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HP Pavilion 14 Sleekbook Laptop: Core i3 2377M 1.50GHz, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD $300 AR @ Staples + Free Shipping

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12/24/12 11:13 AM
Thank you, didn't realize the coupon expired on the 22nd. Called the store, the store clerk said he wouldn't be able to apply an expired coupon.
12/24/12 11:21 AM
I have this laptop, I bought it black friday on Staples online. It came insanely fast.
The laptop is very light, and you need about a week to learn how to use windows 8. the whole screen is basically an exploded start menu. There are ways to make it look like windows 7 though.
The battery Life is Good. I thought that it would last about 2 hours also, but I use it on wifi, playing Netflix, with sound, and I can pull of 3 - 3.5. If just basic work on and off, I have gotten just shy of 4 hours. It is light, and it has bluetooth, which means you can stream audio and print wirelessly. It is also lightweight. I go on business meetings for a full day and don't even bring my charger. For the money you can't beat this laptop.

That being said, windows 8 is really designed for a touchscreen imo. I am going to try and see how the surface with win 8 pro feels when it comes out.
12/24/12 11:35 AM
lanation said:   

Thank you, didn't realize the coupon expired on the 22nd. Called the store, the store clerk said he wouldn't be able to apply an expired coupon.

Asking on the phone is the error.
It has been reported many times that in the UA and posted coupons are good for 2 or 3 days beyond the printed date, that the register will take them.
12/24/12 2:14 PM
Just picked one up at the store at originally listed price with the printed coupon! Thank you!

At first the clerk wouldn't apply the coupon because its expired and said he tried entering the code already.

I insisted that he scan it anyway and when he did, to his surprise, it worked.

Thanks again!
12/24/12 3:41 PM
Thanks fellas.. Scored the last one on 6th Ave in NYC (and possibly the last one in nyc). Item was reserved for $478 but rang up as $450. Coupon was scanned with no problem.. Thankfully the associate didn't take a close look at the coupon. Total came to ~$380 after taxes. With the $50 rebate its $330..killer deal and the wifey needed a laptop too!
12/24/12 8:39 PM
dukerau said:   

Anyone have experience returning a computer to Staples? I'm tempted by this but worried about the touchpad based on reviews. If I try it out and hate it and want to return (within 14 days), are there any restocking fees? I read the return policy but it's vague..."must be in sellable condition"...

I used to work in Easy Tech at Staples. As long as you have the box and the laptop/cord, they will take it back and refund you the original payment. Just be sure to reset the computer to factory settings. A lot of my fellow employees have no clue how to do it and could leave your information there for the next customer.
12/27/12 11:32 AM
CohibaRed said:   

and it has bluetooth,

No it doesn't...

12/27/12 11:32 AM
12/28/12 12:14 PM
narkotsky said:   

Logician1313 said:   

narkotsky said:   

For those who opened it up already - can you provide SODIMM timing info?

Logician1313 said:   

Added to quick summary: Instruction on how to open to add RAM and SSD.
BTW.... mine came with 4GB DDR3 PC3 12800 (1 DIMM), so I will only need to buy 1 x 4GB stick to max it out.

It was not an easy feat opening up this sleekbook (not for the weary). The RAM is located at the bottom so you have to remove the keyboard, case and motherboard to access it. Be very gentle on the plastic tabs.

Was kind of looking for something like 7-7-7-24 timing info

Doesn't say on the module. Here's the data sheet for the module in mine, a Samsung M471B5273CH0-CK0. YMMV.

ETA: There's absolutely no fricking reason for it to be so difficult to access the RAM slots. They're in essentially the same place as most laptops on the bottom of the MB. All they needed to do was put an access panel in the bottom of the computer.
12/28/12 7:18 PM
Wow, can't believe how sweet this laptop is or how wicked cool win8 is either. Definitely a little bit of a learning curve to it and using the touchpad gestures with this laptop but damn, sweet lappy & OS. Only downside is I only got one for the wife.. guess I'll have to snag hers now and then.
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