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Subscribe to WSJ for $22, get $50 Amazon Gift Card YMMV

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4/24/13 3:02 PM
Just received mine... Thank you OP and everyone who posted replies!
4/24/13 3:05 PM
I received mine after complaining to AmazonGiftCard@dowjones.com

Also, this offer appears to be alive again, but now it specifically says you must be a subscriber for 150 days. And you cannot have been a subscriber during the previous 180 days.

4/24/13 4:08 PM
I received my confirmation on the 9th. I just received my Amazon card and called to cancel. I'm getting a refund of $10.xx.
4/24/13 9:33 PM
Just received mine.
4/25/13 7:55 AM
The wall street journal and Barron's Cancellation requests for print and digital subscriptions are only accepted by phone. To cancel your subscription, please call 1-800-975-3913. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am - 8pm Eastern Standard Time. For security reasons, your subscriptions cannot be canceled by email or online.
4/25/13 8:16 AM
Well that was about as painful as it could have been. The first rep went through excruciating spelling confirmation of my name and email address and still couldn't find the account on the first try. And then dumped me to a retention specialist who offered to tell me about customization features.
"No, I just want to cancel."
"OK, can I just get your phone number?"
"Definitely not, please just cancel"
"OK, I have done that and we do appreciate your time"
"Actually, you don't"

It sounds like my sub will be active for the full 3 months so I expect no prorated refund, but just wanted to be done with them. The dishonesty about 'security purposes' doesn't help put me in a positive mood. They could certainly put retention attempts into an online cancellation process too, and personally I'd be more inclined to consider if the process didn't start off with their lie and I knew it would always be available at my convenience.
4/25/13 11:55 AM
Received mine yesterday 4/24/13...cancelled with refund of $10.28 too.
4/26/13 8:11 AM
Received mine 4/24, cancelled with minimal retention efforts, though no refund offered (I didn't ask). Sub stays active through entire 3 month period.
4/26/13 8:36 AM
If you do not ask immediate cancellation and refund, the default is to enjoy remainder of 3 mo but no refund ... which they prefer of course.

I was just pissed about multiple wrong emails from them categorically denying $50 during the initial 'hot' period with 150days after trial etc, and having to threaten them to charge back, to get the deal going ... so happy to have more get their pound of flesh so to speak

based on what WSJ ended up doing, they could have just stated this up front and gained & retained my good will but some companies have to do it the hard way ...
4/29/13 4:47 PM
I finally got my $50 Amazon Gift Card . . what a hassle . . had to contact them several times. I do like the WSJ and will wait until it expires, what is the point of cancelling? You don't get a refund.
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