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Take the online AARP Driver Safety course for only $5! Pays for itself with insurance discounts!

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2/5/13 9:18 AM
In honor of Black History Month (I don't see the connection), AARP is offering their online Driver Safety (defensive driving) course for only $5. The regular price is $19.95 ($15.95 for members, and $8 more for NY residents), and the coupon currently brings it down to $5 for everyone. The email I received claimed that the $5 price is only for AARP members, but it seems to be working for non-members as well (we'll have to see if they fix that). This course pays for itself at regular price (in NY, you get 10% off your auto insurance, and 4 points from your license) at only $5 it's a steal!


Use code BHM2013 for the discount.

List of states where you get an insurance discount

The offer presumably expires on 2/28. You have 60 days to take the course after paying for it.
2/5/13 9:18 AM
Liberty Mutual discount only applies to 55+ in the following states: PA, TN
USAA requires age 55 for discount in VA
aarp [ image/png - 492.92kB ]
2/5/13 9:45 AM
In honor of Black History Month, shouldn't the AARP be paying ME to take the test?
2/5/13 9:49 AM
Seems to be only good if you are 50 year or older (55 in some states) to get the insurance discount
2/5/13 10:06 AM
Which insurance company will honor the discount?
2/5/13 10:10 AM
What States/companies offer discounts?
2/5/13 10:15 AM
thenew3 said:   

Seems to be only good if you are 50 year or older (55 in some states) to get the insurance discount

Is that true for NY through this option?
2/5/13 10:30 AM
website says course is for 50 year olds and higher. Not sure insurance company will accept certificate if you are under 50. Probably makes sense to check.
2/5/13 10:35 AM
About 3 years ago, a Geico rep told me that to get the discount, I'd have to take a defensive driving course with one of the providers/schools approved by Geico. Among those, there were a few that offered an on-line course but I didn't take it. Now I'm with State Farm and my agent told me that I'd have to complete a classroom-based course (she specifically said it couldn't be an Internet one). Not sure who was right. This deal looks like a very good deal but it might not apply to my policy (in GA). Have to check with State Farm.

Thanks OP!
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