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Before They Were Famous ... Sports Broadcasting
Celebrity Interview Video ... Rocky Horror Picture Show
Entertainment Video ... Fall Out Boy
First Lines ... Alfred A. Knopf (Answer choice should be > Roald Dahl)
Games n eCards ... 14
Get Your Game On ... Sue
Hot Music Trivia ... Phillip Phillips
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Lights
Music Pop Quiz ... Lady Gaga
Music Trivia ... Phillip Phillips
Show Me The Money ... Ft. Knox
Top Video on Demand ... Black vest and white shirt
Video Trivia on Demand ... tablet

NOTE: First Lines changed to Roald Dahl....4:30pm

Skin Trivia 28 = many people
Age Trivia 28 = sebum

FLavors of AOL 3/28
AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends 28 = Structured
AOL - Manicure Monday 28 = Snapguide
AOL - How To Update Your Updo 28 = pins
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 28 = Linda
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 28 = Paint
AOL - Trend To Try Cute Spring Manicures... = creative pastels
AOL - Women's Self Defense 28 = really rough
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes 28 = Pea Perfection
AOL - Emotional Eater 28 = Lampert
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 28 = 14
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 28 = cobble
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 28 = Noel Spritzer

Today in History March 28 = Dwight D. Eisenhower
Phoenix Talk New Album 'Bankrupt' = four
George Thorogood On His Tribute To Chess = Chicago
Chelsea Handler Freaks Out On 'Whitney' = birthday cake

Updated String = GirJoeTimDanBBQGucBilDonKimBriMat14ManSebStrSnaPinLinPaiCreReaPeaLam14CobNoeEisFouChi

Gimme Jimi Trivia = Corvette Stingray
Classic Rock Challenge = Munich
Classic Video on Demand = False
Q/Day = Newkirk, Oklahoma
8am = Rock And Roll
8:50 = American Girl
Workforce Blocks = Joan Jett
Newsletter Bonus Code = JOEY
Live @ 5 = Justin Heyward/Moody BLues

Variety Videos on Demand = Yes

8am = Billy Joel
Q/Day = Snoop Dogg
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = DONNIE
2pm = Kim Wilde

Q/Day = Mariah Carey
8:30 = Diamonds ...doesn't work. here we go again!!! we had one day of it working...ugh
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Time After Time ....it works AND I knew the answer, but couldn't get thru 2 win...
Newsletter Bonus Code = Danny
War of the Roses = BBQ Pervert ... and it works!

Music Skillz = The baby son of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Tomato
Q/Day = Waka Flocka Flame
Donkey of the Day = Gucci Mane
Newsletter Bonus Code = GIRL

Q/Day = Barclays Center
#1 @ noon = When I Was Your Man..not working
4:30 = When I Was Your Man ...not working
#1 @ 9 = Can't Hold Us...not working

No Repeat Work Day = I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
Lunch Break = Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
Drive at Five = Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

95.5: Bonus Code = MADNESS...not working

njfw: u know you're getting old when....

FYI: not listening/posting tomorrow after 9am...please post what you can as i will have intermittent radio/computer access. TY

Video Entertainment Center: Their lives
String: Liv

Morning Show Bonus Code = Strawberry (Str)

Scoop On Salt = True (Tru)
Food Labels 101 = The food has less than 5 milligrams of sodium per serving.(The)
Surviving Spring Allergies = All of the above (All)

Updated String = SuiLakCatLivStr50TruTheAll

LiteFM 106.7:
Question of the Day = 3

Question of the Day = Lady Gaga
** Thursday's Listen & Wins are now working - use answers from sams1997's post above **

Question of the Day = Britney Spears (answer changed since last night...see sams1997's post below for new answer)

KTU 103.5:
Question of the Day = Justin Timberlake

Daily Trivia for all Clear Channel Rewards Programs...

Before They Were Famous ... The Bill Engvall Show
Celebrity Interview Video ... The Voice
Entertainment Video ... Muse
First Lines ... 1896
Get Your Game On ... 30 lives
Show Me The Money ... the Granite Lady
Games n eCards ... 50
Hot Music Trivia ... fun.
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Black vest and white shirt
Music Pop Quiz ... Ke$ha
Top Video on Demand ... Yes
Video Trivia on Demand ... University of Virginia
Music Trivia ... fun.

*Friday Surveys are up*

Updated String = SuiGinHeaLakCatLivStr50TruTheAll

Classic Rock Challenge = Robert Plant: A Life
Gimme Jimi Trivia = Electric Ladyland
Classic Video on Demand = Two little boys
8am = Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
8:50 = Blinded By The Light
Q/Day = The Eagles ... must've changed....
Workforce Blocks = ACDC

Variety Videos on Demand = FALSE

8am = Journey ... not working
2pm = The Black Eyed Peas...not working

8:30am = Catch My Breath ... and it works!
Flashback Track = Genie In A Bottle ... ugh, doesn't work!
War of the Roses = "Bi-bi" Wedding ...doesn't work

Music Skillz = Lil Wayne
Hip Hop Video On Demand = The Jetsons
Q/Day = A Hoe
Donkey of the Day = Lake County Sheriff's Office in FLA giving a flyer out for help from domestic violence with a sex hotline as the phone #

No Repeat Work Day = Let the Music Play - Shannon
Lunch Break = Let’s Hear it for the Boy - Deneice Williams
Drive at 5 = Africa - Toto

#1 @ noon = Suit & Tie
#1 @ 9 = Heart Attack

FYI: only listening/posting until 9:30ish. Then intermittent radio/computer throughout the day....Please listen and post what you can. TY!!!

Z100- @4:30- Imagine Dragons (the GIN part of the word works!)

Rachael, it looks like they freed up more spots for NKOTB! 10 winners for Z100 and 5 for LiteFM (you have a better chance at Z-100 in this case). No, I'm still not entering that contest unless Tiffany makes an appearance.

So far this month, I won Evil Dead screening, Cirque du Soleil Totem (only 2 tickets though and not the four pack), the Host screening, G.I. Joe- Retaliation screening, and Ringling Bros. Built to Amaze (family 4 pack). I didn't bother with OZ because I had an advanced screening for that one anyway.

I didn't enjoy Ringling Bros. because the annoying 10 year boy sitting in front of me had his parents buy one of those dorky $22 multicolored blinking light swords and he kept waving it high (like Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars poster) obstructing my view! When I kept asking his family to have their boy lower the sword, they did but the boy must be retarded because he kept doing it again and again! The funny part is he like that sword so much that he actually missed the whole show! All he kept doing was look up to his sword while all the action was in front of him! At the end, I told his father, "You could have saved yourself over $100 (counting $12 kids ticket, food, drinks, and $22 for the dumb sword) if you just went to Toys R' Us and bought him that same sword for $10 and have him stay home!" He laughed it off! The boy cried when his mother told him that there were tigers in the show and he was like, "Tigers? I wanna see the tigers! Wah!" (long cry) "Why you not tell me, mamma??? Wah! I wanna see the tigers!" (Drool coming from the side of his mouth!) I'm glad that wasn't my kid! If he didn't keep paying attention to his dumb sword (not to mention he annoyed the hell out of me waving in in front of my view!), he would've seen the circus with his parents and grandparents!

Video Entertainment Center = Gillian...but used Jillian to get the points...
Demi Lovato Returns to X Factor 30 = singing into it
Nicki Minaj Toots Her Own Horn 30 = pink
Inside Tonight's 'Survivor' Immunity Cha... = John
Kate Upton Says She Prefers Men Hairless... = a bathing suit
Spring Allergies Trivia = 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

string = JilSinPinJohBat5BakLowAll2OraRedCou5 a

Classic Rock Challenge = Mick Jagger

Music Skillz = Kelly Rowland

ChangedMyHandle: sorry to hear about your bad experience at the Circus. Feel bad that the kid lost out on seeing the good stuff too. Guess it is a lesson learned for those parents... And congrats on all the other things u've won this past month...Way 2 go!!!!

Daily Trivia for all Clear Channel Rewards Programs...

Before They Were Famous ... Marcus
Celebrity Interview Video ... Grey's Anatomy
Entertainment Video ... Foo Fighters
First Lines ... Mr. and Mrs. Dursley
Games ... 5
Get Your Game On ... Doom
Hot Music Trivia ... Florence Welch
Music Pop Quiz ... 10
Music Trivia ... Florence Welch
Show Me The Money ... Venezuela
Video Trivia on Demand ... feet
Calories Count ... BAK
Breast Health ... LOW
Migrane Maintenance ... ALL
Health ... 2
Living Lean ... ORA
Heart Attack ... RED
General Hospital ... COU
Shelby GT500! ...ORA
Spring Allergies Trivia ... 5 am
String ... JilSinPinJohBat5BakLowAll2OraRedCou5 am

food labels 101 The food has less than 5 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Jay-Z Takes Decadence to "Roll" New Leve...: Black
Video Entertainment Center: Black
Molly Ringwald Reveals Musical Talent 31: Rob
Every Time I Die: Touring Is Like Wrestler: 14 year old kid
Stevie Nicks Shares Kiddie Music Memory: Tap dancing
American Idol's Tim Urban: Where Is He N: You are so adorable

String BlaRob14yTapYou

Before they were famous - About Last Night
Celeb Interview - Game of Thrones
Entertainment Video - Fine China
First Lines - Brian Robeson
Get Your Game On - Doc Brown
Show me the Money - Alexander Hamilton

Music Pop - Stories Don't End

Classic Rock Challenge - Eddie Van Halen

Video on demand-self driving cars
Music trivia-icona pop

HAPPY EASTER to those that celebrate!!!!

Games = Flip

Updated String = BlaRob14yTapAdoFli

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Icona Pop

105.1: Music Skillz = Shoes

100.3: Pop Rewind w/ Ed Baer = 1982 & 1975

Correct 'Video Trivia on Demand' answer has changed to ... 54.5 MPG

Fun Video Trivia!: Gamers
Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really Good
Resort Rentals April Edition!: Atrium Resort
Vacation Rentals April Sweepstakes!: entry received
Dictate Trivia: three times faster

String: GamReaAtrEntThr

I won The Band Perry concert and my friend (who must have beginner's luck) won NKOTB (which I didn't enter, btw). I just dared her to only put 10 entries (or 5000 points) at Z100 and she did! No, I'm still not going to NKOTB even if my friend offers it! She'll have to take someone else but then again, her other friends grew up listening to them!

Thnx, Sams!

Rachael84, I think you overkilled on the points! I did mention about the time me and my friend (not the girl who won NKOTB) entered for Avengers screenings and the accounts we put in less (but reasonable amount of points) won while the ones we put in lots of points lost! There were 10 winners for Z100 and 5 winners for LiteFM. I think about 1000 entries (or 500,000 points) might be suffice if there are 10 winners (if 5 winners, 2000 entries (or 1 million points)). Of course, this is all random so there's no guarantee that this method works! They might just give new people a better chance than people who won several times already (I mean, my friend (who's new at this) only entered 10 entries!). Come to think of it, I won a contest with only 10 entries as well! I only put in 10 entries (14,900 points at 1490 per entry) for The Doctors Luxman Heart Shaped Watch and won (kind of as a fluke!). Maybe 10 could be the lucky number they pick! (Disclaimer- Don't sue me if it isn't...this is only a guess!)

Did you enter both Z100 and LiteFM? They may have the same contest but the winners are different (except one or two who entered both).

Daily Trivia for all Clear Channel Rewards Programs...

Before They Were Famous ... Pampers
Celebrity Interview Video ... Upside Down
Entertainment Video ... Fitz & the Tantrums
First Lines ... That's it. Hundred honors and ninety below.
Games n eCards ... UNDO
Get Your Game On ... Up, Down, Left, Right, hold A, and press Start
Show Me The Money ... Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin
Hot Music Trivia ... The Script
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Yes
Music Trivia ... The Script
Music Pop Quiz ... Phillip Phillips
Top Video on Demand ... FALSE
Variety Videos on Demand ... Adam Levine standing in front of a fire
String ... GamReaAtrEntThrUnd

Dental Trivia 1 = share a spoon
Symptoms trivia 1 = a root canal
Today in History for April 1st = Marvin Gaye

Morning Show Bonus Code = Chair
Diddy Performing at WWE's Wrestlemania ... = Coming Home
Exclusive: Stevie Nicks Shares Kiddie Mu...= Phoenix
Jonas Brothers' 'Pom Poms' Music Video T... = 16
Reese Witherspoon Goes Brunette = Mexico
Get Some Gas! = Do you have diabetes?
Health Insurance Trivia! = Basic medical information.
Million Dollar Trivia! = orange
Custom Trivia! = 40
Getaway Of A Lifetime! = Do you have a car
Daily Deals Trivia! = blue
Tote Trivia! = April 30th
Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives = 4
Picture It Trivia! = READIT
Deals Of This Universe! = tote bag
Get Your Apple On! = 3
Give A Little Pepper! = Orange

updated string = WheAllSweSnaBarWhaTasChaGamReaAtrEntThrUndShaRooMarComPho16MexDoBasOra40DoBluApr4ReaBag3

Classic Video on Demand = Wearing a leather jacket
Classic Rock Challenge = Stevie Nicks
8am = I Can't Quit You Baby
Q/Day = Justin Hayward
8:50 = Barracuda
Workforce Blocks = Led Zeppelin
Live @ 5 = Billy Joel

8am = Barry White
Q/Day = Snoop Dogg
2pm = Wham!

Donkey of the Day = Tasheka Carlier
Music Skillz = Three
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Robocop
Q/Day = Tyrese

Q/Day = Demi Lovato
#1 @ noon = when i was your man
4:30 = all around the world
#1 @ 9 = With Your Love ...not working

8:30 = Sweet Nothing
Q/Day = Lady Gaga
Flashback Track = Rhythm Is a Dancer...not working but the name of group/artist SNAP works....go figure!!!!
War of the Roses = Long Time Coming...not working

No Repeat Work Day = Brass in Pocket - Pretenders
Lunch Break = Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Drive at Five = I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
New Music Preview = Easy - Sheryl Crow

ChangedMyHandle: congrats to you and your friend!!!

FYI: not able to listen/post from 9:30-noon or so tomorrow/Tuesday. Please post what you can. TY!

ChangedMyHandle said:   I won The Band Perry concert and my friend (who must have beginner's luck) won NKOTB (which I didn't enter, btw). I just dared her to only put 10 entries (or 5000 points) at Z100 and she did! No, I'm still not going to NKOTB even if my friend offers it! She'll have to take someone else but then again, her other friends grew up listening to them!

OMG I put in over 4000 entries into the NKOTB contest and didn't win! I'm gutted, was really looking forward to this. Have loved them since I was 5 years old.

9 - Can't hold us

Sorry Rachael - that sucks

Fun Video Trivia!: White
Unlimited Video Edition!: Singing
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really good not working right now

MONEY - $10








Rachael - KTU gave away NKOTB tickets today for the Flashback Track - It is about 12:40 - you have to call right before the previous song is over

Medicare Trivia 2 = Medigap
Oral Trivia 2 = road map
Today in History April 2 = 26
White House Posts April Fool's Day Messa... = 9
Celebrities Among Winners in Google Glas... = $1500
Flavored Condom Adds Spice to Lovemaking = bacon
The Best April Fool's Day 2013 Internet ... = sniff
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really good ....working now

Flavors of AOL 4/2:
AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 2 = peach fuzz
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 2 = Jumpsuit
AOL - How To Update Your Updo 2 = pink
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 2 = 1
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 2 = residue and oils
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 2 = orange
AOL - Women's Self Defense 2 = running
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 2 = an apple
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 2 = six
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 2 = ¼ avocado, mashed and blended with ½ cup of chopped tomatoes and 1 chopped green onion. Good source of fiber...not working....GOT A PM THAT ava WORKS!!!! so added it to the string. Thanks mrs817
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 2 = salad
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 2 = Hawaii

updated string = ParGetMelSepCasSuiAliWitFooCigWhiSinGoo153MedRoa269BacPeaJumPin1ResOraRunAppSixAvaSalHaw

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Brave

8am - Get The Led Out = Immigrant Song
8:50 = Band on the Run
WFB = Genesis
Q/Day = Foo Fighters
Live @ 5 = Fleetwood Mac

8am = Melissa Etheridge... working as of 9:20pm
weekly bonus word = FOOL
2pm First Song Played = (Journey's) Separate Ways...works as of 9:20pm

Donkey of the Day = a pair of robbers who made off with the entire cash register from a Bronx KFC with the receipt tape flapping in the wind as they ran away...nothing working so we'll have to wait for the official title later today. official title Kennedy Fried Chicken Robb… not working either! ..............ANSWER = Cash Register Thugs...............
Q/Day = Fabolous

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
8:30 = Party Rock Anthem...working as of 9:30pm
Flashback Track = Waiting for Tonight...not working
War of the Roses = Getting The Cold Shoulder

Thursday Song of the Day = Don't Turn Around - Ace of Base
No Repeat Work Day = The Reason - Hoobastank
Lunch Break = Roll to Me - Del Amitri
Drive @ 5 = You're the Inspiration - Chicago

#1 @ noon = suit and tie
4:30 = Alive
#1 @ 9 = With Your Love

LiteFM 106.7:
Question of the Day = Rod Stewart

Question of the Day = Justin Bieber

Thanks for the suggestions to win NKOTB tix everyone. Unfortunately, I've been away visiting my parents in FL, so I have been unable to call for local contests. It's too late now.

Fun Video Trivia!: Cowboy
Unlimited Video Edition!: Kristina
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Singing
String: CowKriSin

Trivia answers for all Clear Channel rewards programs:

Before They Were Famous ... coat checker
Celebrity Interview Video ... Katy Perry
Entertainment Video ... Bonnaroo
First Lines ... Samantha Mathis
Games n eCards ... HEArts
Get Your Game On ... Tennis for Two
Hot Music Trivia ... Katy Perry
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Adam Levine standing in front of a fire
Music Trivia ... Katy Perry
Music Pop Quiz ... Florence Welch
Show Me The Money ... 2
Top Video on Demand ... Yes
Variety Videos on Demand ... Karate fight scene
String ... CowKriSinHea

Classic rock- Jimmy Page

morning show bonus code = Scout
Gums Trivia 3 = gum disease
Plan Trivia 3 = cash benefits
Take The Journey! = boundaries
Today in History April 3 = Martin Luther King Jr
Get Your iPad On! = 2
Michael Jackson's mom sues concert promo... = $40 billion
Cosmos People - Cosmos People Live at Du... = blue
Meet Justin Bieber's Monkey Mally = German Customs Officials
Hillary Clinton Appears at Vital Voices ... = white
Are You An Outfitter Trivia! = enter your e-mail...though I got a PM That says GET works for "Get started towards your $500 Urban Outfitters gift card by completing your registration." so i added that to the string....TY stressrelief!
Resource Trivia! = "Find jobs with excellent benefits."
Colors Trivia! = 2

updated string (w/ maverick's answer below) = WheFeeCanKneSayStuJosLadPinScoCowKriSinHeaGumCasBouMar240BluGerWhiEntGetExcOra

Q/Day = From A Window Seat
8am = Trampled Under Foot
8:50 = Sweet Emotion
Live @ 5 = The Band

Q/Day = Kelly Clarkson
8:30 = I Knew You Were Trouble...and it works!
NOTE: YESTERDAY'S FBT IS WORKING....INPUT waiting for tonight for your points!!!!
Flashback Track = Say You'll Be There .. and it works!!!!
War of the Roses = Stuttering Stupidity ...and this works too!

Q/Day = Suit & Tie by Justin
#1 @ noon = When I Was Your Man
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Feel This Moment
#1 @ 9 = Can't Hold Us

Q/Day = Beyonce
8am First Song Played = Paparazzi) Lady Gaga
2pm First Song Played = (Raise Your Glass) Pink

Music Skills = Beyonce
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Black
Q/Day = Tyler the Creator
Donkey of the Day = Detroit Pistons Guard Jose Calderon

No Repeat Work Day = Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
Lunch Break = Firework - Katy Perry
Drive at Five = Name - Goo Goo Dolls



Health Insurance: BASic medical information
Diddy Performing: COMing home
Stevie Nicks: PHOenix

That outfitter question isnt working....I tried everything and nothing works!

Best Buy in Town Trivia: Orange

budrose, sams answer worked earlier for me

Fun Video Trivia!: Bathing suit
Unlimited Video Edition!: Pink
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Red
String: BatPinRed

Before They Were Famous ... Boyzone
Celebrity Interview Video ... Big Bang Theory
Entertainment Video ... They sent a copy of the album up into space
First Lines ... dignity
Get Your Game On ... Centipede
Show Me The Money ... 1969

Hot Music Trivia ... Demi Lovato
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Yes

Music Pop Quiz ... Icona Pop
Top Video on Demand ... Karate fight scene

Variety Videos on Demand ... Wiz Khalifa
Music Trivia ... Demi Lovato

Games n eCards ... PURple
String ... BatPinRedPur

Morning Show Bonus Code = Mango
Colors trivia = 27
The Dream Car Trivia! = Red
The Winner Circle = How old are you?
Private Trivia 4 = premiums
Juice Trivia 4 = Dry sockets
Survey Central! = complete your entry
Moving On Up! = Red
Grace For The Moment 1 = God
Grace for the Moment 2 = God's Grace
Grace For The Moment 3 = God Listens

updated string (w/ njfw's answer below) = PayCryMarStaAliCanAvrEddManBatPinRedPur27RedHowPreDryComGreGod

Classic Rock Challenge = Kenny Loggins
Classic video on demand = Wave their arms back and forth
8am - Get The Led Out = We're Gonna Groove
Q/Day = Geddy Lee
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Synchronicity II
WFB = U2
Live @ 5 = U2

Hip Hop Video On Demand = No
Music Skills = He illegally used footage of her in a music video
Q/Day = Keyshia Cole
donkey of the day = J&D foods - the creator of the bacon condoms

Q/Day = Ke$ha
8:30 = Payphone...working as of 12:45pm
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Cry Me a River
5:40pm - War of the Roses = MARRIAGE DOWN THE TOILET

Q/Day = Demi Lovato
#1 @ noon = Stay
4:30 = Alive
9 at 9pm = Can't Hold Us

8am = Complicated/Avril Lavigne...working...TY NJgirl99 4 letting us know!
Q/Day = Richie Sambora
2pm = Eddie Money

No Repeat Work Day = Clocks - Coldplay
Lunch Break = I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
Drive at Five = Unwell - Matchbox Twenty

All About Apples Trivia! = Green (Gre)

106.7 8 AM - Avril is working now

Can someone please tell me the newsletter code for Lite fm? strange how I stopped getting the emails.

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