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YMMV: Wii U at Toys R Us

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11/18/12 12:20 AM
I looked up my local Toys R Us and they stayed open till 12:00. Signage says they'll sell the Wii Nov. 18th at 8:00 AM, but I asked if they could sell me one at 12:00. She called another store and they had a guy waiting there so they decided to let me see if it would process my transaction at 12:01. Store closed at 12, transaction processed at 12:01. Left my house at 11:45 and back home by 12:10.

Definitely YMMV but worth throwing out for all the Mountain and Pacific time zone Wii hunters.
11/18/12 12:21 AM
Wii U [ image/jpeg - 12.00kB ]
11/18/12 8:25 AM
It looks like you can order online as well, but they have bundled them with games.


Seems to be in stock for shipping as far as I can tell.

There are a lot of targets that show up near me which also list it in stock. If you move fast today you can probably get one, but don't imagine they will sit on the shelf for very long.

Targets near me show they have units in stock, but in store they say they are all sold as pre-sales. The best buy around the corner had plenty of them though.
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