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LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 not working
Video Trivia Time!: Services
Entertainment Zone!: Yasmn
Leah Remini Joins 'Dancing With the Star...: Dance
Videos Gone Wild!: Resistance
Paris Hilton Signs Big DJ Contract in Ib...:  Isl is giving credit now but correct answer: Ibiza, Spain
Hayden Debuts a Chic New Do 30: Banging
Beckham's Sweet Date With Harper 30: Hat
Olsen Twin Celebrates With Stamos 30: 18
VIDEO: Today in History August 30: Challenger
VIDEO: Conjoined Twins Separated at Dall...: 50%
VIDEO: Bold Warning From Strong Painkill...:  Liver
VIDEO: Here's the Secret Code to get Sta...: PSL10
VIDEO: Colonel Meow Earns Guinness Recor...: 9
VIDEO: The Best Tacos in the USA: Los Angeles Ricky's
String: 16SerYasDanResIslIbiBanHat18Cha50%LivPSL9Los

4th Quarter - New Orleans Pelicans
Blockbusters - Toy Story 3
Celebrity Interview Video - Game Of Thrones
Entertainment Video - Fun
In The News -  Robert Mueller
Remember When? - Toto

Pop Clips! Trivia = $40 million
Pop Culture Trivia = Jack Reacher

Entertainment Video Trivia - Fun 
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia - Game of Thrones
Remember when? - Toto

Morning show bonus code = Dubstep            
String: Dub16SerYasDanResIslIbiBanHat18Cha50%LivPSL9Los

Music Trivia =  Robin Thicke 

8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = I Need Your Love ...not working

Classic Rock Challenge = Michael Jackson 
8am - Get The Led Out = Since I've Been Loving You
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Abacab  

Music Pop Quiz =  A boxer

Music Skills = First Lady Michelle Obama
donkey = Judith K. Moore a nurse who threw out the good kidney needed for a tranplant ...not working

Hidden Treasure Secret Code word = relax 
FYI:  no radio/comp after 9:30 am today. Post what you can. TY

8-faith hill this kiss- not working again
2pm-Madonna borderline-not working

8-since I've been..

8:30-i need your love-works now! Yeah!
flashback-words together love worked


12pm - Roar...not working
4:30pm - Roar...not working


Work Force Block: QUEEN

Puggle, "LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 not working" works for me. I type in 16 feet and get credit.

WHUD 100.7:
No Repeat Work Day - 9am = Your Love--Outfield
Lunch Break - 12pm = Father Figure--George Michael
Drive @ Five - 5pm = Faithfully--Journey

Entertainment Zone!: Bikini body
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 not working
Video Trivia Time!: Serious
Videos Gone Wild!: Afghanistan
France Call on Batman to Stop Crime 31: Jen
 An "AGT" Contestant's Scary Fall 31:   Tuesday
Photo of Double Amputee Marine 31: Kelly
Raw: Nation's Largest Rocket Launched 31: California
Raw: Base Jumpers Leap Off 45-Story Denv:  See ya
String: Bik16SerAfgJenTueKelCalSee

Blockbusters = Johann Sebastian Bach
In The News = nuclear war
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia  = Kohl's
Entertainment Video Trivia = Eminem
Pop Culture Trivia = Tameka Foster  

Music Trivia = Mary Lambert 

Classic Rock Challenge =  
Remember When? = Our House 

Music Pop Quiz = 
Mary Lambert 

Music Skills = Growth

not posting again today so post what you can

Anyone know lastnights z1009@9?

LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16
Video Trivia Time: 2010
Videos Gone Wild: Into hiding
Entertainment Zone!: Cash
Top 5 Plays of the Day 1: Panda
Yosemite Fire: View From an Air Tanker 1: California
Flying Tomatoes, World's Largest Food Fi...: Spain
Miley Cyrus Slammed for VMA Performance ...: Stole the show
Sneak Peek: No One Safe 1: Sarah
String: 16201IntCasPanCalSpaStoSar

Blockbusters - President Thomas Wilson
In The News - $7 million to $9 million
Remember When? - Careless Whisper

Fun Fall Video Trivia - Chattanooga
Pop Culture Trivia - Harrison Ford 
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Ellie Kemper 
Sneak Peek: No One Safe 1 = Sarah Silverman 
Top 5 Plays of the Day 1 = The Panda 
Yosemite Fire: View From an Air Tanker 1 = California
Danger Signs 1 = daily stress 
Research 1 = valuable information 

updated string = 16201IntCasPanCalSpaStoSarChaCal DaiVal

Music Pop Quiz = Lana Del Rey

Music Trivia = Lana Del Rey 

Classic Rock Challenge = Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead 

Music Skills =  Kendrick Lamar

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1972 & 1990 

did i miss newsletter bonus codes from this week or do you all have them? PLEASE post what you have. TY


Q - danger signs 1 = daily
Entertainment video trivia = Paraguay
Research 1 = valuable


Celebrity Interview: Ellie KEMPER

Newsletter Bonus Codes from this past week:

Q104.3 = BUFFY
Power = DAWN

I am missing the one for LiteFM 106.7

Talking About Whitening 2: Blood
Video Trivia Time: Fierce bod
Videos Gone Wild: Bad day
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Freda Lewis-Hall
Entertainment Zone!: Model
Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke 2: Summer action packed
Katy Perry "Roar" Music Video Teaser 2: Vine
VMA Preview: Katy & Gaga Seated Together...: Song
Nelly's Secret to a Long Career in Music...: Kids
Man Melts Gummy Bears 2: Patrick Jones
Dental Health 2 : Systemic
String: BloFieBadFreModSumVinSonKidPatSys

4th Quarter -  $1.14 billion
Blockbusters - Jason Statham
In The News - Palue
Remember When? - Less Than Zero

Pop Clips! Trivia = Firenado
Pop Culture Trivia = '…in your pants!'

Fun Fall Video Trivia - Chocolate  
Entertainment Video Trivia - The Pop Underground 
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia - Ben Affleck

Morning Show Bonus Code = Autumn
updated string = WooCatAutBloFieBadFreModSumVinSonKidPatSysCho

Music Skills =  Lil Wayne
no donkey of the day 

Music Trivia =  Bye Bye Bye  

8am = Steve Winwood (woo) 
2pm = Katy Perry's Teenage Dream ... not working

8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Catch My Breath ... not working 
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track ...none played, Get Lucky played but that's a current song5:40pm - War of the Roses = none played104.3 
Classic Rock Challenge = Bob Dylan 
no get the led out at 8...8am - Get The Led Out =Against the Wind ...not a Zepp song....doesn't work on the fill in.... 
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = In Yout Eyes ...no choices and ....doesn't work on the fill in...

Music Pop Quiz = Robin Thicke
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Clarity ... not working
4:30 = Still Into You ...not working
9pm = We Can't Stop ...not working

No Repeat Work Day = A to Z weekend ...gives u credit. Answer = Somebody that I used to know ... just in case it changes later....
Lunch Break = A to Z weekend ... gives u credit. Answer = Power of Love... just in case it changes later....
New Music Preview with Kathy Millar = True Love--Pink with Lily Allen

FYI:  limited radio/no comp after 2pm but no radio/comp after 3pm....THANKS FOR THE POSTINGS...Catching up at 10pm...

8-Steve winwood higher love - works so does catch my breadth ktu 8:30 song

WHUD 100.7:
Drive @ Five = "A to Z weekend" gives you credit

106.7 code is anya
Steve Winwood's Higher Love is now working
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Catch My Breath  now working


Did anyone get the 106.7 song at 2?

Thank you helpicone for the newsletter code for 106.7 - I never received the email last week!

Video Trivia Time: Baby girl
Videos Gone Wild: Pink
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Rapper
Entertainment Zone!: Black
College Football Camp Ends With Dance Of...: Arizona
Ohio Man, Dead for 45 Minutes, Suddenly ...: Tony
Georgia Tech Welcome Speech Goes Viral 3: Excellence
Man in Bolivia Believed to Be 123 Years-...: Walking
Mom's Epic Dance 3: Massachusetts
String: BabPinRapBlaAriTonExcWalMas

Fun Fall Video Trivia - 11 by 14

Updated String: BabPinRapBlaAriTonExcWalMas11

Pop Clips! - 24 Pounds
Pop Culture - Female Dogfish Shark

4th Quarter - Ballet dancer
Blockbusters - Ian McShane
In The News - Kensington Palace
Remember When? - Beauty and the Beat

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia =  The World's End 
Morning Show Bonus Code = schoolHeartburn Related 3 - Wear dentures 
Taking Care Of Your Teeth 3 - Root dentine

Updated String =   FouOneLouAntPriSchBabPinRapBlaAriTonExcWalMas11  WeaRooKan

Music Trivia = Bangerz

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
FBT = I-Wanna-Be-The-One
WOTR = Lou'sers Alibi 

Music Skills = Kanye West 
Donkey of the Day = US Politician named Anthony Weiner ...not working

Classic Rock Challenge = A Whiter Shade of Pale’
8am - Get The Led Out = Good Times Bad Times
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Band on the Run
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Moody Blues
Q/Day = Axl Rose 

Music Pop Quiz =  Bye Bye Bye
Q/Day = Kris Jenner
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Love Somebody ...not working 
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm - Roar ...not working

No Repeat Work Day = Lonely No More--Rob Thomas
Lunch Break = Cups (When I’m Gone)--Anna Kendrick 
Drive @ Five = Tainted Love--Soft Cell 
Thursday Song of the Day = "Rumour Has It," by Adele 

FYI:  no comp/radio 7:30-9, then 3-5. post what you can! TY!!

ChangedMyHandle:  just spoke to my SIL (10pm). She said to thank EVERYONE that voted and Emely did NOT win (bummer)...she doesn't even know how to find out who won or what # she came in as....
THANKS very much to all who voted and helped out!!!! I APPRECIATE IT!!!!


106.7 8am song - Hall & Oates Private Eyes - working now - use song title
also yesterday's 2 pm song is now working - again use song title (teenage dreams)

106.7 Q day - Joey Fatone

8:30- we found love- works now

4:30-roar-not working

Live @5- talking heads

Entertainment Video Trivia = KANye West

Updated String = SchBabPinRapBlaAriTonExcWalMas11WeaRooKan


Work Force Block: MOODY BLUES

live at five: Talking Heads

sams1997, did Emely win? I voted as much as I could (meaning daily) and told other people to do the same. The problem with this contest was there was no Leaderboard (or I call it, "Cheaterboard"! lol!) to see how far each contestant is ahead. I've came in 2nd place in Neal Schon's Guitar and 22nd place (people were tired of me begging!) in the VMA contest but I use the Leaderboard to determine how much to beg!

I wouldn't worry too much about Ariana Grande because Z-100 seems to be promoting the heck out of her! If you don't win this time, there are other chances!

LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16
Video Trivia Time: White
Videos Gone Wild: 4
Entertainment Zone!: Eye
String: 16Whi4Eye

Fun Fall Video - Orange

String:  14Whi4Ora

4th Quarter - 6
Blockbusters - Thank You for Smoking
In The News - Lead the governors on a Harley Davidson ride through Milwaukee.
Remember When? - Paul McCartney


morning show bonus code = LEAVES
Entertainment Zone!: = eyes
Pop Culture Trivia - Sharknado 2: The Second One 
Pop Clips! Trivia - St. Petersburg, Russia 
Entertainment Video Trivia - Twitter 
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia - Sean Saves The World
Improve Your Smile 4 = veneers Consumers 4 = consumer-directed health plans
Ga. College Student Becoming Cosplay Cel... - Prints 
Today in History September 4 - 9
VIDEO: 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 1 
VIDEO: Monster Record-Breaking Alligator... - 13 
VIDEO: Dial-a-Trade Radio Preserved Like... Arkansas
updated string = FeeFlaLamSamLea16Whi4HanEyeOraVenHeaPri913Ark

Music Skills =  Seven 
Q/Day =  Mike Will Made It
Donkey of the Day = LeBron James' mom's boyrfriend the real Lambo ... working 5:40pm

Music Trivia = 
Katy Perry

Q/Day =  Randy Jackson 
8am = Separate Ways /Journey ...not working
2pm - Don't you want me/Human League ...not working 

Q/Day = Lance Bass 
8:30 = I Love It ... not working
FBT = It Feels So Good
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Flapjacks

Q/Day =  Beach Boys
8AM - GET THE LED OUT = Bonzo's Montreux  
8:50AM - 10 SONGS IN A ROW = Lonely Is The Night
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Elton John 
LIVE @ 5 = Bob Seger 

Music Pop Quiz = Bangerz
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown  = Same Love9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Same Love ...a tri-fecta!
Q/Day = Lady Gaga 

No Repeat Work Day = Free Fallin’--Tom Petty
Lunch Break = Treasure--Bruno Mars 
Drive @ Five = That Don’t Impress Me Much--Shania Twain 
 HAPPY 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my best friend, my hubby....Love Ya MORE....LOL   

 Have a very happy and healthy new year to all "celebrating" the next few days!!!! I will not be listening or posting so post what you can please....TY

not posting after 4:15pm....TY dxfbot


4:30pm - Same Love

Did anyone get the 106.7 song at 2? Also, the 8 am song doesn't work for me.
Thanks in advance.

Happy Anniversary sams1997 - wishing you 25+ more!

video: dial a trade - Arkansas 

106.7 songs are working now!

106.7 newsletter - clermont

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