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AM1500 Prize Vault

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11/22/12 11:31 AM
AoL - Banking Trivia 21 = Career Advice
11/22/12 11:32 PM
Doctor Trivia = OVErall
Oral Trivia = BITewing
Exercise Trivia = CAPtain
Program Trivia = WALk

Before They Were Famous = Kellogg's Cornflakes
First lines = I'll give you a five minute window.
Get Your Game On = Liberty City
Show Me The Money = 4:10
What Did They Say? = You look so deep, you know it humbles me

String = ovebitcapwal
11/24/12 5:49 AM
Smoking Trivia = TWO mins.
Diabetes Trivia = POIson Control Center
Supplements Trivia = FISh oil
Heart Attack Trivia = FISh oil

Before They Were Famous = Crayola Crayons
First Lines = Daniel Day Lewis
Get Your Game On = 2003
Show Me The Money = U.S. Capital

String = twopoifis
11/24/12 8:46 AM
Can anyone clue me in on how to access the "String" feature. I went through all the "Get Points" options, and didn't see it. Thanks!
11/24/12 10:40 AM
10:30 = COLd

String = twopoifiswhiabcold

You copy and paste the string into any answer requiring a typed in answer. You will save time using it!
11/24/12 11:12 AM
Thanks, you old Batlax!
11/25/12 2:23 AM
Cavities 25 Trivia = BAD breath
Cavities 26 Trivia = DENtal
Everyone Trivia = SEVeral weeks
Extractions = ILLnesses

Before They Were Famous = Truancy
First Lines = The Mexican
Get Your Game On = nine
Show Me The Money = watermelon notes

String = badensevillchea
11/25/12 12:00 PM
10:30 - Soldier field (Thanks Saint from the Twin Cities Listen and Win page)
11/25/12 3:05 PM
Cyber Monday trivia = 70.
11/26/12 5:06 AM
Before They Were Famous = Alan Rickman
First Lines = 35
Get Your Game On = power steering
Show Me The Money = James Madison
What Did They Say = I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip
629 of 663
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