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48 pounds of Premium Cat Tails Litter Premium Choice Extra Scooping Litter $13.60 shipped Prime

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12/21/12 12:32 PM
Too bad they don't offer Subscribe & Save on this
12/21/12 12:35 PM
I'm giving it a shot as well, thanks OP
12/21/12 12:37 PM
homersaysdoh said:   

cnvrtble98 said:   

I'm in...thinking or ordering another order before it dies

Good idea, I just placed another order

Actually just cancelled 2 orders after Raphael at Amazon confirmed that the price is for one 16lb jug.
12/21/12 12:40 PM
Ordered 2. Thinking about 2 more.

Half hoping that its only 1 container instead of 3 so that i can return it on their nickel.
12/21/12 12:52 PM
If you placed an order, I'd contact Amazon to check the shipping weight. Canceling the order now is easier than going through the return process
12/21/12 1:06 PM
Here is a chat transcript I just had 2:04pmEST 12/21/2012.

You are now connected to ArunKumar from Amazon.com.
Me:Wanted to check on item B0002AQS9A to verify if I would get 3 jugs weighing 16 pounds each, totaling 1 order of 48 pounds for $13.60
ArunKumar:Hello, my name is Arun from Amazon.com.
Me:Hey Arun
ArunKumar:Can you hold for a minute or two while I research this for you?
Me: Sure thing
ArunKumar:I'm sorry to keep you waiting. It'll just be a moment longer.
Me: Ok, no prob
ArunKumar:Thanks for waiting.
Yes, Ryan. You will receive a 3 jugs each of 16 pounds in the order.
Me: Ok thank you Arun, have a good one!
ArunKumar:It was my pleasure. Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Me:Nope, that;s it

I'm in for 2. Thanks OP!
12/21/12 1:09 PM
In for one more. Getting this one shipped to the office instead of home. Should be a source of amusement.
12/21/12 1:12 PM
In for four... saving a screen-shot of the deal. Thanks OP.
12/21/12 1:18 PM
You are now connected to Saranya from Amazon.com.
Me:Number of items in order
will I receive 16 lbs or 48 lbs in this order?
Saranya:Hello, my name is Saranya. I'll be happy to help you today.
Saranya:I see that the item comes with 16.5 lbs.
12/21/12 1:25 PM
Thanks for posting all of your chats, but let's be honest, none of these overseas chat reps have any idea what you will receive. They can only look at the info in their computer and make a best guess. It depends on how the item is packaged in the warehouse and what is shipped out.

I will wait to see what I get, and return is as "not as described" if I don't get 3. There is a UPS less than a mile from my house so it's not much of a hassle to do that.
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