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LG BP200 Blu-Ray w/ WiFi & Smart TV $49.99 shipped @ Newegg thru 11/22

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11/16/12 10:43 AM
Over at Newegg they've got the BP200 (to be released on 11/21) on sale for $49.99 shipped using $20 off code EMCJJJD35

It's got SmartTV (apps) and WiFi, but no 3D. From the pictures, it looks like they've gone to an external switching wall wart power supply for this model.

"LG SmartTV Features: Premium Content, Yes (Netflix/Vudu/Pandora/Hulu+/YouTube/ Picasa/Amazon Video)"

As far as local network playback, the specs say it's not DLNA compatible. However, other recent LG SmartTV devices I've bought from 2011 forward have a Plex client called "Media Link" that works pretty well, so it's possible the BP200 is the same. No guarantees until someone has one in hand.
11/16/12 10:43 AM
Blu Ray Player [ image/jpeg - 5.69kB ]
11/16/12 11:09 AM
If the Blu-ray player is not a 3D one, but TV is 3D TV,

can I see the 3D movie?
11/16/12 11:42 AM
Damn you OP!!! I thought I was done spending money THX!!!

@gaore I think it depends on your TV and the 3d technology you have. I have the LG7600 something and it converts live 2d Content TV / DVDs / Etc into 3D.
11/16/12 12:10 PM
Very tempting. New, with wifi for this price is pretty nice. I wish more bluray player came with Skype/webcam support though.
11/16/12 12:12 PM
Thanks OP! In for one.
11/16/12 12:22 PM
Anyone know what the shipping is like on preorders from Newegg? Do they ship the day it launches? Or do they try to deliver the day it launches? I've done video game preorders, but never something like this.
11/16/12 12:34 PM
Great Find. Thanks.
11/16/12 12:51 PM
How do you browse the sites on your tv, does this one have a keypad on the remote?
11/16/12 1:22 PM
Does anyone know if this can play MKV files through an attached USB drive?

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