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Subscribe to WSJ for $22, get $50 Amazon Gift Card YMMV

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4/29/13 5:12 PM
MitchFlorida said:   

what is the point of cancelling? You don't get a refund.

As others have mentioned: yes, you can.

I guess it just depends on what rep you get. I do know they were just going to process the cancellation, give their sales pitch, and say goodbye. If I hadn't asked for it, I wouldn't have gotten it.
4/29/13 9:28 PM
How can they give you a refund? The $21.99 was for the first month and that is gone. I am not that hard up for money to have to cancel for a couple of bucks. I already made $28 on the deal, now I have to put the screws on them for more? Some people have a lot of nerve. Plus I admit that I do like the WSJ.com
4/30/13 12:48 AM
I agree it's nice to have already "made" $28 on the offer, so yes, there's not much psychological pull to try to gain more. I think I failed to mention that the refund is pro-rated. In other words, I only consumed 47 days of my subscription. I can no longer log in and consume more, so I've been given that part of my subscription back. I don't think it's an ethical issue here, or "a lot of nerve"... but to each his own.
5/4/13 8:25 PM
Got mine as well. All as described. Enjoy the WSJ so will keep it at least 3 months. May cancel the online edition though.
5/4/13 8:59 PM
these b@stards ... along with online order they also canceled my hard copy paper subscription that was through the 39 week deals ... oh well ...
5/17/13 6:29 PM
And... I'm still waiting for my gift card. And getting nowhere with Dow Jones.
5/19/13 8:47 AM
Same here.
5/30/13 11:20 AM
3 months coming up for those who subscribed right away. don't forget to cancel!
6/3/13 6:55 PM
They screwed me over, told me I didn't qualify for some reason and then offered a 2 month subscription extension. Bunch of @$$holes, all of them.
6/12/13 12:16 PM
I just called 800-975-3913 and was told that the promo was for Amazon gc after three months of subscription (so the gc would be presented upon paid subscription for 4th month). The rep I spoke with (I was calling them to cancel) told me that the promo was confusing so WSJ dropped it, but that she could see I had subscribed when the promo was active and that it would be honored. I would say definitely a YMMV situation.
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