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HDHomeRun DUAL - High Definition Digital TV Tuner (Network Attached) HDHR3-US (Black) by SiliconDust @ Newegg - $59.99

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12/18/12 6:24 AM
12/18/12 6:24 AM
HDHomeRun DUAL [ image/jpeg - 8.72kB ]
12/18/12 6:35 AM
Price? Store? Red?
12/18/12 9:20 AM
Does this support a cablecard? If not, it's pretty useless.
12/18/12 9:30 AM
No. And yes, it's pretty useless. And does not support Silicon Dust's future plans:

12/18/12 9:30 AM
no cable card support.
12/18/12 9:31 AM
It will receive over the air - OTA - channels and unencrypted cable channels - ClearQAM. The cable companies are planning to encrypt all channels in future; a recent FCC ruling allows them to do so. So the reality is buy this only for OTA channels. Depending on where you live, you probably are able to pick up several HD channels for free. http://www.tvfool.com - this site has good to show what you can receive.

In my case I have 2 of these (record up to 4 channels OTA) and 1 Silicon Dust HD Prime (which takes a cable card and records another 3 channels). I receive all the basic channels - CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, and some others, OTA. I setup up Windows Media Center so that it uses the OTA tuners for these channels first, then uses Cable Card tuner. To get 7 tuners to show in WMC, you need a program called TunerSalad, $5. Also useful is My Channels Logo and a program called Guide Tool.
12/18/12 9:38 AM
I got one of these on a similar deal a month ago.. This is a very good deal, these normally run $80 - $110. It took just 4-5 minutes to hook it up to my antenna and network and install the drivers and start watching live TV. It works great. The challenge is if you want to set up a DVR(PVR?) service... I have win XP and the HDHR dual is not compatible with XP MCE, you need at least Vista for that...
3rd party options (many free)are listed on wikipedia here.
MediaPortal and NextPVR were looking good until I got stuck in all the system upgrades required to get those running, latest .net, MP11 etc.
12/18/12 11:28 AM
looks like a great deal. Before I commit, does Win7 and Win8 media center support this with dual-tuner support? I'm looking to replace my TiVo with an HTPC for OTA-only but don't want to bite if the UI is too cumbersome for my wife and kids when compared to TiVo.

update (I was being lazy): Newegg does state this is supported by Win8 Media Center. Would still like to hear from anyone who has gone this route who is also familiar with a TiVo experience.
12/18/12 12:03 PM
rsuaver said:   

Price? Store? Red?

If you are asking for RED, here goes.
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