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Staples computer trade-in upto $400 prepaid visa card

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3/5/13 10:26 AM
Received an email from Staples saying "Get up to $400 in prepaid visa card when you upgrade to a touchscreen computer*"

* - Ends 4/27/13. Valid in store, online or by phone. Limit 5 per household. Receive up to a $400 Visa prepaid card when you trade in your old computer after purchasing a new touch-screen computer regularly priced $350 or more. To qualify, trade-in computer must be no more than 5 years old, have a working A/C adapter included, have an undamaged screen and battery and must power on when received. Trade-in computer must be registered at www.tradeupandrecycle.com/touchcomputer within 14 days of purchase. Trade-ins are processed by a third-party recycler unaffiliated with Staples. Not valid on prior purchases. See www.tradeupandrecycle.com for more details.

Not sure what qualifies for $400 visa card. I guess the third party vendor decides card amount? Anyone has any experience/guidelines as to what kind of laptop qualifies and what are recycle amounts?

NM, found list of qualified laptops here:

Link at tradein site

If you are buying a touchscreen computer, this may benefit you. With $75 coupon on laptops this week, this amy become a hot deal for someone.
Details [ image/jpeg - 129.84kB ]
3/5/13 10:26 AM
3/5/13 10:40 AM
That's the wrong trade-up link you have in the OP. Should be https://tradeuptotouch.com/

Details on what trade-ins get what cash are at https://tradeuptotouch.com/tablet/qualifying-tradeins
3/5/13 10:42 AM
comprx said:   

That's the wrong trade-up link you have in the OP. Should be https://tradeuptotouch.com/. Details on what trade-ins get what cash are at https://tradeuptotouch.com/tablet/qualifying-tradeins.

Thanks. comprx. I just found the correct link also and added to OP.
3/5/13 10:46 AM
In other words, you can sell it for much more on your own.
3/5/13 11:14 AM
On Tablet's only iPads can be traded in. No go with Android Tablets...
3/5/13 11:37 AM
Mine is over 5 years old.. I bought my current laptop in July 2006
3/5/13 11:43 AM
On the webpages, it says you get $100 for any laptop or desktop.. regardless of the age.
3/5/13 12:07 PM
try it boys!
3/5/13 6:12 PM
If you take advantage of this offer make sure that you take some pictures of the laptop in working condition and without damage as proof. I sent in an old Dell back when they did this last time and the company didn't allow the full amount although it meet their criteria. They claimed it had damage on the corner when it arrived. After me calling and telling them I had pictures to prove there was no damage, they gave me the full amount.
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