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Panasonic EPP 60" plasma TC-P6U50 674.99 + tax (extra 10% off with discover card)

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10/13/12 6:32 PM
674.99 is EPP pricing. Non EPP price is 809.99
Free shippng.

Retail Price: $899.99
Less: $225.00
Your Price: $674.99
This Item is backordered

You can order now and they will ship it when it's back in stock. (no idea when that will happen)
For the lucky ones with discover card, don't forget to combine 5% ShopDiscover and 5% online shopping between Oct and Dec for additional 10% saving!!!
10/13/12 6:33 PM
Panasonic 60" plasma TC-P6U50 [ image/jpeg - 30.16kB ]
10/13/12 6:46 PM
Please put the EPP part in the title.
10/13/12 7:01 PM
Anyone have a normal link for this / non-EPP.
10/13/12 7:17 PM
Awesome deal!
10/13/12 8:46 PM
mase123987 said:   

Please put the EPP part in the title.

10/13/12 8:56 PM
Great deal!
10/13/12 9:01 PM
can this be PM'd to Amazon?
10/13/12 9:01 PM
polishdreamer said:   

Anyone have a normal link for this / non-EPP.

Normal non-EPP price is $810.

I had contemplated posting this yesterday when I accidentally stumbled upon it, but the fact it was backordered, and EPP to boot, made me think twice.

There are back doors into the EPP, but they tend to vanish quickly.
10/13/12 9:06 PM
bhumin said:   

can this be PM'd to Amazon?

Very unlikely because 1) it's against Amazon's TV price match policy (it's not one of the sites they match), and 2) it requires special access. You might get a CSR willing to do it, but it's highly, highly unlikely.

What I would GREATLY appreciate is if someone who orders can say how long the backorder is (this information should appear on the order confirmation according to the website). I am moving soon, and if it is past my moving date, I will bite and just get it shipped to the new place. I have no TV at the moment and am getting increasingly desperate. This is precisely the set I want at the price I want to pay, but because of the move, ordering is a little tricky.
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