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Sephora Fragrance Sampler now down to $34.99 and two other samplers now down to $30/ ship $6.95 up to $50, then free

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1/24/13 9:56 AM
Deluxe Fragrance Sampler for her (reg. $50.) (and other low-price samplers that work on the same principle downthread.)

These sets are pretty popular every year. Even at full price, the concept is intriguing - you get ten sample vials of fragrance. Try them all, choose the one you like the most and return the voucher for a full-sized (usually 1 oz.) bottle. Almost all of the selections retail for $60 or more. The sample set also includes a refillable atomizer.

This set is heavily weighted toward florals, and includes Ralph Lauren Romance, Gucci Flora by Gucci, Michael Kors Gold, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Oh, Lola Marc Jacobs, Pucci Miss Pucci Intense, Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo, FENDI Fan di Fendi, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Hanae Mori Butterfly.

There are a few caveats and one trick:
  • Vouchers have to be redeemed in-store and you can't use the voucher in Sephoras located inside JCPenney stores.
  • Stores are not guaranteed to have the fragrance you like in-stock. (Michael Kors Gold is reportedly in very short supply.) If you plan to do this and the closest store is a good distance away, it's best to call and make sure your pick is available before making the trip.
  • Some users have reported this workaround (as always, YMMV.) If you try the set and can't find anything you like, you can sometimes exchange the voucher for one of the included fragrances, immediately return it and get full-price credit toward something you actually like. I haven't heard of anyone who was told "no" but the possibility certainly exists.

Check the Sephora coupon thread for current codes 2013 looks like the best deal available right now - it lets you choose two deluxe (travel size) samples. And don't forget CashBack!

Shipping adds $6.95, but Sephora always ships orders over $50 for free.
sephora fragrance set [ image/jpeg - 23.30kB ]
1/24/13 9:56 AM
fragrance sampler [ image/jpeg - 39.02kB ]
1/24/13 1:30 PM
great, thanks!
1/24/13 4:34 PM
I get these every year, bought one last month!
1/24/13 5:20 PM
snickerdoodlevc said:   

I get these every year, bought one last month!

Cool, what did you like in it?

There are a few I already know I don't like (Miss Pucci Intense is very generic-smelling and LOUD on me, Wonderstruck is just.too.sweet.) but I do know I like the Gucci Flora, so if nothing else strikes me, I'll get a bottle of that.

There are other women's samplers that work on the same concept, but are not on sale:

This one is still $50 but it has different scents and a beauty bag rather than an atomizer. (Plus, several of the full-sized fragrances are REALLY full-sized - 1.7 to 2.7 oz., including a $78 bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh that I would probably adore. All the Daisy fragrances smell great on me.)

This one is $18,, has five scents in it and a voucher that redeems for a rollerball (usually .33 to .5 oz) of your choice.

This one is $42, has five bigger minis in it (not vials, but actual cute little bottles) and a voucher that redeems for a full size. I almost kinda wish I'd gotten this one 'cause Coach Poppy is one of my new favorites, and Jennifer Aniston has been recommended as a possible replacement for my beloved original kate spade EDT that is no longer available.

This one is also $42, and works on the same principle - delux-size minis and the full-size voucher.

Sephora usually does at least one men's sampler too but I didn't see one this year.

Since I'm going to have to make a Sephora run to The Big City anyway, I may go ahead and get that first $42 set, and throw in the Tarte primer trio for $9 to get another free shipping (and more deluxe samples, Woot!)
1/24/13 10:17 PM
Are you required to use the voucher on only the fragrances included in the sampler?
Or are you allowed to pick from any perfume at Sephora (and what are the limitations)?
Does anyone know? They are closed now otherwise I would call and ask myself :\
1/24/13 10:45 PM
Yes, technically you are supposed to pick from the samples. However as noted above, some have been able to use the voucher to get one that is on the list, then immediately return it and use the credit to buy something they really want. I haven't heard of anyone being told no, but I still put that trick as a big YMMV because Sephoras differ widely in their policies.

I've never tried it myself because I never get the sampler unless I know there's something I'm going to want . Sometimes I find something I want more from the samples but I always choose a set with at least one fragrance that I know I like.
1/25/13 12:45 PM
Can we return something without the receipt in Sephora?
1/25/13 12:45 PM
Can we return something without the receipt in Sephora?
1/25/13 12:45 PM
Can we return something without the receipt in Sephora?
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