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3 32GB Sandisk Cruzer USB Flash Drives for $23.97 + Free Ship to Store - Radioshack.com

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11/21/12 11:39 PM
Must add 3 to cart to see discount.

11/21/12 11:39 PM
32 GB SanDisk Flashdrive [ image/jpeg - 6.53kB ]
11/21/12 11:50 PM
nevermind, got it to ship to store. make sure you put your zip code and select a store, then apply it. gotta go through the checkout to select the radio button for ship to store. it will come up a few steps in where it asks you where to ship it.
11/21/12 11:53 PM
does the ship to store work? it seems to add 6.99 shipping
11/21/12 11:57 PM
my1bug said:   

nevermind, got it. gotta go through the checkout to select the radio button for ship to store.

Exactly - it's a strange checkout .. the option to actually choose ship-to-store is later in the process, after you choose your store.
11/22/12 12:01 AM
Thanks. No ship to store that I could get to work. But 96gb for $33 shipped. Good deal.
11/22/12 12:07 AM
Thanx OP...

Got the ship to store work btw...it is strange but you have to go through the entire process until final screen to see the shipping taken off.

I am curious though...are they going to honor this especially cause they will run out once stores open for sure.
11/22/12 12:11 AM
Btw, not a good review (single one) on Newegg for this. Very slow apparently.

Hmmm.....wondering if I should cancel order!
11/22/12 12:11 AM
Thanks OP, Got the ship to store for $25.65 including tax.
11/22/12 12:18 AM
thanks, actually something changed now...for each item it asks for a shipping option and allows to select the store address. it seems to work.
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