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Nook Color $99.90 Nook tablet 8gb $119.90 Nook tablet 16gb $129.90 NOW @ Staples

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11/21/12 2:21 PM
JesseKnows said:   

vcarpio said:   

... I may be comparing apples to oranges but I'd go with the Nook Color's 1024x600 resolution.

The Nook Tablet has a 1024 X 600 screen as well

Sorry i meant some of the non-Nook tablets have only 800x600 I think.
11/21/12 4:02 PM
25% guys, 25 PERCENT! Not $25!
11/21/12 4:05 PM
aarzi said:   

25% guys, 25 PERCENT! Not $25!

25% coupon excludes Nook and Kindle but there is a separate $25 coupon for Nook and Kindle. I used that one.
11/21/12 5:37 PM
Thanks OP. Picked up a 16GB Tablet
11/21/12 5:58 PM
ach1199 said:   

25% coupon excludes Nook and Kindle but there is a separate $25 coupon for Nook and Kindle. I used that one.

Yes apparently there's a coupon from a newspaper circular. I went to another Staples that had the 16gb Nook Tablet, showed my coupon from this thread, but the $25 off Nook and Kindle eReader won't scan. The cash register person pulled a circular with the coupon and scanned it instead.

I returned the 8gb Nook Color I purchased earlier.
11/21/12 6:57 PM
For those in San Diego: The Pacific Beach store has an unknown quantity in "lock-up" - pulled from store inventory for return to the distributor. If you ask nicely, they should get one for you, accept the $25 Nook coupon.
11/21/12 8:16 PM
Thank You op!...............Store was closing early tonight at 7.Had already called and they had 2 8's and 2 16's.Anyway,got there about 6/55 pm and was able to use the $25 coupon.......so 16gb for $105 plus tax.

Thanks again
11/21/12 8:17 PM
Woo, thanks for the heads up! Crossing my fingers =)
11/21/12 8:22 PM
got a 16 earlier today but coupon didn't scan. mfr said for ereaders only not tablets so he wouldn't take it. bummer.
11/21/12 9:53 PM
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