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Onkyo HT-3400 5.1 Home Theater Package $149 Free Shipping! ends 12/16/12

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12/12/12 6:52 AM
Factory Reconditioned 5.1 System. Receiver, Speakers and 8'' Sub.

Click Here

- 50.00 for being onkyo Club member (free to register)
- 50.00 HHCO 25% off Code thru 12/16

149.00 plus tax FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.00
-10.00 if you just created a new Onkyo account

Onkyo gives $10 credit on initial registering of account name
Register your onkyo products you have to build up more points (credit)

Mine came to $149.00 Shipped

I've purchased factory reconditioned about 5 years ago from Onkyo and system is still going strong. However it is a different model than this one.
12/12/12 6:53 AM
Onkyo HT-3400 [ image/jpeg - 18.87kB ]
12/12/12 10:11 AM
I've bought "refurbished" before from them and it came in brand new. Great deal, thanks
12/12/12 10:18 AM
Same here without fancy retail box. Everything was wrapped nicely no scratches. They did a good job.
12/12/12 10:22 AM
The 3400, as I read it, does NOT have a powered Sub. FYI.

EDIT: Green for people who didn't get it new for 179 on cyber monday.
12/12/12 10:44 AM
Does that mean that it won't work if the receiver quits?
12/12/12 11:51 AM
Doesn't appear to have a remote-deal breaker for me
12/12/12 11:56 AM
WindWalker said:   

Doesn't appear to have a remote-deal breaker for me

"* Refurbished products do not include batteries, cables or labels"

FWIW, i bought an onkyo refurb a few years ago and it did come with a remote. don't see why it would not come in this case.
12/12/12 12:00 PM
Sorry for miss information on the sub, it is not powered. It works how a regular speaker works by plugging into the receiver. If receiver goes the sub is just a speaker. For remote I have my dish remote setup to turn the onkyo on in TV room and but yes still nice to have a remote.
12/12/12 12:48 PM
how is their return policy, also any idea if i connect my iphone or android thru network
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