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Casio Digital Piano 88 keys rave reviews $249 shipped Guitar Center

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11/22/12 1:32 PM
Looks like a good deal. How does it compare to this Yamaha deal? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003FRMRC4
11/22/12 1:58 PM
baboo said:   

Looks like a good deal. How does it compare to this Yamaha deal? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003FRMRC4

I paid full price for the CDP 120 and love it.

That Yamaha doesn't come close to this Casio. That Yamaha is a toy. This Casio is an instrument. 76 keys on the Yamaha versus 88 with the Casio. "Soft-touch" keys on the Yamaha = crap. The Casio has properly weighted keys that feel like a true piano. Yamaha and Casio both make great pianos, but for the money, this Casio is an unbelievable deal.

I got three more to give to nieces and nephews. I ordered from Musicians Friend to save on sales tax. Don't forget 4% FW CashBack at Musicians Friend!

Link to Casio CDP120 at Musicians Friend
11/22/12 6:07 PM
careful with the MusiciansFriend price match promo. The 50% credit does expire soon (sometime in january)
11/22/12 10:55 PM
In for one! Great deal, especially if you only need the keyboard.
11/22/12 10:56 PM
thanks in for one
11/23/12 12:09 AM
Thank you!
11/23/12 10:39 AM
In for one.

Since both MF and GC showed tax (for CA), I went with GC for the 10% Shop Discover bonus Cash Back and it should stack with the seasonal online 5% Discover Cash Back.
11/23/12 10:40 AM
But why is this in expired? I still see it working at least in MF.
11/23/12 5:30 PM
Ordered from Musicians Friend last night and got an email today saying they ordered more from the vendor but its backordered till those come in.
11/24/12 12:48 PM
Ordered one on Thanksgiving from MF but couldn't apply the 15% coupon. Called them on Friday, they took a new order with the 15% coupon and cancelled the first order. Item was backordered anyway but I was told they were expecting a big shipment soon and the total cost came to $211. Now is the time to build my piano stand. Thanks OP for posting this deal.
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