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Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Color Display $100 + FSSS @ Amazon.com

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12/19/12 6:11 AM
Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Color Display $99.99 with free Super Saver Shipping

New price low

- The tilt able, 320-by-240-pixel display provides valuable in-game information for over sixty games
- Color GamePanel LCD displays game stats, system information, VOIP communication data, video playback, image slideshows
- User-selectable character backlighting color lets you personalize the keyboard to better fit with the rest of your computer and gaming equipment.
- Twelve programmable G-keys with three macros per key provide space to program 36 single keypresses or complex macros
- Two high-speed, powered USB 2.0 ports give you the ability to transfer data to and from peripherals like MP3 players and flash drives
- Multi-key input allows you to use up to five keys at once to perform multiple complex actions
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12/19/12 6:11 AM
Logitech G19 [ image/jpeg - 14.70kB ]
12/19/12 10:04 AM
Got this the last time it was $100 last year through Logitechs store. So far it has been a great keyboard. You can load a special 3rd party App on it that lets you customize the display with various perimeters. Mine shows CPU core, and virtual core fluctuations. Ram voltage and percentage, core temperatures, and cpu load with a customizable background and RSS ticker.

Would be better if it was a mechanical keyboard but it is by no means unresponsive or hard to type on. Customizable lighting is also a plus and the crazy amount of macro's and hotkeys come in handy.
12/19/12 2:58 PM
This keyboard would kick but if the color LCD would act as a rear view mirror for first person shooter games. Then you can see people sneak up behind you.
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