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Subscribe to WSJ for $22, get $50 Amazon Gift Card YMMV

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3/7/13 3:28 PM
The offer I signed up for doesn't say any of that! Again, read it again: "Three months for the price of one, plus a $50 Amazon.com gift card"

chombiekay said:   

chombiekay said:   

guys. i just chatted with them and got this:

Me: Hi. I just bought a subscription to WSJ and there a promotion for a free $50 Amazon giftcard. When do I receive it? Do I need to be a customer while it's being sent? There was no stipulation on the terms and conditions of the offer. Thanks!
Eileen: Hi,Thank you for contacting Dow Jones.
Me: Hi Thanks!
Eileen: The $50 Amazon gift card is a code that is emailed to you.
The card is processed after your 90 day trial period it normally takes 6 to 8 weeks after processing for the email to arrive.
Me: Thanks. So I don't need to be a customer after the trial period?
Me: to receive the gift card.
Eileen: You need to have an active account to get the gift card.


Eileen: The account auto renews on a monthly $21.99 after the trial period.
Eileen: You have to have an active account after the 3 month free period to get the gift card. The account must be active for 6 months.

3/7/13 3:29 PM
That's okay. If that's true, I will just get a chargeback on my credit card. I put a temporary credit card number on the account, they can't bill me again if they wanted to.
3/7/13 3:29 PM
Thanks OP! It'll feel good to be costing WSJ some money Plus I get heavily discounted Amazon credit
3/7/13 3:29 PM
zhoujian said:   

aarzi said:   

reset2k said:   

I usually don't like doing these, but a 56% gain on your money is fantastic! Count me in

Math fail.

gym teacher tought me math.

Those who canít do, teach. And those who canít teach, teach gym.
3/7/13 3:33 PM
The terms on the offer do not say anything about remaining an account holder after the 3 months.

I will gladly be the class representative if they choose not to fulfill the offer for those of us who cancel after 3 months.
3/7/13 3:35 PM
In for 1, thank you OP!
3/7/13 3:40 PM
first off, thank you OP for finding this.

unfortunately i just called in as well (to cancel actually since i didn't trust the vagueness of this deal).

i reached a state side representative who immediately asked if i was calling in reference to the Amazon gift card deal. i said yes and she told me that we must stay an active customer for 120 days.

i think that pretty much seals it for me. their reps must have just been given a memo regarding it.
3/7/13 3:43 PM
I am going to cancel my order too.

If anybody needs the number for WSJ - 1-800-Journal (568-7625).

Rep said she could not find my order (I guess it is to new). She told me to call back tomorrow.
3/7/13 3:58 PM
jump in before reading the comments.
What to do?
3/7/13 4:03 PM
My rep said I would have to cancel after the 90 days to get the card. In other words they will bill you for a fourth month and send you the gift card.
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