLukCheBruPipHow2FutFinHarPruWhiBerBesBosDisBri

Classic Rock Challenge = His girlfriend at the time
Classic Video on Demand = No
Q/Day = Toronto Blue Jays
8am = Black Dog
8:50 = I Won't Back Down
Live @ 5 = Allman Bros

Music Trivia = Bruno Mars
Variety Videos on Demand = No

Q/Day = Paul 'Cubby' Bryant
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = We Found Love...not working
5:40pm - War of the Roses = TEXT YOUR HEART OUT

Q/Day = Adele
8am = Hall and Oates...working as per njfw! TY!!!
2pm = Pink

Q/Day = Erica America
4:30 = Don't You Worry Child
#1 @ 9 = stay

Hip Hop Video On Demand = A hospital room
Music Skills = Gucci Mane
Q/Day = The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
donkey of the day = Luie Rivera (Father of Lil Poopie)

No Repeat Work Day = Closer - Ne-Yo
Lunch Break = Ironic - Alanis Morissette
Thursday's Song of the Day = Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle

Rachel84: same problems here w/ shockwave crashing....ugh. nice 2 know it's not just me/my computer

2 questions--

What's Lite fm's newsletter code? for some reason I don't remember seeing it in my inbox late last week.

Is anyone else having problems with shockwave crashing constantly when clicking links or watching the video trivia?

Morning Show Bonus Code = Jewelry (it's finally fixed!)

Today in History for March 5th = Boston (Bos)
What's - Your Body Type? VIDEO = Apple
How to Throw a Dinner Party Like a Pro = Dishwasher (Dis)
Official: DC Cherry Blossoms to Peak on ... = 70%
Philly Flower Show Offers Glimpse of UK ...= British (Bri)

LiteFM 106.7:
8am = sams1997's answer above is now working (as of 11:25am)

-- last week's LiteFM 106.7 newsletter bonus code = VINE
-- I have the same issue with shockwave crashing every now and then

Z Noon - Don't you worry child
4:30 - don't you worry child

my shockwave crashes too

My whole google chrome crashed too

drive at five: The Glamorous Life - Sheila E

yes if you do too many at the same time it crashes messing things up for you lol. I use my laptop that I bought to do the sites more or less it still does it.

Video Entertainment Center....: Smartphone
teeth trivia 6: Tooth whitening
dental trivia 6: World Wide Web
string: SmaTooWor

Morning Show Bonus Code = Scarf...not working yet
games = 7
Dental Trivia 6 = World Wide Web
Teeth Trivia 6 = toothpaste
Video Trivia on Demand = Green
Is the Duchess of Cambridge Having a Gir... = brown
Jon Stewart Leaving Daily Show? = Rosewater
First Zumba Prostitution Trial Going to ... = Kennebunk
Get Fit With Fido: People, Pooches Fight... = 265
Lady Gaga Unaired FAME Clip Sparks Gun = perfume
Tote Bag Trivia = 40

updated string = WicBoyWheThrHeaSofSCASma7WorTooOwnRosKen40WonAlc

Q/Day = Tommy Lee
Classic Rock Challenge = Texas
Classic Video on Demand = All of it
Gimme Jimi Trivia = If 6 Was 9
8am = Nobody's Fault But Mine
8:50 = Life's Been Good
WFB = Grateful Dead
Live @ 5 = Ten Years After

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
8:30 = Sweet Nothing...not working
FBT = into the groove...no Q yet
War of the Roses = The Wicked Stepmom

Q/Day = Adele
#1 @ noon = When I Was Your Man
4:30 = Thrift Shop
#1 @ 9 = Heart Attack

Q/Day = P!nk
8am = Soft Cell (LOVE THAT SONG!!!)
2pm = not working : Flo Rida, Calvin Harris

Q/Day = Mr. Magic
Music Skillz = 139,000
Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
donkey of the day = Boyfriend Trainer game to train your boyfriend to be your ideal man
morning show bonus code works here

No Repeat Work Day = What is Love - Haddaway
Lunch Break = Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson
Drive at Five = Someday - Sugar Ray

To those experiencing "crashes". By that I think you mean the internet screens freeze. I experience the same problem. Flash players are memory hogs and what is happening is that your usage exceeds memory. If you are using a PC Win7 or earlier enter CTRL-Alt-Delete at the same time, go into task manager and then processes. You will see the flash players have a very high utilization. Delete any that are hogging memory(be careful to only delete the flash processes). This should reinstate your screens to where they were before freezing. I have no idea what to do in a Mac OS or Win8. Hope this helps.

before they were famous: Boston Common
celeb interview trivia: golden boy
entertainment video trivia: Kristen May
first lines: his 'underground lair'
get your game on: Mr. Big
show me the money: christopher columbus
video trivia on demand: green

music pop quiz: pitbull
top video on demand: no

music trivia: mikky ekko
variety videos: false

Dental trivia 6 - World Wide web (wor)
teeth trivia 6 - tooth whitening (too)

string - SofSma7toowor

POWER DONKEY - the boyfriend trainer

Gimme Jimmi - If 6 was 9

I get a screen that says shockwave has crashed - it happens sometimes even when just one video is playing. I have the new Windows with all of the crazy boxes - don't remember what it is called LOL

Home Delivery Trivia: ALCohol swabs
Custon Triva: WONderful

Deductible Trivia 7: Employer
Sealant Trivia 7: Root canal treatment
Video Entertainment Center: Butt
String: EmpRooBut

no morning show bonus code posted yet...per mrs817: SCARF is working as the MSBC so get it while u can. It changes at midnight!!!! 10:55pm

Before They Were Famous = Nicholas Cage
First Lines = Bonnie and Clyde
Get Your Game On = Tia Carrere
Show Me The Money = Thomas Jefferson

Video Trivia on Demand = California
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Andy Dick
Entertainment Video Trivia = Goats
Games n eCards = 11
Amazon Trivia = your city
Avengers Trivia = green
Wizard Trivia = play
Garden Of A Lifetime Trivia = object game

String = HopCurRadAneRicJuiMarEurGloEmpRooBut11CitGrePlaObj

Hot Music Trivia = Heaven
bonus code 3.7 = RADIO

Music Pop Quiz = Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Top Video on Demand = FALSE
Q/Day = Snooki
#1 @ noon = Thrift Shop...working (thanks mrs817)
4:30 = Thrift Shop ... working (thanks mrs817)
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = CURVE
#1 @ 9 = Heart Attack...not working, of course...

Music Trivia = Heaven
Variety Videos on Demand = A wedding

Q/Day = Dangerous
8:30 = You Make Me Feel... NOT WORKING
YESTERDAY's FBT is up and working: INT...how stupid am I? (well, don't really answer that): I answered it on hubby's acct but not mine. ugh...
Flashback Track = What is Love...not working
War of the Roses = Clear Blue Trouble...not working! who would've guessed....ugh

Q/Day = Harry
8am = Marvin Gaye
YESTERDAY's 2pm: use BON JOVI for credit
2pm = Eurythmics
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = GLOBAL

Classic Rock Challenge = Iggy Pop
Classic Video on Demand = A band member standing on top of a bus
Gimme Jimi Trivia = Second Atlanta International Pop Festival
8am = Rockin' At Midnight
8:50am = Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Workforce Blocks = Outlaws
Newsletter Bonus Code = ANEW
Live @ 5 = J. Geils Band
Q/Day (finally available, better late than never, even if it's a repeat!) = Tommy Lee

Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Music Skills = Kisses Down Low
Q/Day = Darke ....yes, it's spelled wrong
donkey of the day = Rich Dollas
Newsletter Bonus Code = JUICY

No Repeat Work Day = Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Lunch Break = Kiss From a Rose - Seal
Drive at Five = Her Diamonds - Rob Thomas

iluvradio: i heard that 2b fair, no one got anything. I disagree w/ the way that was handled...

Did anyone get anything in exchange for the cancelled Lady Gaga Tickets? I did not


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