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Alfa Super Wi- Fi Extender 1000mW 802.11b/g USB WiFi Network Adapter w/ 5dBi ant. $14.99 w/ free shipping @ 1 Sale a Day

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7/28/13 9:50 AM
Bagofchips said:   

When I use this is it totally transparent? Meaning all I see is stronger networks, including my own? It's not like it gets its own SSID? I think I have a wired secondary access point in storage where you had to configure it as a secondary SSID / network. And then it was kind of a pain to have to choose which network in the house had the better signal depending where I was.

This is only a WiFi dongle that is used to access an existing network. It is not a router or a Bridge (extender) like the WD one discussed on FatWallet in the past...


Think of it as a stronger, more sensitive replacement for your built in wifi card that is in your laptop. When Alfa is using the term "extender" they only mean that what ever computer you plug the antenna into, you can access a network from a farther distance.

A real wireless network range extender like the one I posted a link to will rebroadcast your wifi signal through out your building or house so that you can access it everywhere, eliminating dead spots.
7/28/13 10:06 AM
IEEE 802.11g/b, WPA/WPA2 compliant, attachable antenna

Only g/b not n
7/28/13 10:07 AM
keep in mind no n
7/28/13 10:10 AM
Probably obvious, but:

this is an adaptor, to be used with a single computer, rather than a repeater that picks up and rebroadcasts a signal. I would not call it a range extender.
7/28/13 10:25 AM
not sure until I try it..but instead of plugging this directly into the laptop, I am under the impression I could use a USB will plug converter and plug this gizmo halfway between the router and where I use my laptop and just set it on the end table...does that make sense? it seems like everyone is posting that this is not its function
7/28/13 12:29 PM
10 print "let me repeat",
20 print "this is not a repeater",
30 goto 10
7/28/13 1:40 PM
You are just reiterating the Basic... lol... Pun intended...... Man, I crack myself up ..... OK, I will shut up now.
GeorgeT said:   

10 print "let me repeat",
20 print "this is not a repeater",
30 goto 10

7/28/13 4:17 PM
To understand recursion, one must first understand recursion...
7/28/13 4:47 PM
Man, this site should be called Skinny Wallet! I'm in for one...
7/28/13 9:02 PM
Geeks.com has a 300N 1W adapter for $30 or so.
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