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any Hot Deal free POP3 alternatives?

<< Hello,

Important service announcement regarding your POP3 or Mail Forwarding service. Please read on.

Effective April 24, 2002, Yahoo! Mail will no longer provide free POP3 Access or Auto Mail Forwarding to Yahoo! Delivers subscribers.

If you would like to continue using Mail Forwarding or POP3 Access, please subscribe to our improved package that allows you to:

Use Outlook, Eudora, or another POP3 client to access and manage your Yahoo! Mail.
Automatically forward your Yahoo! Mail to another email account -- even another Yahoo! address!
Send larger attachments, now up to 5MB instead of the free 1.5MB limit.
Send email without the Yahoo! promotional text at the bottom.*

Sign up today and SAVE 33%

Subscribe before April 24th and get the first year of service for just $19.99. That's 33% off the regular service fee of $29.99.

Remember, if you do not subscribe by April 24, 2002, you will no longer be able to access your Yahoo! Mail messages by POP or at another email address.

The Yahoo! Mail Team


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Yes I received that email too. The forwarding feature was what I liked about yahoo over hotmail. I guess I will have lots of accounts to log into now to check email.


i JUST changed my dad over from aol to a cheapo isp without pop3 and after mulling it over for a week, put him on yahoo because they offered pop3 and they'd likely be around a little longer than most of the weenie noname companies.

He JUST sent out his new email address a few days ago and everyone just switched over.


I hope yahoo discovers that they have zero email subscribers on 4/25. $5 or $10 would be one thing. $20 for email, and thats a discount?

Forget that, I just got the email as well. Have you ever tried to contact these guys when you are having a problem accessing your account? They DON'T EVER RESPOND. I was without one of my yahoo accounts last year for weeks. Hard to get too mad when it's free, but why would I ever pay for this sort of craptacular service.

Any other good email providers that provide pop3 access? I'll post when I find some.

Let's see what they start charging for next... i'm betting that the clubs, groups, geocities, and (any) email services won't be too far away.

Bottom line: this sucks.

First they cut back on their space now this.when I signed up for yahoo a few years ago their slogan was yahoo mail free for life.


Sheesh, for less than that you can get a domain for a year, host it for a year with a cheapo hosting plan, and use its POP3 email.

american express cardholders, try this out,

10 mb, pop but no smtp,
free if you have an amex card.

i've tried that few days.. not bad at all compare to yahoo mail.

I've been in lurk mode for 6+ months and have bitten on many offers. Thanks to everyone.

THIS SUBJECT has me pissed off. Is the semi-porn advertising not enough for them? I use the yahoo web interface 95% of the time and only use pop to archive my mail and now they have to charge for that 5%; give me a huge friggen break.

Sending email to their general customer "non"service never has done any good so I've found a few email addresses within their press releases that ya'll might want to use to send emails letting them know what you think about their new policy:

Stephanie Iwamasa 408-349-6877 phone

Nissa Anklesaria, 408/349-7738

Joanna Stevens, 408/349-7855 (Press)

Cathy La Rocca, 408/349-5188 (Investors)

Nancy Gallinghouse, 408/349-5229

David Duckenfield, 305/529-4464,

Chris Homan, 214/782-4356

Lauren Strain, 408/349-7870

Dean Jutilla, 408/349-5338

Diana Lee, 408/349-6501

Nicki Dugan, 408/349-7361

Cathy Larocca, (408) 349-5188,

Joe Streng, 408/349-5373

Sean Florio, 408/349-3599

Charlene English, 310/526-4340

Dean Jutilla, 408/349-5338

Mary Osako, 408/349-6255

Nancy Gallinghouse, 408/349-5229

Dana Young, 408/349-3631

AT mods locked this thread. homina homina homina...

it's a Hot Deal for me if has to do with cash out of my pocket.

<< i JUST changed my dad over from aol to a cheapo isp without pop3 and after mulling it over for a week, put him on yahoo because they offered pop3 and they'd likely be around a little longer than most of the weenie noname companies.

He JUST sent out his new email address a few days ago and everyone just switched over.

I recently did the same for my parents too (because Yahoo will be around forever (or at least a while) ...ROFL)

<< AT mods locked this thread. homina homina homina... >>

Yeah. whats up with that? I think it would be a hot deal if someone would list a few good reliable free pop email folks. Especially since yahoo has tons of subscribers relying on them being pop. But instead AT will get a bunch of individual threads saying "HOT: offers free pop email".

Hopefully FW thinks a bit clearer and keeps this thread open (as long as people are participating and building a list of free pop email etc...)

I'll start. <-- ive had them be my junkmail account for 3 years already. pop has been working reliably the whole time.

That's about as bad as the 299.00 per year charge for inclusion in the Yahoo directory. It was 199.00 ONE TIME fee, then 299.00 ONE TIME fee, now it's 299.00 PER YEAR RECURING!

hotmail sux as well, they offer 2mb vs yahoo 11 and if u want more storage u gotta pay $20

I guess they must have done their marketing research and believe people will more likely to pay for that.

Well, people are used to pay for other services such as cell phones. I guess it's time to pay for a mail box.

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isnt that about the same time they are gonna start charging for web space?

<< I guess they must have done their marketing research and believe people will more likely to pay for that. >>

well, obviously they are looking for some AOL-type license to print money, now that (millions?) of people have been lulled into to relying on their free service for years...

a lot of people will have no choice but to pay up. I'm not sure I'll even be able to remember all the sites, accounts and online stores I've registered at with my yahoo acct. just thinking about it gives me a headache...

<< Try this if you can't switch your yahoo mail. >>

wjones, that is EXACTLY what we need!!! Thanks. That will be perfect to make sure I don't miss emails while transitioning to another POP service.


someone in the Offtopic at AT mentioned just signed up..

just tested it out, and no ad banner at the bottom.. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0> time for a change anyways.. ive pretty much exhausted my spam account anyways.. just need to move over some vital ones to the new email account..

another reason for me to hate yahoo

Screw that crap...

go here -

I was just searching for this the other day and found that site.


has anyone ever used this web2pop thingy? i checked out the link and it sounds as though this is gonna keep the yahoo pop mail free but then again, i'm sure the brilliant people at yahoo are gonna come up with something where we're still gonna have to pay.

Try Myrealbox with free POP3 an IMAP account, great service too.

Is everything being shut down on 4/24 on the yahoo mail, unless you pay up?

Will you be able to still view mail after 4/24?

I don't use pop 3 access to look up other email accounts, so that's no problem. I haven't gotten any email from yahoo yet.

Just thinking about switching everything to another email address is giving me migranes! I can't remember half of the web sites! I wish they could redirect the email for you to another email address.

<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif"border=0><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif"border=0><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif"border=0><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif"border=0><img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif"border=0>

<< Is everything being shut down on 4/24 on the yahoo mail, unless you pay up?

Will you be able to still view mail after 4/24?

Yes, you will still be able to continue to read and use your account in your browser. For how long, who knows. They might decide to charge for that too. Obviously, you can't rely on it anymore.

Also, you won't be able to archive your mail offline, unless you mail it to yourself at another account. And if you don't do that, you'll have to just delete old messages when your box is full. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-mad.gif"border=0>

Thanks for the info, best to make preparations now, in case.


Sorry just had to get that out <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-mad.gif"border=0> That really sucks.

Got webpop running. Works fine with Yahoo and Hotmail.

Decided to try it with and I get an error from outlook:
-ERR Web2pop programmer is a dirty dummy has free pop with an amex blue card.

Try -

Free Incoming POP3 and Outgoing (SMTP)


After looking at some of the alternatives, Moonquake's suggestion of myrealbox is looking like the best choice. I've actually had an account with them for quite a while, but until now, I rarely used it (and I only used the web interface).

As far as free POP services go, it looks like the only one with absolutely no ads. No targeted spam in your mailbox, and no ads tacked onto the end of your email. It's run by Novell as a beta/showcase for their mail server technology.

Please be gentle and don't swamp them out of existence.

I was going to suggest nettaxi and myrealbox but you've already got them covered. I've been using nettaxi for about 2 years and myrealbox for a few months and both are very reliable. Both have pop3/smtp mail.

I don't know if they still do it but nettaxi used to give you free webspace too.

I've enjoyed my Yahoo acct. I don't send/recieve big attachments. and don't recieve any porn stuff. I use the web interface (no need for pop3). Its free!!!! Why get pissed when you get it for free? It obviously costs someone lots of money to keep this service up, why not appreciate what free means?

It's like giving handouts for free too the homeless, then when you stop, they hunt you down and call you the devil. That's just my opinion.

He he, if you're recieveing lots of porn stuff, like someone mentioned above.... Stay off them porn sites! You'll go blind...He he I have never gotten spam from porn sites. LOL

A lot of people are posting free POP e-mail accounts on this thread, but what happens if the company goes out of business? Small companies are more vulnerable than Yahoo to money problems. Also, what happens when these people decide to start charging just like Yahoo? You're going to have to find another provider and start sending change of e-mail address announcements to everyone again.

Best way to cover your butt here is to get your own domain name. If you own the .com name, you'll never have to change your e-mail address again.

You can buy a domain name for $8.85 per year at:
You get a free POP (with SMTP) e-mail account with the domain name. I think they provide only about 2MB of space. I'm not too sure about the 2MB, you'll have to ask them yourself.

If that's not enough space for you, you can get a 10MB POP (with SMTP) e-mail account for $4.95 per year at:
Keep in mind that the $4.95 per year for e-mail service is in addition to the $8.85 per year for the domain name. That's a total of $13.80 per year. It's still cheaper than what Yahoo is asking, and you get a personalized e-mail address to boot (for example:

I am not currently using because I had specific requirements which they could not satisfy, but they were the cheapest e-mail provider I could find. Maybe someone from Fatwallet is already using them and could give you their opinion.

Here a website which lists hundreds of email providers some with free POP3 and email forwarding
Here's the Link

Choose one that fits your needs.

Yahoo / Hotmail are lousy services at the best of times and they're getting worse. Have you taken a close look at Yahoo's privacy policy? They admit to using your information.

If any of you guys use Outlook Express you can have Hotmail sent to this as POP. I am sure this will not work in other email clients though. I have been receiving 3 different spam accounts from hotmail to Outlook Express for 4 years now and it works great. One thing though is that this will not work for regular Outlook.

If you are not interested in Hotmail you can always get web hosting with unlimited email addresses. This is $4.20 a year at, thats right $4.20 a year for email and web hosting. You can register a domain for $8 a year, check a few posts up for this. So for less then the Yahoo price you can have unlimited email accounts with your own name forever it really is the best way.

I've been using for 2 or 3 years for free pop mail without a hitch

I have to agree with SleazyBastard here, if you switch to someone new that offers free service it will probably only be a matter of time before they shutdown or start charging $$$.

Having your own domain solves this problem - you will always have the same email address- because you own it

- You don't have to worry about xxxyyyzzz shutting down or charging you fees you don't want
- You are not tied to your ISP because you don't want to lose your email address

As Sleazy pointed out, it can be very affordable. If you need help setting things up pop over to the computer forum and we will be glad to assist.

Why would anyone pay for this when you can get your own Domain with unlimited email accounts using pop3 at namezero, for alot cheaper a year. Not to mention it's alot faster.

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maybe there's hope...
Link to article on Yahoo

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