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Klipsch 3-Piece ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System @ Best Buy - $99.00

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11/25/12 5:52 PM
Klipsch 3-Piece ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System @ Best Buy - $99.00
was $154.99
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11/25/12 5:52 PM
11/25/12 5:55 PM
These speakers rock. Only downside is you HAVE to use the subwoofer even if you don't want to.
11/25/12 5:56 PM
Great price on a terrific-sounding set of speakers. I have these in my home office (paid more than this) and I love them.
11/25/12 5:58 PM
I have been using on old set of 4.1's in a 2.1 setup for what seems like the last 10 years and they still rock.
11/25/12 6:26 PM
highly recommended.
klipsch or bose and that is it, pretty much, in non-high end exotic speakers..
11/25/12 6:46 PM
BananaQ said:   

highly recommended.
klipsch or bose and that is it, pretty much, in non-high end exotic speakers..

Please don't ever put these two an equal playing field again.
11/25/12 6:49 PM
Bought these and love them. They have dials for the bass and volume on the speakers so you can adjust too your tastes or music/movies. Only downside it the bass can sometimes not be the most punchy, but that usually only requires you to turn the bass down bc they're so powerfull
11/25/12 8:12 PM
Green for OP because of the price, but potential buyers beware, this set is nothing like the legendary Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia's from in the early 2000s. This is coming from buying the new one myself and my experiences from finicking with the older ProMedia from back in the days. Cheaper materials are used, less components used, and everything is "featherweight" compared to the original Klipsch 2.1. How this affects sound quality? I cannot contest anything to that. Whatever that may be said, the fact remains true: corners have been cut. It wasn't the same as it used to be. This is from reading other people's reviews, and some of these reviewers compared the newer and the older sets side by side. Some even went as far as gutting the subwoofer to see what materials were put into the older and new subwoofers.

Now here are my observations---

Half the weight than it used to be (I can easily palm the subwoofer if my hands were wide enough). From what should be 15 pounds weighs like 5 pounds. There is no main switch nor fuse in the back. From personal research, lower grade amps are used in the subwoofer. The earlier generations had a higher grade amp, but was more prone to overheating.

Speakers wires now soldered into the back of the speaker. Used to be where you plug the speaker wire into the speaker. This means that if your speaker wire is faulty, then you are out on the speaker entirely. It is also featherweight compared to the older generations. Also be aware there is no "OFF" switch so the speaker will always be on. The only way to turn it off is to pull the plug. Your other option is to turn the volume to the lowest setting to minimize power usage. The older generation had an off switch via turning volume knob down all the way. My new set also had slightly bent legs so I had to bend them back to flat position so the speaker won't wobble -- maybe a quality control issue?

My Thoughts:
Now I am not here to tell you to not buy these speakers. It is a good deal and at $99, it is hard to beat. Sound quality is probably just as good as the ones back then. However, for me personally, I could not stand the fact that the quality and care that were put into the original ProMedia's were not inherited by the newer generations. The same goes with the Logitech speaker product lines. The top grade materials and the heart put into the earlier generations are just not there anymore in the newer ones. The quality of my Logitech 2.1 Z-2200 I have from the early 2000s vs the newer 2.1 Logitechs are as different as night and day. The newer ones are missing a heatsink, an off switch, a fuse, a main switch, and the supposedly higher grade materials that made the components heavier. Is heavier better? I can't say in terms of acoustics, but in general sense yes! Klipsch and Logitech speakers are just not the same as it used to be. My 2 cents.
11/25/12 8:53 PM
I was about to pull the trigger on this unit until your write up. I'll keep looking, thanks.
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