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PS Vita 3G/Wifi + 1-year PS Plus + Unit 13 + 4GB card + Media Stand = $199.96 @ Walmart (Free Ship)

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8/21/13 10:55 AM
MSRP of the Vita was just dropped to $199 (Wifi-only) as of yesterday, but this is a great deal for a bundle. You get:

-PS Vita (3G/Wifi version)
-1 year subscription to PS Plus service ($50 value)
-Unit 13 game (not sure if this is any good)
-4GB memory card
-Media Stand Kit (looks cheap, but who cares)

8/21/13 10:55 AM
vita [ image/jpeg - 32.88kB ]
8/21/13 11:11 AM
Wow, even tho the PS Vita has no content that's a great deal.
8/21/13 11:29 AM
Man, I just pulled the trigger on the BB deal that was first posted when the price dropped; now I have to return that Vita tonight, but for the upgrade to the 3G version and the $50 plus membership that I was going to pay for, it's a no-brainer. Thanks for the post!
8/21/13 12:04 PM
wow great deal
8/21/13 1:08 PM
If you don't mind the -5 points on a credit pull, you can also apply for a WalMart card and get another $20 off!
8/21/13 1:41 PM
Considering I bought a PS Vita 2 months ago for way more, this deal is insanely good for whoever is looking for one.
8/21/13 1:48 PM
Is there anything even out for the Vita?
8/21/13 1:48 PM
Me too, I bought the BestBuy bundle. Knew I should have just left it in the box for easy return. Now to pack it all back up and return it, ugh, ugh!
8/21/13 1:49 PM
It's OOS.... or am I doing something wrong here.

6 free games available on PSN but how many games can 4GB can hold?
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