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1/2/11 1:34 AM
I recently purchased 2 items with the rebate issued from this company which has the approved processor but they never honor both rebate after a year writing and talking to them. They promised to send the money back but just never got it back!!! I've been wasted my time doing the rebate, writing to them and calling them . Never ever in my life deal with this company again!!!

UPDATE: Anyone got screw from Zipzoomfly.com should gather up and file complaints for our money back!!!!
1/2/11 1:34 AM
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1/2/11 2:32 AM
Please, I appreciate a good rant. Can you give us a more accurate account of your rebate experience with ZZF?
1/2/11 7:56 AM
statician said:   

I recently purchased 2 items with the rebate issued from this company.... they never honor both rebate after a year writing and talking to them.

Recently? Or more than a year ago? Choose one. Were the rebates from ZipZoomFly or a third party?
1/2/11 11:31 AM
They have been going downhill. Buy any rebate stuff at your own risk.
They haven't paid my rebates from the spring.

Switch over to FW favorite Newegg for better customer experience.

Just like posted back in October, other FWers have noticed it.



Broke Member

Date Posted: Oct/06/2010 1:27 PM
Rating: +4

ZipZoomFly is not known for good customer service, however they appear to have ceased all customer service operations entirely, and appear to be fraudulently avoiding payment on numerous rebates, as seen here: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/ZipZoomFly

Short story, they will not honor rebates and are not cooperating with the company that administers the rebates they advertise. Their customer service is inaccessible by phone and ignores emails sent about rebates.

So, I would advise not purchasing anything from ZZF if there is a rebate involved and you want to get that money.



Senior Member

Date Posted: Oct/06/2010 4:13 PM
Rating: +1

ZZF CSR is absolutely terrible! I bet if you call now (or any time for that matter) all you get is an answering machine. I don't know if its a management change or something, but they used to be pretty decent. Now it's IMO even worst than eCost. After the mess from this last order I had with them, I will never do business with them again!
1/2/11 12:40 PM
An assortment of ZZF complaints on resellerratings.com just from December 2010.

Buyer is thinking rebate, like on hard drive deals in the past. Now they just don't honor their own rebates.
One buyer spent much effort and finally got a rebate, but compare to long time FW favorite Newegg that honors its rebates without the customer chasing it down for payment.


squinky86 2/10 posted Dec-28-2010

Also a victim of rebate fraud. I even filed a BBB case (case #57181936). ZZF simply replied to my case that the rebate was inactive, and that they reserved the right to not honor their rebates. I rebutted, and the case was closed due to lack of a response from ZZF.


zipzoom1 2/10 posted Dec-24-2010

Don't expect to get any rebate from this company. I'm a former employee of this company. If they get the item from their vendor at $100, how can they sell it to you at $90 after the rebate? You think it's a good deal and place the order. By the time you know you can't get the rebate, it's too late to do anything. It's funny to see that BBB is still considering this company a A+ store.


Fort Worth TX 2/10 posted Dec-19-2010

Have 2 unpaid rebates on items bought in April 2010, it's now December. Rebate site says rebate received but payment not authorized by zipzoomfly. I have filed a BBB complaint with Goldengate BBB and they are overdue on their response to the BBB. They are either near bankruptcy or are just crooks


Baraka17360 2/10 posted Dec-15-2010

In January 2010 I have purchased 10010079 WESTERN DIGITAL Caviar Black WD7501AALS Hard Drive from ZipZoomFly and properly mailed all the necessary
documents for the promised $15 rebate. Soon received ZipZoomFly Eligibility Confirmation in email: "We received your submission and it is currently being processed".

Though it was written in a promotion document "allow 8-10 weeks for receipt of rebate card", after 7 months I have not received it!!!

I called the contact phone from promotion document many times, they told me that it is
being processed and only in September (!!!) 2010 they eventually said that ZipZoomFly did not respond with authorization.

The recommended URL for checking status of my rebate http://www.status-now.com for 7 months showed the same message: "We have received your submission and it is being processed."

I tried to call ZipZoomFly but could not speak with the real person. I have submitted two complains on their web site, but got no response either.

Then I submitted a complaint to BBB and soon received the answer from Zipzoomfly that "we granted $15.00 rebate check and it will be mailed to Billing address within 2 weeks."

I waited a MONTH (!!!) - no rebate. Submitted the second complaint to BBB, got a new response from Zipzoomfly: "The status and approval of the rebate shall be determined by the rebate center."

It means - by the same center that informed me 2 months that "...ZipZoomFly did not respond with authorization."

It was like the 'war of nerves' - who would give up first?!! I decided not to give up and responded to BBB that I don't accept this solution.

And eventually nearly 11 months later I got the check today 12/15/2010!

NEVER DEAL with ZipZoomFly - the worst experience of my life!


JimboUS 2/10 posted Dec-13-2010

Avoid this seller at all costs.
Does not honor rebates, does not respond to emails, does not answer customer service phone line, does not return phone calls.

Has cheated me out of a $10 rebate.

Dishonest seller who should be out of business.


Jimlvt 2/10 posted Dec-09-2010

I purchased a WD 500GB hard drive which included a $10 rebate. After following up with their rebate service and getting delayed they finally told me that ZZF was no longer funding the rebate so I contacted ZZF and they indicated they would honor the rebate and send the $10. I am still waiting. They no longer respond to my emails and their customer phone line is a joke. I see many others have had trouble with this company and I would not recommend doing any business with them.
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runmas55 2/10 posted Dec-09-2010

Zipzoomfly has ripped me off for the last time. I will never purchase anything from them again. Why are they still in business? I called the rebate center 800-953-3098 multiple times since April about 2 rebates ($15 and $10) but kept getting the runaround. They continued to say that they are waiting to hear from Zipzoomfly. Now, they've taken down rebateaccess website and you can't complain to anyone in person. Scam artists!

vialf 2/10 posted Dec-08-2010

I'm another ripped off rebate customer. After a couple of contacts they said they would credit my paypal. Now no answers to complaints. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS. Put them out of business!!
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WasCheated 2/10 posted Dec-08-2010

Store failed on all levels of customer service. Even their rebate handler, Velocity Fulfillment, hates them. After my rebate was approved and acknowledged, they refused to release my funds. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint as well. Zip Zoom Fly's response was repeatedly that they would send out my check or see that the rebate handler was able to send it....NOTHING ever happened and 7 months later no funds have arrived. They are scam artists.
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zzfsucks311 2/10 posted Dec-04-2010

ZZF's rebate program is a scam. My rebate has not been received after eight months. Velocity Fulfillment says it is waiting for authorization from ZipZoomfly.
1/2/11 10:57 PM
Thank God someone share their experience with me. Ibought the Hitachi Hard drive (500 GB) and the ASUS 23 inches monitor, never got my rebate back. Buyer be aware! I will not even spend a sec to open up their site in my life again. I don't believe company do business like this.
1/3/11 12:01 AM
WOW!!!! Have they gone down that bad?? But i never done a deal with a rebate there before so i can't said how bad it is. But on regular items w/o rebates I always get it on time and great packaging.
1/3/11 9:40 AM
They used to have good deals on hard drives with rebates along with other items that FWers bought. Then last year 2010 they stopped caring to pay out rebates. Prior to that they used to be reliable in paying out the rebates.

These deals are the same deals that were found on the FW Hot Deals section, such as $10, $15, $20 rebate off a drive. Instead of like $109 or $119, it would be at $99AR or something of a hot deal price.

Just go to their hard drive section, and they do not keep as much inventory any longer.

Then from just glancing at resellerratings.com, you see a flood of complaints, and easily get pages to click through.

When trying to look up the original rebate at the URL from the rebate form, it eventually leads to something like contact ZZF.
So then, the buyer is out of luck.

After seeing initial postings from FWers as well not getting paid on the hard drive rebates, I switched to the FW deals on Newegg and have gotten the Newegg rebates reliably paid.
1/3/11 8:04 PM
Was your rebate sent to this ZipZoomFly address: 39889 Eureka Drive, Newark CA 94560? Wrapables.com is also listed at that same address per Fatwallet's list of retailers. I phoned Wrapables phone number, and it sounds like the same person's voice as on the recorded greeting as zipzoomfly.

Webpage: http://www.wrapables.com/
Contact Information:
Voice Phone:
39889 Eureka Drive, Newark CA 94560
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