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Alfa Super Wi- Fi Extender 1000mW 802.11b/g USB WiFi Network Adapter w/ 5dBi ant. $14.99 w/ free shipping @ 1 Sale a Day

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7/27/13 11:07 PM
7/27/13 11:07 PM
7/28/13 1:57 AM
Rarely see this on sale, good deal; thanks OP.
7/28/13 2:54 AM
arg just bought this for 20...sheesh
7/28/13 4:35 AM
billtmore said:   

arg just bought this for 20...sheesh

Considering the site you probably got the better deal.
Anyone know if this site improved any over the last year?
7/28/13 7:26 AM
i dont know why it's called an extender? what i want is a more powerful wifi router!gonna try it to see if any free signals in my area. then i can cancel cable!i think i read somewhere reviews where these had problems like quitting after a yr or less or just DOA. prolly gets hot since high output! course high output DONT = high GAIN!
7/28/13 8:17 AM
I have this Alfa Wi-Fi adapter. It definitely can see many more networks than my internal wifi card. Of course seeing a network and being able to reliably communicate with a network from 50 to 100 yards can be a challenge. I paid over $30 for this at 1 Sale a day last year.
7/28/13 8:22 AM
I also got this over a year ago. Its definitely have a better range then the standard built-in wifi.
7/28/13 8:37 AM
Have no idea if it will work for me but for 15 bucks...what the heck. In for 1. Thanks OP!
7/28/13 9:29 AM
When I use this is it totally transparent? Meaning all I see is stronger networks, including my own? It's not like it gets its own SSID? I think I have a wired secondary access point in storage where you had to configure it as a secondary SSID / network. And then it was kind of a pain to have to choose which network in the house had the better signal depending where I was.
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