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Staples ad 1/13/13-1/19/13 FARewards binders, totes, $1 AR photo paper, 15% off cleaning and breakroom

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1/4/13 3:27 PM
My store had the ad for 1/13 out by mistake this week.

Free after rewards: Binders (limit 4), cardboard storage boxes (limit 2), plastic totes (limit 2)
$1 after easyrebate: Staples 4x6 glossy 60pk $9.99 - $8.99 rebate, limit 4
$3 after easyrebate: Hammermill ream, $6.99 - $3.99 rebate, limit 4
Triple recycling (up to 5 cartridges) with $50 HP ink purchase
15% off entire cleaning and breakroom purchase, probably can combine with $20 off $75 cleaning and breakroom coupons if there are any out there.
1 [ image/jpeg - 2.54MB ]
2 [ image/jpeg - 2.47MB ]
3 [ image/jpeg - 2.45MB ]
4 [ image/jpeg - 2.49MB ]
5 [ image/jpeg - 2.64MB ]
6 [ image/jpeg - 2.53MB ]
7 [ image/jpeg - 2.39MB ]
8 [ image/jpeg - 2.69MB ]
1/4/13 3:27 PM
Photo Paper [ image/jpeg - 396.01kB ]
1/4/13 3:37 PM
Thank you OP...

(evil question: could you scan the ad? if it's not possible, it's okay...thank you for the heads up!!!)
1/4/13 3:38 PM
I'm trying to upload the scans, but it keeps bumping me to the main page when it tries to finish.

Edit: scans up, had to do them 2 at a time instead of all at once.
1/4/13 3:44 PM
metsfan said:   

I'm trying to upload the scans, but it keeps bumping me to the main page when it tries to finish.

i know what you mean...i've had that happen to me several times... (I try to edit, and then it's as if my post has disappeared...)
1/4/13 3:58 PM
Just a reminder that the printed ad usually has less pages than the one posted online. Thus, there could be FAR software posted in the online weekly ad.
1/4/13 4:05 PM
there could also be a coupon on the front page of the online/home delivery ad and not on the in-store ad.
1/4/13 6:38 PM
I always get the totes and boxes.
1/4/13 7:30 PM
what the heck is the picture in the QS?
photo paper [ image/jpeg - 16.72kB ]
1/4/13 11:16 PM
two more plastic totes for me
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