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FujiFilm Ax550 16MP Digital Camera $19.99 Staples B&M After Coupon TODAY ONLY

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11/17/12 3:16 PM
Staples In store price: $49.99
- $25 off camera coupon Here
- $5 off 25 coupon = $19.99 + Tax Here

Both coupon scanned without any issue or override. Not available for display but you have to ask someone to get it from the back.
11/17/12 3:16 PM
Fuji Ax550 [ image/jpeg - 14.96kB ]
11/17/12 3:28 PM
Great deal! When I look online, the price is $69.99 for my store. What zipcode store did you go to or does the price online show $49.99 or $69.99?
11/17/12 3:38 PM
Just called a store that doesn't have it in stock to see if the price was different from the website and they said it was $69.99 :/
11/17/12 4:14 PM
Scored one for $26+ OTD. They would not take the $5 coupon. $25 coupon says "Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon". And first I had to deal with them telling me that they did not have it; inventory system is not good..blah...blah-blah. then she rechecks on the computer and it shows that they had 3. She goes in the back, and only finds one. Then she tells me that the price is $66+...I was ready to walk out and I mentioned that it was found online for 49xx. She punched a few keys in the pc and was like oh yeah it's $49xx. then she tries to sell me a warranty for $12....No thanks.

thanks OP!
11/17/12 4:24 PM
Though online price is 69.99.. in store it rings for $49.99 on the register.
11/17/12 4:25 PM
FYI...they also had the Fujifilm FinePix JX500 for $60, so it might be attractive to some folks.
11/17/12 4:29 PM
Wow - showed $69.99 online, price check at store was $66.99 but rang up $49.99! Planned on buying just one at $69.99 b/c but after it rang up, ran home to get another coupon and went back and got the 2nd one! Then noticed 4G memory cards on sale for $4.99 and got two of those. I feel like it's Christmas for me!! Thanks OP!!! Mucho Verde!
11/17/12 4:34 PM
Guys can I show the coupon on my ipad or phone? I am not home and really really need this, can't find my other digital. does anyone know?

nvrmind read the coupon says good on mobile device - w00t! WO HOOOO!!
11/17/12 5:21 PM
thought i got a good deal at $35 2 days ago... oh well
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