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Shoprunner Free 2-Day Shipping Service: 1-Year Membership @ ShopRunner.com - Free after Coupon

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12/19/12 12:33 PM
Thanks OP
12/19/12 12:37 PM
Took 5 minutes and worked fine. Thanks.

Just one observation about Shoprunner and Newegg, which is the only merchant I have used it with. When I first joined a year and a half ago or so, it seemed like every product was Shoprunner eligible. And I did use the free return shipping a couple of times when Newegg didn't pick it up and used it every time with a purchase. [fwiw, I've never paid for membership. Every time it's about to run out they send an email extending it. They seem desperate??]

Now the past five purchases have not been eligible (with Newegg as the vendor, not 3rd parties). It just seems curious that fewer items have Shoprunner options at checkout. Not sure what it means but I thought I'd share - in the Christmas spirit.

If there was a Dominos within 20 miles and anybody in the house liked it, there'd be another bonus. Oh well!
12/19/12 12:42 PM
emmd2001 said:   

to clarify, it seems it extends membership by 1 year from TODAY, NOT from when your original membership expires...

Right, it's not really an extension per se, you're just getting the 1 year deal on your existing account.
12/19/12 12:44 PM
Thanks OP! I picked up an extra 9 months!
12/19/12 12:52 PM
12/19/12 12:54 PM
majjones2 said:   

Canceled and then signed up for another year. Worked great.

Just did it and can not see anywhere in the account info when the trial expiration date is.
12/19/12 1:00 PM
Thank you, OP!
12/19/12 1:04 PM
Not familiar with this service. So was wondering if you could use this in combination with FatCash

Or would this service negate any FatCash?
12/19/12 1:05 PM
Thanks OP! Worked just fine.
12/19/12 1:08 PM
Thanks OP. This is completely free, better than $1/year they had last year that I signed up for. I canceled my last year account, re signed up with this deal, got a year free til 12/2013. Then logged in to add gmail email as 2nd email for Shoprunner Central, 3 more months added. I'm all set til 3/2014. Thanks
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