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Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower @ woot! - $129.99

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2/15/13 12:05 AM
Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower @ woot! - $129.99
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2/15/13 12:05 AM
Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower [ image/jpeg - 23.59kB ]
2/15/13 5:11 AM
Good price, but there is something about dragging an electrical cord through the snow that makes me wonder. Electric lawn mower .... maybe, but an electric snow blower ..... don't know.
2/15/13 7:50 AM
Not really a big deal as long as you are using a GFI; which every outside plug should be.
2/15/13 8:14 AM
This item was super hot a month ago when AMZ had it for 150 - I got one and lived thru the Blizzard last week. At this price, it's even hotter!
2/15/13 8:33 AM
I have had one of these for a few years and I really like it.

1) Very lightweight. I can pick it up and carry it easily. Try that with a gas powered snow blower!
2) No gas so no maintenance. No oil refills. No tuneups. No stalling in cold weather. It always start. Never runs out of gas. Starts instantly on cold days. Wipe it off and put it away when done.
3) Stores easily. Small, does not take up a lot of space. You could probably even hang it up the garage.
4) Saves a lot of shoveling.
5) Relatively inexpensive.

1) Need a long heavy duty power cord.
2) Should use a GFI protected outdoor outlet for safety.
3) During long use, the plug (on blower end) starts to vibrate loose. When it does, it can start to spark or smoke. I stop and tighten it every so often (This is my MAJOR gripe with this unit. They should really fix this by having something that holds the cord into the blower better. If you ignore the burning smell it will melt the plug on the power cord near the blower. Just tighten it every so often or when you smell the sparking and you are OK)
4) Not as fast as a gas blower.

We have a plow service that does our driveway (80 feet). I use this for cleanup around the garage door, the walkway, or to clear off the deck. When the snow is too little for the plow to come, I have used this to clear the driveway. It is not as fast as the large gas powered blowers. On the other hand it is easier to use. I used it after we got 3 feet of snow from the last blizzard. It is light enough that I could sit it on top of the 3 feet of snow and go back and forth until it got down to the bottom. It has saved a lot of shoveling.
2/15/13 8:40 AM
I have a wrap around wooden deck that needs clearing. Living in "balmy" northern Vermont, that requires quite a few reps each winter. With durable plastic paddles, this puppy works like a charm. For about this same price, I bought a reconditioned unit 8 years ago. Still going strong.

Highly recommended, but . . . just remember not to run over that heavy duty electrical cord. (Please don't ask me how I know this. Thoughtful observation would be my answer. = )

Blow snow.
2/15/13 9:09 AM
Almost got one of these. I opted to get a "real" snowblower (2 stage gas). I do not regret it at all. One of my neighbors has this and has a hard time occasionally. It seems to excel at small snows but doesn't handle big ones very well.
2/15/13 9:11 AM
I've have one of these Toros for about 5 years. Great for milder climates that occasionally get dumped on. Besides it has an amazing ability to keep snow away for at least two years after you buy it causing your SO to question why you bought it.
2/15/13 10:05 AM
Thanks op! I got one. what is the extension cord recommended for this?
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