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The Big One solid bath towels $1.99 - $4 @ Kohl's

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7/12/13 1:06 PM
Get the Big one solid bath towels for only $1.99 - $4 ( reg.$5.99 - $9.99 ) in-store from Kohl's or go to www.kohls.com/product/prd-c27214/the-big-one-solid-bath-towels.j... to check out this deal that's great for the college students going back to school.

many colors available
7/12/13 1:06 PM
The Big One solid bath towels [ image/jpeg - 27.43kB ]
7/12/13 1:34 PM
The Big One® Solid Washcloth
regular $5.99
sale $1.99

The Big One® Solid Hand Towel
regular $7.99
sale $2.99

The Big One® Solid Bath Towel
regular $9.99
sale $4.00
8/11/13 3:03 PM
Still going. Any comments about the quality from anyone who bought these?
8/11/13 6:07 PM
when I posted here

MrWizzard said:   

This is not a thread crap, it's a product crap. We bought a whole set of these last month when they were on sale because the colors were nice in the ad. I've never seen a lousier set of towels and wash cloths. If held up to the light you can see right through them, they're that thin. And rough. Even at $2 I couldn't find a use for them, even for the car. WalMart & Kmart stuff is better. Although it didn't cost anything for shipping, returning them to the store 25 miles away did.

Hope this helps
8/11/13 6:25 PM
Yup. very very thin towels. I use them to cover my car seats when necessary.
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