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Omega Juicer 8006 - $199 at Macy's again + Free Shipping

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12/5/12 4:51 PM
How did you manage to pull that off?? I've had 3 different CSRs tell me to just buy it at Macys...
12/5/12 8:10 PM
Wow, I'm surprised there's been issues with them not price matching.

I bought a Kitchenaid 4.5 qt mixer last month when Best Buy had it for $183.99. They priced matched it and gave me their weekly discount % (can't remember if it was 20% or 30%). They had it listed for 269.99. Ended up costing me $140 ish with taxes and the $3 shipping surcharge.

I also just did the same thing with a dehydrator. They had one on their site for $74 and WalMart was $49.99. They priced matched it, gave me the 20% off and also knocked the shipping in half.

Needless to say I'm surprised by all this but hope it works out for everyone who wants one.
12/5/12 8:29 PM
Wow, just got one. Been wanting one, but was looking at the White on Amaz0n. Stainless is what I really wanted (yes, I know it's plastic) but didn't want to pay the premium.

$199 is a deal! 15-yr warranty, too!

Argh! forgot CashBack. Oh well.
12/5/12 8:37 PM
FYI, it took 4 calls but I finally got a CSR to PM Macys. As posted by others, they would only allow a 15% off coupon on top of a price match. So 209.99 - 15% = 178.49 plus tax. Also getting $30 in Kohls cash. No CashBack though since they placed the order for me. Great deal!
12/5/12 8:53 PM
Cheap. The price is really nice.
12/5/12 9:26 PM
Argh, chickened out and canceled. I never really use my Breville (that I paid a fortune for) and me thinks this will fall victim to the closet after a few uses.
12/6/12 12:29 AM
isabee said:   

This or the Hurom from Costco for 300? GF wants a slow juicer for Christmas. Good timing!


Macy's also sells the Hurom. With the 40% off and $10 coupon, it's $10 cheaper than Costco. Also free shipping. Not a steal but a little better.
12/6/12 1:02 PM
I love mine. I haven't really been juicing with it, but the fact I can make my own peanut butter with it keeps it out of its box and still on my counter.
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