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Omega Juicer 8006 - $199 at Macy's again + Free Shipping

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12/4/12 9:41 PM
Omega Juicer 8006 Deal with 40% off at Macy's is back for those that missed out a few weeks ago. Total is $199 with $10 coupon code XJW562A992 and free shipping. Great deal as most online stores have them for around $300+, Amazon has them for $282. I missed out on it last time, but am glad to see the deal back!

Here is the breakdown:
Reg. $349.99
Sale -140 40% off
Sale Total $209.99
Coupon -$10 off
Total 199.99

Deal expires tomorrow - Dec 5th.
Some of the other Omega Juicers like the VRT are also 40% off.

12/4/12 9:41 PM
Omega Juicer 8006 [ image/jpeg - 32.11kB ]
12/4/12 10:28 PM
Thanks OP. I've been waiting for a good price on these. Was actually looking for the 8004 b/c it's suppose to be cheaper but not in this case.
12/5/12 1:20 AM
Thank you OP !!
12/5/12 7:01 AM
In for one, thanks
12/5/12 7:18 AM
This or the Hurom from Costco for 300? GF wants a slow juicer for Christmas. Good timing!
12/5/12 7:58 AM
NIce. Always wanted one of these.
12/5/12 8:13 AM
Curious if anyone has experience with a Vitamix and this juicer? Any thoughts?
12/5/12 10:47 AM
I don't own a masticating juicer but the difference between this and Vitamix would be that this juicer spins slow - 80 RPM, whereas the Vitamix is designed to grind up anything you put in it at high speeds. So, with its fast spinning blades, the Vitamix generates a lot of heat (which is why it boils soups) - this heat is not necessarily good for juices, etc. which you may want to refrigerate or store for a few days.
If you plan on eating or drinking immediately following juicing, I'd recommend the Vitamix because it even grinds the pulp. This juicer will separate pulp from the juice of the food - I guess you can eat the pulp separately, but I don't think I would. I have a separate centrifugal juicer which also extracts pulp, but don't use it so often because I feel like most of the healthy fiber is wasted, unless I add it back in to the juice (but with things like oranges with seeds, the pulp contains bits of seeds which make the juice quite bitter if I add some pulp back).
12/5/12 11:10 AM
Experts chime in.

Can't we do this? I guess we can and we should. Power to the spenders. Fatwallet makes me say things.

Here we go.

Kohls has this for 399.99.

Kohls Omega-8006

Price match to Macys

= 210

20% discount = 168

10 for 50 = 138.

Not sure if discover card or chase card still work + fatwallet CB = more savings
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