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MacX DVD Ripper Pro FREE DOWNLOAD Today Only ( RETAIL $34.95 )

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2/7/13 3:10 AM
MacX DVD Ripper Pro FREE Today Only


MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Video - DVD Rippers

Backup your DVDs by ripping them to digital files

As a Mac owner, you probably also have the rest of the iGadget collection - an iPhone, an iPad, and maybe an Apple TV. Add to this list all of the devices that you had before you made your conversion to Apple. Every one of these platforms was designed to show off video at its very best, so why not get a head start by ripping your DVD collection to video files? It's all possible with today's discount software promotion, MacX DVD Ripper Pro!

MacX DVD Ripper Pro lets you backup your DVDs by ripping the movies to digital files that are compatible with a wide range of platforms. With MacX DVD Ripper Pro, your DVD movies aren't imprisoned in your home theater, they're right with you wherever you are, helping to kill time at the airport, on the train or bus, or on that little chair outside of the changing room in a clothing store. And the quality of the rips is outstanding, with no loss in visual impact and full support for 5.1 channels of delicious audio candy.

If the majority of your DVDs are commercial movies, don't worry. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is fully capable of making perfect backup copies of movies, even with the latest encryption. Plus, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is continually updated to match new developments in protection technology. And with the fastest converting speed on the market, you'll be able to get through your DVD collection in no time!

chingdaotze op
2/7/13 3:10 AM
MacX DVD Ripper Pro [ image/jpeg - 8.79kB ]
2/7/13 8:33 AM
"Use this registration information to unlock the software after installation. You must install/register the software within 3 days, and cannot do so afterwards."

So the code only works for the next 3 days, and never to re-install it. Sounds great... I'm sure it's going to be a spam bonanza.
2/7/13 9:11 AM
Just as a reminder. MakeMKV is free and will always be free for DVD ripping. (but not Blu ray)

Advantages of MakeMKV:
Breaks Enycryption on it's own.
Ability to store multiple Subtitle and Audio tracks in one file and set priority in an order of your choosing.
Ease of Use. Frankly it's one of the easiest programs to use in this area.
Makes perfect copies of the content. (Doesn't re-encode, just muxes the content into 1MKV file per video stream.)

The only thing it won't do is re-encode the video/audio to another codec for smaller filesizes (This can be rectified with Handbrake *also free)
2/8/13 2:56 AM
This says it is in EXPIRED deals. Should it?
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