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Canon PowerShot S110 12.1MP Digital Camera + Pixma Pro-100 Printer + 50-pack Canon Photo Paper $258 after $400 GC rebate

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7/27/13 1:40 PM
7/27/13 1:44 PM
Great deal
Worked fine for me (although I did get charged $4.58 shipping)
7/27/13 1:49 PM
Same here, notnow.
7/27/13 6:35 PM
Yep, they charge $5 for shipping the paper, the camera and printer ship free. This is a great deal. Don't need the printer and paper, will put them on CL for $150 and net $100 on the camera. Smoking hot!!!!
7/28/13 1:19 AM
I'm confused because the claim form indicates that you need to purchase an SLR lense in order to be eligible for the $400 GC. The $300 GC option is without an SLR lense.
7/28/13 1:26 AM
Actually if you look at the rebate form you'll notice there is an "or" between camera and lens meaning that you only need to purchase the printer + paper and camera or lens to get the $400 rebate.
7/28/13 8:55 AM
Done this five times in the past. Did not include the paper in the cart. It just showed up with the printer.

Got the rebate quickly every time.

My secret strategy: Buy printer. Sell ink for $80. Sell print head for $75. Sell included Photoshop Elements Win for $15. Sell Photoshp Elements 8 for $15. Chunk printer carcass. Total revenue = 185.
7/30/13 10:20 AM
Thanks, I am in!
7/30/13 9:01 PM
The best "pockatable" camera you can buy. I own a S95 and S100 and only have great things to say about both.
7/30/13 9:32 PM
Wow, I have the S100 I bought last winter, but this is VERY tempting.

For those selling the printers on CL, is it really that easy to sell? I just checked my area (SF Bay Area) and there are ~20 listing for this exact printer just from today and yesterday.
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